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Act 7

Title: Act 7
Episode: #7
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: November 15, 2003, 7:30 AM
Description: Sailormoon fights a youma made out of straw. Tuxedo Kamen saves her from the attack and the shoulder of his tuxedo is ripped in the process. The youma escapes. Sailormoon tries to follow Tuxedo Kamen, but Sailor V stops her, then disapears. The next day, Usagi goes to Crown and sees Motoki holding a tuxedo with a rip on the same should as Tuxedo Kamen's. Usagi then thinks Motoki to be Tuxedo Kamen.
          The following day, Usagi returns to Crown and brings food for Motoki's turtle. Motoki then invites Usagi and her friends to the amusement park, "Angel Park." Usagi, Rei, and Makoto wait for Motoki. Motoki brings two male friends with him, Chiba Mamoru, and Takai (who really likes turtles). Motoki hands Mamoru a bag, which contains the tuxedo (which Motoki's mom fixed). The group does rock-paper-scissors to pair off: Makoto & Motoki, Usagi & Mamoru, and Rei & Takai. Makoto swicthes with Usagi after seeing Usagi's disapointment.
          Takai starts getting hiccups whenever he is near a girl, so he sits down and eats lemon slices, trying to stop them. Meanwhile, the others go on rides. Usagi suggests a house of mirrors. Inside, she and Motoki are separated. Usagi tries to find him and runs into Mamoru, who was separated from Makoto. Mamoru explains that Motoki is claustrophobic and shouldn't have been left alone. Mamoru then grabs Usagi's hand, claiming her doesn't want them to be separated. Makoto finds Motoki and leads him outside.
          Meanwhile, Takai has become possessed by the straw-youma. He steals people's energy, storing it in his back-pack. Usagi is called on her cellphone, and transforms, not knowing that Mamoru is watching. Rei is knocked out, but Sailorjupiter and Sailormoon arrive.
          The youma leaves Takai and the Senshi defeat it. Jadeite appears to take the energy-filled bag. He attacks the girls, but Tuxedo Kamen steps in. Jadeite leaves. Tuxedo Kamen was injured in the battle, and Sailormoon ties her handkerchief around his hand. Usagi finds Motoki sitting on the steps outside the house of mirrors, still tramatized. She realizes he couldn't have been Tuxedo Kamen, as his hand is unhurt. In the end, Mamoru stands and looks down at the handkerchief.

A straw-youma attacks Sailormoon View from the turtle aquarium of Motoki and Usagi talking Motoki invites Usagi and her friends to Angel Park
Usagi, Takai, Motoki, Mamoru, Rei, and Makoto do 'rock, paper, scissors to decided who will go with whom. Takai gets hiccups from being around girls. He attempts to cure them by eating lemon slices Motoki slowly rows Usagi alon in a boat. Makoto quickly rows Mamoru in another boat.
Motoki and Usagi are separated by glass in the fun-house Takai now attempts to stop his hiccups by sticking his thumbs on his nose Takai, who is possessed by the youma, has a turtle back-pack to hold the energy he collects
Motoki remains on the steps, recovering from his claustrophobia, while Makoto receives a call to help Usagi. Tuxedo Kamen is injured by the youma