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Act 6

Title: Act 6
Episode: #6
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: November 8, 2003, 7:30 AM
Makoto stops a basketball from hitting Usagi           All the girls from surrounding schools gather to see Takeru play basketball. Even Usagi and her friends show up and take pictures of him. Usagi, separated from her friends, walks around a building. She is stopped by three creeps. Makoto steps in and catches the basketball they threw at Usagi, just before it hits her. Makoto then knocks the creeps down and they run away.

Ami-chan watches the new girl, Makoto, who has also decided to eat her lunch on the roof           Meanwhile, Jadeite is setting up a new trap. At Juuban, Usagi sees the new girl, Makoto, walk by her classroom during lunch. Makoto goes up on the roof, where Ami is already eating. They silently eat their lunches.

Usagi-chan brings Makoto shopping. They try on clothes and look at shoes           After school, Usagi takes Makoto shopping. They go to several stores, and look at clothes, accesories, and shoes. Usagi then brings Makoto to Hikawa Jinja and introduces her to Rei.

All the school girls continue to watch Takeru play basketball           Later, school-girls are watching Takeru again. Makoto is also watching, leaning up against a nearby tree. As Takeru jumps to make a basket, a red light glows from his ball and spreads to all the girls, including Makoto. After a second of confusion, the girls continue to watch the game.

Haruna-sensei catches the girls looking at photos of Takeru and then shows them to everyone in the class           At school, Usagi and her friends are looking at pictures of Takeru. Haruna-sensei comes over and takes the photos. She looks at them and thinks that Takeru is cute and shows them to everyone.

Takeru is possessed and summons all his fans           When Makoto arrives at her appartment that afternoon, she sees an envelope in her mailbox. It is a letter signed by "Takeru" and it asks her to meet him the next day. Makoto bakes cookies for him. The next day, Takeru, possessed, calls all of his fans to him.

Usagi tries to comfort Makoto after Makoto stood out in the rain, waiting in vain for Takeru           Makoto goes and stands near a fountain and waits all day for Takeru. It then begins to rain. The three creeps from earlier arrive and reveal that they were the ones that wrote the letter.

Usagi, Ami, and Rei transform into basketball players to teach the three creeps a lesson           Luna sees all of this and calls Usagi. Usagi, Rei, and Ami transform into basketball players to teach the creeps a lesson. They challenge them to a basketball game.

The possessed Takeru offers Makoto a hand then transports her to another dimension           Meanwhile, Makoto heads home. There, Takeru is waiting for her. He offers her a hand and they disappear to another dimension. There are frozen bodies of all the fan girls and everything is gray. The possessed Takeru tries to take Makoto's energy too, but she breaks the spell and frees the girls. Back at the basketball game, Usagi and company are defeating the three creeps. Usagi scores the game winning point by jumping an impossible distance, stepping on the lead creep's head and making a slam dunk.

The youma releases Takeru and appears in its true form, to fight Makoto           Makoto, meanwhile, is back at the fountain. The youma leaves Takeru's body and procedes to attack Makoto. The youma strangles Makoto with a metal snake. Makoto reaches out to Takeru, but he runs away.

Makoto, while being strangled by the youma, recalls all the lonely moments of her life, including when her parents died           Makoto recalls all the lonely moments of her life. She remembers when her parents where no longer there, when friends and crushes abandoned her. Sailormoon breaks into her memories, gives her the silver bracelet and tells her to transform. As Sailorjupiter, Makoto defeats the youma.

A new shitennou (general) appears           The four senshi are now together. Off to the side, a new shitennou (general) watches and then walks off.