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Act 1

Title: Act 1
Episode: #01
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: October 04, 2003, 7:30 AM
Description: This is the first episodes of the series. Sailor V stops Tuxedo Kamen from stealing jewelry. Usagi meets Luna and becomes Sailormoon. Naru's mother, Mayumi, hosts a jewelry show and is possessed by a youma. Usagi also encounters both Jadeite and Tuxedo Kamen.

Characters Introduced:
Tuxedo Kamen
Sailor V
Aino Minako (Poster, Song)
Tsukino Usagi
Tsukino Shingo
Tsukino Ikuko
Sakaruda Haruna
Mizuno Ami (briefly)
Osaka Naru
Osaka Mayumi
Assistant (Jadeite in disguise)
Man [Chibi Mamoru]
Youma (Jelly hand monster)
Queen Beryl

Robbed jewelry store & courtyard outside it
Usagi's Room
Tsukino House (4-20)
Bridge on way to school
Juuban Middle School-Usagi's classroom (2-1)
Renaissance Hall
Naru's House
Dark Kingdom

Usagi's clock, just before 8:15 (AM)
TV News clock: 8:16 (AM)
Classroom blackboard: Oct. 10
Classroom Clock: 3:54 (PM)
Ad for the Jewelry show 10/4, 2003 from 10:45-11:00 (AM)

Crescent Moon (Sailor V)
Ginzuishou (Silver Crystal) [mentioned]
Cell phone
Heart Moon Brooch and Lipstick
Moonlight Stick

Moon Prism Power, Make-up
Moon Healing Escalation

Episode 1:: Act 1

The Robbery:
Sailor V vs. Tuxedo Kamen The first scene starts with a shot of a full moon. In the background, you can hear an alarm going off. A man in a black tuxedo and cape runs past a jewelry store with a smashed window and missing jewelry. As the man runs away, he drops two jewels on the ground, one ruby ring and a diamond. As the man, Tuxedo Kamen, steps out of the shadows, he sees Sailor V standing on top of a bridge, the full moon behind her. She jumps down and she and Tuxedo Kamen begin to fight. The two run at each other and Sailor V does a series of flips, using her Crescent Moon to slice the bag Tuxedo Mask is carrying. All of the jewelry falls from his bag and he throws the bag down in anger and runs away. Sailor V chases after him.

--Opening Credits--

Usagi's Room:
On Usagi's stereo, the song C'est La VieEby Aino Minako is playing. Usagi's bed has a pink and orange plaid comforter. Above her bed are several small pictures of Aino Minako, the music idol, and a large poster that says "Minako Aino" down the side. Usagi reaches out her hand from under the covers and attempts to turn the alarm off, but falls back asleep. Meanwhile, her brother, Shingo is staring at her. He yells, "Usagi!" and tells her to get up. Usagi replies that she will after this song. In response, Shingo picks up Usagi's small red clock with hearts on it and throws it under the covers. Usagi, seeing that it's almost quarter past eight, freaks out and asks Shingo why the song is still playing. Shingo checks the stereo and sees that it's set to "repeat." Usagi runs around her room and then out into the hallway. Shingo shuts off the music and stands in the doorway. From off camera, a large "thump" is heard, as Usagi falls down and Shingo mummers, "baka Usagi" (stupid Usagi).

Tsukino House:
Ikuko-mama and Usagi watch news as Shingo leaves for School Shot of the outside of the Tsukino house. The house is a two story with gray siding and on a wall in front are two signs, "2-40" and "Tsukino" in kanji characters. Usagi runs in to the kitchen, now in her school uniform, and yells to her mother for lunch. Her mother, rather young looking, hurries, saying "every morning the same thing!" (Usagi is constantly late) Usagi asks where her father is, and Ikuko-mama points to Usagi's breakfast on the table. The news is playing on TV. The time on the TV says 8:16, and a woman news reporter is talking about the robbery that was stopped by Sailor V the night before. Usagi and her mother discuss Sailor V. Usagi thinks that not knowing Sailor V's identity is cool. Shingo walks through the room, grabs his bag, and then stands in the doorway and looks at Usagi and Ikuko-mama. He asks Usagi what is she doing, and Usagi yells "I'm late" and runs off.

Usagi looks at the Luna who fell from the sky Usagi is running to school and looking at her watch. As she runs across a bridge a purple cat plushie falls from the sky and lands on her head. Usagi yells, "what is this?" and struggles to take it off. After flailing around, she manages to get it off and throws it to the ground. She picks the purple cat up and looks around then upwards to see where it came from. She looks down at the get and says, "how weird." As she brushes her thumb along its forehead, its yellow crescent moon flashes. Usagi suddenly remembers that she's late, so she quickly places the cat doll on the bridge wall and runs off. The cat doll then stands up and says, "There's no doubt that I've found her!"

School-Late for class again:
Haruna-sensei scolds Usagi for being late Usagi, after arriving late stands in front of the classroom with the teacher, Haruna-sensei. Haruna pushes Usagi's face around with her hands and says, "Tsukino-san," and then tells her that she should be like Mizuno-san who arrives 30 minutes early every day. The camera quickly turns to a shot of Mizuno-san sitting at her desk writing. Usagi keeps saying "hai"(yes) and then Haruna points out that she's already been late three times this week. As Haruna-sensei says that she's disappointed, Naru-chan smiles.

After School Punishment:
Usagi is in the classroom at the end of the day, cleaning the pink desks as punishment. Naru-chan appears at the doorway and calls Usagi. Usagi asks her why she hasn't left yet and Naru holds up a cloth, indicating that she will help Usagi with the cleaning. Usagi thanks Naru. Naru says they should hurry up so they can leave and go to Crown [Karaoke Place] where they have Aino Minako's song.

Crown Karaoke:
Shot of the outside of the building Emetal doors, blue fiber optic lights, and a sign that says "Karaoke - Crown." Inside Usagi is singing Aino Minako's song "C'est La Vie" into a microphone, while Naru watches and shakes a maraca. The song now plays in the background while Usagi and Naru talk and eat food. Usagi asks Naru, "Renaissance Hall?" and Naru replies that her mother will be showing off a jewelry collection the next day. Usagi comments that Naru's mother, Osaka Mayumi, is a famous jeweler. Naru says that they are preparing the hall today and asks Usagi if she wants to check it out.

Renaissance Hall:
Outside Renaissance Hall is a sign that says "Mayumi Osaka" and announces the jewelry show that's taking place the next day, October 4, 2003 with admission from 10:45 to 11:00 AM. Inside is a runway with two thin models practicing their walks and a bunch of crew in bright lime green jackets standing around. One of the assistants in the green jackets, who is wearing headset around his neck, hands a packet of papers to Mayumi. Naru and Usagi arrive and Naru calls out "mama!" They great each other and Mayumi then asks what Naru-chan thinks. Naru says it look great and Usagi says it looks like a party. Then Naru tells Usagi to look at the models waist and they comment how thin she is. The camera then moves into the chairs and Luna comes running in. Her crescent moon glows red.

Usagi and Mamoru's first meeting Backstage a group of models walks by and Usagi walks after them, wearing her "staff" badge. She sees a rack of outfits and picks off a long white dress with a tag labeled 3-2. She runs over to the mirror and holds it in front of her, looks down at her waist, then sighs. As Usagi walks back to put it away, she runs into a guy wearing a white suit jacket [Mamoru]. Usagi yells "gomennasai!" (Excuse me) But the guy just looks at her rudely and walks on. Suddenly, Mayumi's assistant from before rushes out and says that one of the models is missing and that he will look for her. The man in the white jacket turns around and looks at Usagi, who's still holding the dress. Usagi puts the dress back and tells him she's not a model. The man looks her up and down and says that she needn't worry because no one would ever think she was one. Usagi looks down at herself and asks, "what?!" The man just gives a little smirk and walks away. Usagi fixes her ponytails and then quickly catches up with him. She shoves him with her shoulder and flicks back her right pigtail. As Usagi stalks off, the man hears two crew members talking. One of them says that there's a lot of jewelry, so they need to be careful. The camera then shoots the table where the jewelry is laid out in the order of outfits to be warn. The man [Mamoru] then says to himself that he might find "it,"the mystical ginzuishou (silver crystal) here as one of the gold bracelets sparkles in the light.

Auditorium Chairs:
Luna walks along the top of the auditorium's green and gray chairs, her crescent moon shinning red. She says, "something's here!"and jumps down onto one of the seats. From an air duct in the ceiling three jelly-like white hands reach out.

Mayumi is leaning on a banister talking on the phone to Naru. She tells her daughter that she wont be home tonight, because she has work to do. The camera cuts to Naru, sitting at a table in her house. Naru asks her mother if she can get her anything. Mayumi asks for Naru's specialty, finger sandwiches. Naru agrees to bring them and they say goodnight and Mayumi hangs up her silver cell phone. As Mayumi walks away, the jelly-hand youma (monster) appears over the railing and reaches out towards her. Mayumi, sensing something, turns around and she looks shocked.

Tsukino Residence:
Usagi is oblivious to the Luna doll next to her Usagi is sitting in bed and yawns. She lies down and closes her eyes. Next to her pillow is the cat plushie from before. Usagi opens one eye and then the other and picks the cat up. She talks to herself and realizes it's the doll from this morning. A voice says "Usagi-chan" and Usagi looks around. Then the doll stands up and repeats, "Usagi-chan!" Usagi screams, flings off her covers, and runs out of bed. Usagi runs to the door and the cat runs in front of her, telling her not to be scared. The cat then says, "my name is Luna" and tells Usagi that she has been looking for her. From downstairs, Ikuko calls out, "Usagi? What's wrong?" Luna begs Usagi to listen to what she has to say. Usagi calls back down to her mother and says everything's all right. Usagi closes the door and sits down on the floor in front of a small table. Luna jumps onto the table an explains that there is a source of evil on the earth and the only one who can fight it are the princess and her four senshi (soldiers). Luna says that Usagi is one of those senshi. "senshi?" asks Usagi.

Then Usagi says, "I understand!" Luna looks at her curiously, not expecting that response. Then Usagi says that she must be dreaming and gets back in bed. Luna says, "onegai"(please) and begs Usagi to fight. Usagi repeats that its all a dream and covers her face with the blanket. Luna jumps up on the bed and asks if she cares what happens to the Earth. Usagi then starts counting sheep. Luna says that she knew such an ordinary girl couldn't be a senshi anyway, but her crescent moon tells her that Usagi is. Luna jumps over to the window sill, and tells Usagi that if she decides to believe here she can contact her with this. Then Luna's crescent shines and a pink flip cell phone appears. Luna pushes open the window and before she leaves, she warns Usagi to stay away from the jewelry show; it's dangerous. Usagi sits up in bed and looks at the cell phone.

--Commercial Break--

Backstage, Renaissance Hall:
Naru-chan talks to possessed Mayumi-mama The next day, Naru-chan is waiting in one of the rooms backstage and her mother Mayumi walks in. Mayumi sees Naru and tells her she can't be back there; it's restricted access. Naru says, "mama" and asks her what she's talking about. Mayumi looks relieved and says that she thought it was someone else. Naru just looks confused. Mayumi then asks her what she wanted. Naru picks up a green gift bag with yellow flowers and says that she brought what her mother wanted. Mayumi says, “nani?" (what?) and Naru says, "don't you remember?" Mayumi says of course she does. Naru, now suspicious, asks her what's inside. Her mother should know, since she asked for it, after all. Mayumi looks menacing and Naru backs up.

Usagi's Room:
Usagi wakes up, rubs her eyes, and remembers that today is Saturday. She looks over at the window sill and sees that the cell phone is still there. She then yells that she had a good sleep and calls to her mother and says, "let's go shopping!"

Backstage, Renaissance Hall:
Back at Renaissance Hall, Naru shouts at Mayumi to tell her what she requested. Mayumi tells her to hurry up and hand it over, she's busy. Mayumi grabs at the bag and Naru pulls away, shouting, "you're not mama!" Then Naru asks, "who are you?" Mayumi smiles and says, "I am your mother." Naru drops the bag and runs out of the room, Mayumi following behind. Naru runs up the stair ramp in the main lobby and runs into the Mayumi's assistant from before. Naru tells him that her mother is acting weird and asks for help. The assistant just smiles. His eyes glow and he transforms [into Jadeite]. He now has blue eyes and blond hair. Naru gasps and backs up. The man reaches out and pokes her, causing her to fall to the ground. The man reminds Mayumi that the shows about to start. When the energy of the people viewing the jewelry reaches its maximum, she is to suck up all their energy for Queen Beryl-sama. Mayumi nods her head yes and the jelly-hand youma from before appears around her body.

Outside Lobby:
Usagi tries to reach the roof Luna walks through the lobby and sees the monster on the floor above and decides to get help. As she walks to the door, a pink purse falls on her head. Usagi is climbing on a metal thing and is trying to cross over onto the building. Usagi says "Naru-chan, I'm coming!" Then Usagi's foot slips and she falls down a story and lands on Luna's head. Luna asks Usagi what she's doing and Usagi explains that she forgot her ticket and they wouldn't let her in. Luna tells Usagi to get off of her and then asks her why she came after she told Usagi it was dangerous. Usagi says that she knew Naru-chan was in danger. Luna tells her that it's the senshi inside of her that knew Naru was in danger and asks her to help save Naru. Luna's crescent shines and a pink heart-shaped locket and lipstick appears in Usagi's hands.

Dressing Room:
Usagi as a model The camera cuts to one of the models, dressed in a silver gown, putting on a diamond necklace. Other models are also getting ready. Outside, Usagi is peeping through the window. Luna tells her to use the cell phone to take a picture of the model. So Usagi takes out the phone, point it at the model, and presses the crescent moon button. Then Usagi transforms into a model, wearing a silver gown and a diamond necklace. Luna explains that Usagi can transform into anyone she takes a picture of, and therefore, can enter the building without a problem. Usagi now strolls easily into the building, carrying a giggling Luna.

Evil Jelly Youma attacks Two models walk out on stage. One of them is wearing the same outfit as Usagi and the other is wearing a pink polka-doted dress. They walk out onto the stage where four other models are already standing. The models pose, and smoke shoots out of the stage. The audience claps as Mayumi walks out on stage. At the end of the stage, Mayumi stops and raises her hands. Purple smoke comes out of them, and all the people in the auditorium faint. Mayumi walks over to one of the models and says, "your energy is mine." Usagi rushes in and yells, "wait!" Mayumi asks why Usagi is unaffected by the smoke. Usagi says, "um..." and asks Luna. Luna reminds her it's because she's a senshi. Mayumi asks, "senshi?" and then the jelly-hand youma appears and reaches toward Usagi. The youma chases Usagi out into the lobby. Usagi falls down and Luna yells, "Usagi-chan, now!" Usagi-chan's brooch shines and she yells out "Moon Prism Power! Make-up!" and transforms. Mayumi looks on, surprised. Usagi, now Sailormoon, yells, "Pretty Senshi of Love and Justice, Sailormoon! In the Name of the Moon, I'll Punish You!"

--Commercial Break--

Youma in the Lobby:
Saved by Tuxedo Kamen Jadeite looks in to see how his youma is doing, sees Sailormoon, and asks no one in particular, "who's that?" Sailormoon looks at her new outfit, feeling her now blond hair, and thinks how cool it is. Meanwhile, the Mayumi/youma is walking towards her. Sailormoon backs up against the railing and the youma reaches out. Sailormoon tries to hit it, but falls down and says she's scared. Luna tells her it's alright and tells her she already knows how to fight, because she's a senshi. Sailormoon's tiara flashes and she gets up. Fast instrumental music (used in the majority of fighting scenes) starts to play. Sailormoon does a series of turns, evading the youma and then kicks one of its hands. She leaps and twirls some more to evade the youma again. From her broach, the Moon Stick appears. Sailormoon yells out, "Moon Healing Escalation!" A white light flashes to the youma, and Mayumi is rid of the evil youma and faints. Sailormoon jumps up and down and yells "sugoi!" (cool) and Luna cheers her on. As Sailormoon rushes over to Luna, Jadeite throws a sharp crystal at her back. The Luna doll, with her surprised expression, yells at Sailormoon to watch out. Just as the crystal is about to stab Sailormoon, Tuxedo Kamen appears and knocks her out of the way. The two fall to the ground, and Jadeite runs away. Tuxedo Kamen helps Sailormoon up and says that although he didn't find what he was looking for, he did find something interesting. Tuxedo Kamen walks off and Sailormoon thanks him and asks his name. He covers his face with his cape and answers, "Tuxedo Kamen."

Backstage Dreams:
Backstage, Naru-chan wakes up and asks herself if she was dreaming.

Dark Kingdom:
In the Dark Kingdom's cave, a crystal begins to burn as Queen Beryl waves her hands over it. She asks the flames who would dare get in her way and says "unforgivable!" Purple dark energy radiates from her.

View of the Tokyo Harbor:
Sailormoon stands on the roof, looking out over the water. She says, "Watashi wa Sailormoon" (I am Sailormoon.) Luna tells her that she's correct, she is one of the guardians of the princess and the battle begins now. A clip of the four other senshi (Sailors Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus), Sailor V, Jadeite, and Tuxedo Kamen, flashes across the screen. Sailormoon says that she's excited and that her heart is beating fast.

Preview of Act 2:
Luna narrates, saying that she has found the second senshi, while a clips of Ami plays. Usagi voices that they are lucky Ami-chan is one of the senshi; she's smart, a fan of Aino Minako, and cute. A clip of Sailormoon and Sailormercury preparing to fight. Then a clip of Queen Beryl telling Jadeite to continue collecting energy as the day to destroy the earth is nearing. Next a clip of Ami-chan running away from a youma and her voice saying that she doesn't want to be a senshi. Then a clip of Ami and the youma falling over the railing to the ground below.

Credits: This summary was based on the TV-Nihon Sub.
Pictures captured from Saiyaman Raw.