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Act 9

Title: Act 9
Episode: #9
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: November 29, 2003, 7:30 AM
Description: Tuxedo Kamen makes an announcement about the ginzuishou (Silver Crystal). The TV News brings in an expert, Aoi, who says the jewel is worth a great deal of money. The entire city goes crazy searching for the jewel. There are also a lot of people dressing up as Tuxedo Kamen. A man, Narita Masanobu, asks Rei to protect what he believes to be the ginzuishou. Rei feels uncomfortable, so Ami disguises herself as a miko to go in Rei's place. The crystal turns out to be a fake and smashes on the ground when Nephrite drops it.

The 'Joy Queen' is stolen from its display by Tuxedo Kamen The TV News anchors announce the value of the Silver Crystal The TV News's idea of what the crystal will look like.
Queen Beryl changes Jadeite into a Jadeite stone Even Ikuko-mama goes crazy with the ginzuishou news Narita requests Rei's spiritual aid in protecting a crystal
After school clean-up session Narita's mansion Usagi, disguised as a worker, battles out the decision to help Tuxedo Kamen
Usagi, dressed as Tuxedo Kamen, discovers that the man she saved is not Tuxedo Kamen, but a pervert Sailorjupiter and Sailormercury attack Nephrite