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Act 3

Title: Act 3
Episode: #03
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: October 18, 2003, 7:30 AM
Description: Six miko (shrine maidens) have disappeared and Rei is being blamed. Usagi and Ami transform into miko to stop the seventh girl from being taken. A youma appears and takes both Usagi and Rei through a portal. Rei discovers she is a senshi and defeats the youma. Usagi and Ami are excited to have a new friend, but Rei refuses to be friends with them.

New Characters:
Girl who is taken by youma
6 kidnapped girls
Girls that gang up on Rei
The next miko target

Old Characters:
Crown Karaoke Attendant [Motoki]
The Turtle
Tsukino Usagi
Mizuno Ami
Hino Rei
Osaka Naru
Sailor V
Queen Beryl
Tuxedo Kamen
Nephrite (preview)

New Powers:
Ami & Usagi use their cell phones to change into miko
Mars Power Make-up
Akuryou Taisan
Youma Taisan

Old Powers:
Moon Prism Power Make-up
Mercury Power Make-up
Mercury Aqua Mist

Crown Karaoke
Secret Karaoke Room
Hikawa Jinja
Juuban Middle School
Juuban Classroom, 2-1
Manjukaku Wedding Building
Park outside building
Inside the portal
Sidewalk area

New Items:
Ami's Crown Karaoke Pass
Ami's TeletiaS (Cellphone Transformer)
Rei's bead bracelet
Rei's Jewelry Star Bracelet (transformation watch)

Old Items:
Usagi's Crown Karaoke Pass
Usagi's TeletiaS (Cell Phone)
Heart Moon Brooch
Ami's Jewelry Star Bracelet

October 22, 2003 (by board in classroom)

Episode 3:: Act 3

Review of Act 2:
A review of the second episode, with clips from it. On the bottom right of the screen there is a pink bunny head border with Usagi narrating inside of it. On the screen is a clips of Sailormercury. Usagi explains that her first companion, Sailormercury, has been found. A clip from Act 2, when Usagi grabbed Ami's hands outside school, as Usagi explains that Mizuno Ami-chan is also in her class! A clip of Luna telling Usagi that the second Senshi (soldier) has been found. Then a clip of the youma (monster) that attacked Ami-chan knocking Ami over the railing. Sailormoon jumps after her and she keeps Ami from falling to the ground, holding onto the railing with one hand. Ami-chan tells Sailormoon that she wants to fight with her. Then a clip of Ami yelling "Mercury Power!" and Usagi (in the narrating bunny) says that she was happy when Ami-chan said she would fight. A clip of Sailormoon and Sailormercury defeating the satue youma while Usagi says that with the two of the, they will easily defeat any youma.

--Opening Credits--

Crown Karaoke:
The Crown Karaoke Attendant [Motoki] is once again staring at his turtle. He taps on the glass of the aquarium and smiles. Usagi, carrying Luna, and Ami come into Crown and Usagi says, "konnichiwa" (hello). She walks over to the desk and flashes her pass, while the attendant says "welcome." Ami then shows him her pass, which in inside a brown leather wallet. She asks if the pass is okay, and the attendant [Motoki] says, "huh?" Usagi comes over and tells Ami that it's fine and then says "Let's go." The two walk toward the hallway. The attendant then tells his turtle, "It's all right, right?" The turtle nods his head yes, then the attendant nods his head yes.

Secret Karaoke Room
It's Senshi Quiz Time! Usagi, now in the secret karaoke room, nods her head yes, just as the attendant and his turtle did. Ami does the same and so does Luna. Luna is sitting at a table, Usagi on her left and Ami on her right. Luna has a card in front of her that says "Host: Luna." Luna snaps her paw, and the lights flash on and game-show music plays. Luna yells out that this is the first "Sailor Senshi Quiz!" (Senshi means "soldier") Usagi, in the left booth, has her hand on the buzzer, while Ami sits calmly in the right booth. The booths are white with five white light bulbs around the top edge and one read one on the top, next to the buzzer. On the front of each booth is each Senshi's symbol. Luna announces that this time, they have a new contestant, Ami-chan as Sailormercury. The first question that Luna asks, is how many senshi are left. Usagi slaps her buzzer and says "hai!" (yes!) a bunch of times. Meanwhile, Ami sits calmly and her red light bulb goes off. Luna calls on Ami-chan and Ami answers, "two." Luna holds up a with a big red circle and yells, "correct!" Ami smiles.
        Usagi stands up, makes a face, and says that she knew the answer. Luna ignores Usagi's outburst and says that it's time for the next question. Usagi sites back down and Luna asks, what is the mission of the four Sailor Senshi? Usagi says "hai, hai!" and hits her buzzer. She is pleased to see that this time her red light went off. Usagi answers, saying that their job is to fight the youma (monsters) who are stealing energy. Luna holds up a sign with a big black "X" on it. Usagi has gotten her question wrong. Usagi looks depressed and Luna says that her answer was not complete. Luna then calls on Ami-chan. Ami answers that their job is to find and protect both the princess and the ginzuishou (silver crystal). The lights flash and Luna holds up a sign with a big red circle on it, yelling "correct!" Usagi stands up and walks over to Luna asking her what the ginzuishou is. Luna has a very disappointed and exuberated look on her face and chides Usagi for not listening to her. Luna explains that the ginzuishou is such a powerful jewel, that if the enemy got it, they could destroy the entire world.
        Then Luna says that what she's really worried about is this... She snaps her paw and the screen of the karaoke machine turns on, revealing a clip of Sailor V from the first episode when she waved her finger back and forth at Tuxedo Kamen. Usagi watches the clip and says, Sailor V? She might be one of us, right? Luna sighs and Ami asks if Sailor V could be the princess. Luna says that she's not sure, but that she will investigate further.
        Luna takes out a cell phone from under the desk and tells Ami that it's hers; it's just like the one Usagi has. Luna tells Ami that she can use it to contact her and then Luna tells the girls that they need to find the other senshi. The two nod their heads in agreement.

Hikawa Jinja
At Hikawa Jinja (a shrine), a miko (Shinto shrine maiden, Hino Rei) is sitting in a dark room with wood walls, in front of a fire. Her eyes are closed. As the flames continue to dance, she opens her eyes and looks at them.

Outside the Shrine
The youma kidnaps another girl Outside, there are leaves on the ground and a girl in a school uniform is walking along the pavement. She stops suddenly and looks up. Above her leaves are being blown into a circular formation and a blue portal appears within the circle. A crunching sound can be heard and a pair of robot-like metal arms stretches out from the portal. The hands pick the girl up by her shoulders and she screams as she is pulled into the portal. The portal closes and the leaves fall to the ground; the girl is gone. The leaves swirl along the ground and two crows circle, squawking.

Within the Shrine
The young miko looks up as though she has heard the crows. Her hands tighten and she continues to stare into the flames. The flames swirl as suspenseful music plays.

Juuban Middle School, Usagi's Classroom:
The girls scare Usagi with stories In the classroom, Usagi, Naru, and their two friends push their pink desks together. One of her friends is asking if the girls have heard about the disappearance of another girl. Usagi says, "hontou?" (really?). The girl explains that this is the sixth disappearance of its kind. Naru comments that it is all girls who disappeared. One of the classmates says that she heard that the miko at the shrine curses people. The girls then talk about the miko mysterious powers and Usagi covers her ears and tells them to stop. The girls continue, talking about a haunted ceremony room. Usagi gets up saying that she hates scary stories like that. She crouches down next to her desk, and one of the girls says that when you hear the caw of a crow, the miko will suddenly appear behind you. The girls then scream to scare Usagi and Usagi, practically crying, tells them to stop. Naru tells her that it's just a rumor.
        Usagi asks, "really?" and then calls to Ami-chan who is walking towards the door. The board behind Ami has the date written on it; it is October 22. She asks Ami if she would like to eat lunch with them. Ami-chan smiles, but then looks at the other classmates. She looks down and says she must go study. As Ami-chan walks away, Naru asks Usagi about her sudden interest in Mizuno-san. One of the girls comments on how Usagi even called her "Ami-chan" (note: in Japan, unless you are close friends, you generally call your classmates by their family name.) Usagi says, "well... because..." and looks around, knowing that she could never explain that she and Ami are senshi (soldiers).

After School:
Usagi bumps into Rei After class, Usagi and Naru-chan wave goodbye to each other and say "bye, bye!" Usagi-chan walks along then stops. She sees Ami up ahead, waiting by a stonewall. She runs over to Ami, calling "Ami-chan!" Usagi asks Ami why she wouldn't each lunch with her, since they are friends. Ami tries to explain, saying that they should try to keep their identities secret and if they suddenly become best of friends, then people would be suspicious. Ami than changes the subject to the missing girls. She tells Usagi that it might be the work of a youma.
        Usagi gets excited and says that while Luna is away, they should defeat the youma. As she continues to ramble on, walking backwards down the street, she bumps into the miko [Hino Rei], who is wearing a school uniform. Usagi turns around, bows and says "gomennasai" (excuse me). The girl just looks at her and walks away. Usagi tells Ami that the girl is rather strange. Ami agrees. As Usagi turns to continue on her way, she kicks a bracelet that is laying on the ground. The bracelet is made up of different color beads and has "REI" written on it. Usagi picks it up and wonders if the girl could have dropped it. Usagi looks at where the girl walked off to and smiles. She excitedly tells Ami to continue on, and then runs off after Rei.

Hikawa Jinja:
Rei is walking along the stone pathway, which is covered in leaves, to the entrance of the shrine. The leaves start falling from the trees and the wind howls.

The Propeller Youma:
The youma dances around the girls The youma with propellers on its head is twirling around a circle of six girls, who are laying unconscious.

The Dark Kingdom's Layer
Jadeite is speaking to Queen Beryl. He tells her that they will soon be finished, the girls are at their maximum energy levels. The queen warns Jadeite not too fail, as failure will not be tolerated. Jadeite replies, "hai" (yes). Queen Beryl waves her long fingernails around as suspenseful music plays in the background.

Hikawa Jinja
Usagi walks towards the entrance of the shrine, wondering where Rei went. She also remembers the stories of the shrine's miko having strange powers and being able to curse people. Usagi wonders if it could be true. She continues on, towards the shrine's steps.
Rei stares into the flames Inside the shrine, Rei is in her miko outfit of a white top and red bottom. She stares into the flames and closes her eyes as suspenseful music plays and the fire crackles. Outside the shrine, Usagi is walking, looking around her like she expects something scary to pop out. Usagi remembers what the girls told her about hearing the caw of a crow just as a crow cries. The crow flaps its wings. Usagi then remembers about how the miko will then sneak up on her after hearing the crow's call. She looks over her shoulder.
        Rei calls out and asks who's there. Usagi screams and runs away. Rei walks out of the building and watches as Usagi runs around the corner. Rei then turns around and goes back inside. Meanwhile, Usagi is running down the steps and bumps into a girl who is wearing the same uniform as Rei. Usagi keeps running and the girl looks up the steps, towards the shrine.

Tsukino House:
It is night time. In Usagi's room, Ami-chan is sitting at the desk and telling Usagi that there is no curse of the miko. Usagi is sitting on her bed looking at Rei's bracelet. Usagi says that Ami-chan is right; she just panicked and ran. Usagi stands up and walks to the center of the room. She says, still fiddling with the bracelet, that she will go back to the shrine tomorrow. Ami turns to the laptop on the desk and says that she's gathering information about the missing girls. Ami crosses her hands on her lap and sits up strait, saying she might be able to figure something out. Usagi looks at Ami and tells her that she doesn't have to sit so properly. Ami-chan smiles. The camera pans to the doorway, where Ikuko-mama is with a tray of drinks. She knocks on the door and tells the girls that she brought them some "deluxe cafe."
Ikuko-mama pins Usagi-chan Usagi-chan says that it tastes plain and sits on her bed. Ikuko-mama says to Ami that Usagi is rebelling against her parents today and goes over and starts shoving Usagi playfully. Ami doesn't know what to say. Usagi tells Ami not to hold back. Ikuko-mama sits on top of Usagi, squishing her and tells Ami to hurry and help her out. Usagi reaches out and tells Ami-chan to save her. Ikuko-mama has Usagi pinned and makes a karate gesture. Ami-chan smiles.

On the Roof-tops:
It is nighttime; the moon is full. Along the rooftops of the city, Sailor V is running, her arms outstretched behind her. She leaps over the gap between two buildings and her body is outlined against the moon. Luna is running after her, breathing heavily. Luna also jumps over towards the next building and her body is outlined against the moon. However, Luna doesn't quite make the jump; she hits the side of the building and must claw her way up. Sailor V lands gracefully and continues running. Luna finally climbs her way over the ledge and calls out, "Sailor V, wait!" Sailor V runs across the roof and jumps down to the ground below. Luna comments to herself about the crescent moon on Sailor V's forehead and wonders if she could be the princess. As Sailor V continues running, the crescent moon on her forehead shines.

Hikawa Jinja:
A group of girls threaten Rei The next day, Usagi returns to Hikawa Jinja, holding Rei's bracelet. As she walks up the steps, she hears Rei yell, "return it!" Usagi stops and looks at a group of seven girls who are standing in front of Rei. Two of them have sticks and they all look threatening. One of the girls, who is wearing a uniform similar to Rei's, says she will only return it if Rei stops casting spells. The girls start walking towards Rei and she has to back up. She tells them it wasn't a spell. They ask her what it was then and she asks them why they care. The taller girl, who is also in a uniform similar to Rei's, says it's very suspicious and that Rei has predicted bad events previously. Rei tries to grab a box out of the tall girl's hands, but she is stopped. The shorter girl tells her to stop the curse, because it's Rei's fault the girls disappeared. Rei falls to the ground and looks up at the group. The shorter girl explains that yesterday she saw a girl running away from the shrine.
        Usagi, knowing that the girl was her, starts to walk forward. Rei asks them, "yesterday?" and they ask if she made that girl disappear also. Usagi walks up to the group, smiles, and says that the girl was she. The shorter girl asks Usagi who she is. Usagi explains that she ran away yesterday because the crows scared her and she thought she was going to die. She then moves around, posing to show that she is still there. She then tells the girls to give the item back.
        A little while later, Rei walks away with her possession, a wooden box filled with herbs. Usagi calls to her, asking her to wait. Rei ignores her, until Usagi finally yells, "Rei-chan!" Rei turns around and Usagi explains that her name was on the bracelet that she dropped. She gives Rei the bracelet and says that she is sorry, because it was her fault that the girls were ganging up on Rei. Rei avoids Usagi's eyes and says that it's okay; it happens all the time. Rei tells Usagi not to let it bother her. Usagi suggests that Rei not use the herbs until the missing girls are found. Rei shakes her head and says that she need them for herself. She says "ja" (bye) and turns away, explaining that she is busy. Usagi-chan watches her walk off.
        Rei is now inside the shrine, in her miko clothes, staring into the flames. Suspenseful music plays.
        A crow cries as Usagi walks down the shrine's steps. Her cell phone rings. Usagi takes it out of her bag and says, "moshi moshi" (hello). It is Ami-chan. Ami tells Usagi to hurry to the Manjukaku Wedding Building, because she knows who the next target in the disappearances will be.

--Commercial Break--

Manjukaku Building
To transform into miko, Usagi and Ami yell, Change! Ami-chan is hiding behind a pillar at the front of a large building. Usagi comes up to her and asks her where the next target is. The two girls walk over towards the entrance. Usagi quickly moves against the wall, hiding, and a swish sound effect is heard. From their position, they can see in the glass doors of the building. Ami indicates a girl in a miko outfit. Ami explains that all six of the missing girls were miko who attended the festival. Inside, the girl is talking to a man in the lobby. Ami says that they should keep an eye on the girl. Usagi tells Ami-chan that she is so great! Ami-chan smiles. The two girls then pull out their cell phones and point them at the miko. Then they yell, "turn me into a miko! Change!" They each snap a photo of the miko and they are now dressed as miko.

Hikawa Jinja:
Rei is once again starring into the flames.

Manjukaku Building: Inside the building, a woman in a dress suit is leading another woman dressed in a wedding dress. Usagi and Ami, dressed as miko politely bow to them and continue walking. Ami asks Usagi what happened with the miko from Hikawa Jinja. Usagi explains that it was all just rumors. She can sense spirits, but she doesn't curse people. Usagi says that Rei is just a normal girl. Usagi stops in her tracks and looks up ahead. The miko from Hikawa Jinja, Rei, is walking through the lobby also. Usagi wonders why she is here. Then Usagi and Ami hear a scream, they nod to each other, and run off in the direction of the scream.

Outside the Manjukaku Building:
Outside, Rei is standing over the next miko target, who is laying on the ground, unconscious. Usagi runs up and asks Rei what she's doing. Rei holds up an ofuda (paper anti-demon scroll) and Ami asks Rei if she is the youma. Rei stands up and throws the ofuda, yelling "Akuryou Taisan!" (evil spirits dispearse). Usagi and Ami duck the ofuda. The scroll hits a pile of leaves that had begun to swirl in the air, possessed. Rei says that she has found the one behind the disappearances of the girls. Usagi stands up, very pleased, and says that Rei-chan has been investigating. Ami yells a warning as the leaves start to swirl again; however, this time they form a blue portal. Out of the portal come the arms of the youma. The hands grab Rei by the shoulders and pulling her in. Usagi grabs onto Rei, trying to save her, but Usagi gets pulled in the portal also. The portal then disappears, and Ami is left calling, "Tsukino-san!" Ami gets out her cell phone and speed dials. She says, "moshi moshi, Luna" (hello Luna).

Through the Portal: The blue portal opens up over an area of grass, where some girls are laying, unconscious. Usagi and Rei fall out of the portal onto the ground below. They look back and see the portal close behind them. The youma appears in front of them, waving its arms threateningly. Usagi gasps, stands up, and tells Rei-chan to go and hide. Rei runs away as Usagi starts her transformation with "Moon Prism Power! Make-up!" Rei, seeing Usagi transforms, wonders what's going on. Sailormoon begins to fight with the youma, performing cartwheels and doing spins. Sailormoon tries to kick the youma, but misses. The youma prepares to attack, putting its hands out in front of it. Vines appear from the leaves and tie themselves around Sailormoon's waist and wrists. The vines then lift her up in the air and tie her ankles. The youma turns to Rei. Sailormoon yells at Rei-chan to run. Rei nods and starts to run off. However, she stops when her wrist glows red and her bracelet from earlier starts the shine. The youma backs away from the light.

--Commercial Break--

Ami-chan Transforms:
Ami-chan is waiting outside for Luna. Luna appears and tells Ami to transform and then open a portal to where Usagi-chan is. So Ami-chan yells, "Mercury Power! Make-up!" and transforms into Sailormercury. She then yells "Mercury Aqua Mist!" and shoots a beam of blue into the sky.

Rei Transform & Fights:
Rei’s bracelet continues to glow red. She stares at it and asks “what is this?" The bracelet flashes and turns into a silver bracelet. Sailormoon, still hanging from the vines, is amazed the Rei-chan is also a senshi. She yells at Rei, telling her to transform and informing her that she is a senshi. Rei looks at Sailormoon and asks, "senshi?". Meanwhile, the youma prepares to attack again. Its face flashes and it spreads its arms apart, throwing out leaves. The leaves knock Rei down. Sailormoon yells out, "Rei-chan!" The youma's propellers spin and it puts its hands on its hips. Sailormoon struggles with the vines and is finally able to free herself. She unwraps the vines from her body and looks over to the pile of leaves under which Rei is buried. A bright red light shines from the pile and blows all the leaves off Rei. Rei stands up ad yells, "Mars Power! Make-up!" and transforms into Sailormars. She poses and says, "Senshi of flame and passion, Sailormars! In the name of Mars, I will punish you!" Usagi looks at Sailormars and says, "Rei-chan... beautiful...!"
        The youma makes some grunting sounds and background upbeat fighting music plays. Sailormars stands up and spins out of the way of the charging youma. Sailormars does a series of jumps and twists to avoid the youma somemore. Then she gets ready to attack, and yells, "Youma Taisan!"(monster disperse!) A ball of flames fly towards the youma and knock to the ground, destroying it. Sailormoon smiles and tells Rei-chan that she did it. Sailormars looks down at her hands with a confused and amazed look.
Rei helps the girls through the portal         Meanwhile, the kidnapped girls begin to wake up. Sailormercury's images appearsin a blue portal and she calls out, "Tsukino-san, daijoubu?" (Tsukino-san, are you all right?) Sailormoon runs to the girls and tells them to hurry towards the portal. Sailormars helps each of the girls climb through the portal to Sailormercury on the other side, asking them if they are all right and telling them to hurry. After the last girl has gone through, Sailormars jumps in the portal. Next it is Sailormoon's turn, but before she can go through, leaf-vines grab her ankles. Sailormoon screams and is dragged along the ground, away from the portal. Sailormercury calls out "Tsukino-san!" and the portal starts to ripple, as though it is going to close.
        Just then, a cane is thrown at the vine, severing it and freeing Sailormoon. Sailormoon calls out, "Tuxedo Kamen!" as Tuxedo Kamen jumps down in front of the portal. He runs over to Sailormoon and helps her up. They both run towards the portal, which starts to close. Tuxedo Kamen puts his hands on Sailormoon shoulders and tells her to jump. They both jump through the portal and it closes behind them.

In the Park:
Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen land on the grass in a park-like area. Sailormoon stands up and Sailormercury runs over, saying, "Tsukino-san" and asking her if she is hurt. Sailormoon says no, and smiles. She looks all around her and sees Tuxedo Kamen walking away. Sailormercury asks if Tuxedo Kamen could be their ally. Sailormoon says she's not sure, but this is the second time that he saved her. They both turn and watch him walks away, and Sailormoon says "Tuxedo Kamen."
        Sailormars is also watching, a little ways away. Luna walks up to her and says, "Sailormars, you are the third senshi." Sailormars looks down at her senshi outfit and says that she finally understands why she has these powers; the powers are not a curse. Sailormoon yells "Rei-chan!" and waves her hands in the air. Sailormars takes a quick look over her shoulder at Sailormoon then turns back. She wipes a tear away before Sailormoon and Sailormercury run over to her. All three of them, Sailormars leading the way, walk off.

The Dark Kingdom:
A large clear crystal is on a stand. Queen Beryl stands near it and yells, "Jadeite!" Jadeite is knelt down before the queen and tells her that he is sorry. Queen Beryl makes her hands into claw shapes and says that the Sailor Senshi are despicable.

Walking on the Sidewalk:
Ami, Usagi, and Luna watch Rei-chan walk away Ami-chan and Usagi-chan are in their school uniforms, walking behind Rei, who is wearing her miko clothes. Usagi suggests that they have a party to celebrate. Usagi tells Rei-chan to wait and asks her if she is going home already. She links her arm in Rei's and suggests they do karaoke. Rei pulls away from Usagi and says that she hates karaoke and she doesn't want to be their friend. She walks away as suspenseful music plays. Luna, sitting in Usagi's bag, reaches her arms out and says, hey! Usagi and Ami are left standing there, looking shocked, as they watch Rei walk away.

Preview of Episode 4:
Clips of Usagi in several different dresses, holding her transformation cell phone. Then clips of a costume party and the DJ says that the party begins here! Ami and Usagi, in costume (Usagi as a bear and Ami as a maid with cat-ears) walk through the room. A clip of the party's host, then Usagi, as a bear, bumping into Tuxedo Kamen. Usagi, inside her costume smiles as she hugs Tuxedo Kamen. Then a clip of Usagi-bear falling to the ground and Ami asking if she's all right. The, there is a clip of Queen Beryl saying "Nephrite, come!" Out of the shadows of the cave walks another general, saying "Queen Beryl-sama, I'm here." Next a clip of Sailormercury holding a box, Sailormars wrapped in the green vines of a Venus-flytrap youma and Sailormoon, Sailormars, and Sailormercury preparing to attack. Last, a clip of Usagi thanking Sailormars and saying that friends are great.

Credits: This summary TV-Nihon sub.
Pictures captured from JapanDog Raw.