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Act 8

Title: Act 8
Episode: #8
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: November 22, 2003, 7:30 AM
Description: Usagi arrives at Crown and tells the girls that Minako is hosting a contest. Contestants must dress up as Minako's mascot, NakoNako. Usagi begs the girls to help her with her homework, but Rei refuses. Makoto and Rei get into an argument over the subject. Usagi later asks Makoto to bring a good-luck charm to Hikawa Jinja, secretly hoping Rei and Makoto will make-up. At night, Usagi works extra hard to finish all the work herself. Shingo tells Ikuko-mama. When Ikuko sees Usagi posing infront of the mirror in a NakoNako outfit and yelling "kupii!" she fears that Uagi has gone insane.
            Makoto heads bag to Hikawa Jinja and watches as Rei is forced into a car. She follows Rei to a hotel and learns that it is Rei's monthly dinner with her politician father. When Rei's father backs out of their meeting again, Makoto helps Rei escape. Makoto dresses up as a room service girl and Rei hides under a cart. They are then called to help Usagi. Zoisite has aided Jadeite by transporting him to the NakoNako contest and knocking everyone but Usagi unconscious with his piano music.
            Outside, Minako arrives in her Mercedes-Benz. The Zoisite music begins blairing on the radio and Zoisite appears and reaches towards her. Minako scream to turn off the radio and Zoisite disapears. Meanwhile, Sailorjupiter and Sailormars fight Jadeite. Neither side is winning. Suddenly, Jadeite graps his chest in pain and disapears to the Dark Kingdom. Sailormoon lies on the ground, fast asleep from working all night on her homework. So, Makoto and Rei decide to enter the contest for her. However, they both lose. Jadeite lays on the floor next to Zoisite's piano. Zoisite continues to play his song.

Motoki takes a snapshot with his pet turtle Minako is holding a best costume contest. Contestants must dress up as her mascot, NakoNako Jadeite and Ziosite talk
Makoto brings Usagi's good luck charm to Hikawa Jinja to hang up Shingo tells Ikuko-mama that Usagi is studying and suggests that she has gone crazy Ikuko, after seeing Usagi dressed as NakoNako and yelling 'Kupii!', fears for her daughter's sanity
Usagi, Naru, Momoko, and Kanami wait in line, dressed as NakoNako Rei, Makoto, and the secretary stand in a hotel room Makoto helps Rei escape by dressing as a room service girl
Jadeite cringes in pain and disapears to the Dark Kingdom Rei and Makoto decide to take the sleeping Usagi's place in the NakoNako contest