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Makoto Kino
See: Kino, Makoto

Marilyn PGSM. Pet. マリリン Turtle. This is the turle that Motoki showed to Kamekichi in a photograph as Kamekichi's girlfriend.

Masaya Kikawada
See: Kikawada, Masaya

Matsushita Moeco Expand for more information Expand for more pictures
Matsushita Moeco PGSM. Actress. 松下萌子 (まつした もえこ) The actress who played Kusaka Hina in the live action. She was born December 19, 1982 in Hyougoken Prefecture, Japan. Her agency is Oscar Promotion. She enjoys swimming and knitting. Moeco has released five CDs and one idol DVDs.

Mercury Aqua Mist Expand for more information
Mercury Aqua Mist PGSM. Attack. マーキャリー・アクア・ミスト Attack used by Sailormercury in the live-action. She forms the sign of Mercury from water and then shoots water at her enemy. First used in Act 2.

Mercury, Dark
See: Dark Mercury

Mercury, Evil
See: Dark Mercury

Mercury Power Make-up Expand for more information Expand for more pictures
PGSM. Transformation. マーキュリー・パワー・メイクアップ Transformation phrase used by Mizuno Ami to transform into Sailormecury. It first appears in Act 2 and is used throughout the show.

Mercury, Sailor
See: Sailormercury

Mercury's Dark Sword
See: Dark Sword

Mercury's Earrings
PGSM. Item. イヤリング Earrings worn by Sailormercury in the live-action. The consist of three bubble shapped sections.

Mercury's Harp Bow
See: Harp Bow

Mercury's Ice Sword
See: Ice Sword

Mercury's Sword
Mercurys Sword PGSM. Item. けん Mercury uses this sword to fight against the enemy. She takes out her Sailor Star Tambourine and, calling on the power of water and the planet Mercury, she transforms it into a sword. First Used: Act 49.

See: Azama, Myuu

Minako - Aino
See: Aino, Minako

Miyuu Sawai
See: Sawai, Miyuu

Mizuno Ami Expand for more information
Mizuno Ami PGSM. Character. 水野亜美と The civilian form of Sailormercury. First appeared in Act 1. Ami appears to be shy, reserved, and cautious. At first, she has trouble making friends with Usagi and feels insecure about their relationship. However, she soon grows more comfortable and even becomes outgoing in her group of friends. She is very smart and a top student in school. She is always on time and turns in her work. She strives to be a doctor, like her mother. She does not have a good relationship with her mother, however, because they rarely see each other.
See also: Sailormercury

Myuu Azama
See: Azama, Myuu

Moeco Matsushita
See: Matsushita, Moeco

Moonlight Stick, Sailor Luna's
Sailorlunas Moonlight Stick PGSM. Item. ムーン ライト スティック. SailorLuna's wand that she uses for attacks. She is able to transform the wand into other items such as a harisen (fan) or a net. It is almost identical in looks to Sailormoon's Moonlight Stick.

Moon Pendant Expand for more information
Lunas Pendant PGSM. Item. 月のペンダント Sailorluna wears this necklace human form around her neck. First Used: Act 27.

Moriwaka Kaori Expand for more information
Moriwaka Kaori PGSM. Actress. 森若香織 (もりわかかおり) The actress who played Tsukino Ikuko in the live action. She was born 12/11/1963 in Hokkaido, Japan. She sang in the musical groups the Go-Bang's and RamJamWorld, and acted in Cinderella Story (Theatre), "Lover Soul," and "Over the Century" in addition to TV, Radio, Music (solo), and stage appearances.

See: Furuhata, Motoki