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Hama, Chisaki Expand for more information Expand for more pictures
Hama Chisaki PGSM. Actress. 浜千咲 (はまちさき)The actress who played Sailormercury/Mizuno Ami in the live action. She now goes by the stage-name "Rika" (梨華). Her agency (Snowrabbits) nickname was "Sweet Angel". She was born November 10, 1988 and currently lives in Japan. She has appeared in many Japanese teen magazines including Pure Pure and Melon. She has released one idol CD, Koisuru Soldier.

Han, Keiko Expand for more information
Han Keiko PGSM. Voice Actress. 潘恵子 (はんけいこ) The voice actress who did the voice for cat Luna in the live action. She was born on April 05, 1953 in Tokyo, Japan. She also did the voices for Luna and Queen Beryl in the animated version of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon.

Lunas Harisen PGSM. Item. ハリセン Sailorluna transformed her Moonlight Stick into a harisen (fan) in order to use as a weapon. She uses it to hit the enemy. First Used: Act 27.

Harisen, Golden
See: Golden Harisen

Harp Bow
Mercurys Harp Bow PGSM. Item. Dark Mercury never actually uses this weapon in the series. It worked like a bow and arrow. Originally it was planned to be used as a weapon instead of the icicle sword. However, at the last minute a production decision was made to change the weapon. Several promotional photos still exist with Dark Mercury holding the harp. DVD Vol 6 was originally supposed to have the harp on the cover photo.