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Act 12

Title: Act 12
Episode: #12
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: December 19, 2003, 7:30 AM

Minako works on a Christmas NakoNako images on her computer at the hospital Minako struggles with the youma-boss Usagi tricks the youma-boss by dressing as Santa and pulling Minako in the bag
Mamoru reflects on his vision of the Princess Minako has gotten blue paint all over her jacket Usagi reveals to the crown that she is not Minako by signing 'Usagi' on a notebook
Minako and Usagi both take the strawberry off first to eat the cake Senshi skip rope to avoid the youma's attacks Princess Sailor Venus and Artemis arrive
Princess Sailor Venus attacks Zoisite Zoisite reaches out to Tuxedo Kamen and says, 'Master Endymion' Artemis stands with Princess Sailor Venus

The episode starts out with Minako narrating the events of the last act. She is in a blue-outlined NakoNako head in the bottom left of the screen. After the opening credits, Minako is in the hospital. A shadowy cat talks to her from behind the blinds of the window. In the hallway of the hospital, Minako's possessed boss is walking.

Meanwhile, at Crown Karaoke, Makoto, Ami, Rei, and Luna are talking. Usagi remembers that she forgot her autograph book at the hospital; so she returns to the hospital.

At the hospital, the youma-boss goes into Minako's room. Then her boss attacks her. Minako realizes he's possessed. She makes her little Sailor V Crescent Moon appear and tries to defend herself. She frees herself from the ropes he tied her up with and knocks him down. He gets back up and she then runs away.

Usagi arrives at the hospital, but the doorway is blocked by a large group of Minako fans trying to get in. Usagi takes out her cell phone and smiles. She dresses up as a nurse ad is able to get into the hospital. Usagi sees the boss chasing Minako. She has an idea to save Minako; so she pulls Minako into a room. They trick the youma by having Usagi dress up as Santa and pull Minako in a sack in the sleigh behind her. The youma-boss is tricked for a moment, but then realizes who they are and chases them.

The girls run outside and hail a cab. The youma-boss is unable to follow them.

Nephrite goes in to talk to Zoisite, who is playing the piano. Nephrite gets upset with Zoisite and slams his fist down on the keyboard.

Mamoru is in his apartment. He is leaning back against the couch and is recalling his vision of the princess.

The cab stops and lets the girls out. Minako starts walking away, but Usagi follows her. Minako tries to get away. She tells Usagi goodbye, but ends up backing into wet blue paint. It ruins her jacket.

So Minako and Usagi go into a clothing store so Minako can buy some new outfits. Fans find out that Minako is inside and start crowding the doorway. Usagi takes Minako's paint-covered jacket and puts it on, along with Minako's hat. She runs outside and all the fans think she is Minako.

Usagi runs around, with the fans running behind her. They finally corner her and ask for an autograph. Usagi signs one of the books and holds it up. It says "Usagi" and everyone realizes they were tricked.

Minako and Usagi meet later and sit in a ferris wheel. They talk and Minako begins to sing a new song. Usagi has brought some cakes with strawberries on top. The two bond over the fact that they both took the strawberry off first to eat the cake.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl and Nephrite talk. Beryl gets angry and telepathically talks to Zoisite, who is still sitting at his piano. Zoisite grabs his head in pain as Beryl shows him her anger.

The youma-boss is running around the city stealing people's energy. He shoots out ropes and sucks the energy from their faces. Ami and Rei come and prepare to fight.

Usagi-chan's cellphone rings. It is the girls calling her to help them with the youma. Usagi says goodbye to Minako and hurries off. Minako talks to the "voice" and calls it Artemis. She then starts running and just changes into Sailor V without a transformation.

All of a sudden, it is now nighttime. Sailormars and Sailormercury chase the youma-boss into a dark street. Usagi also shows up and transforms. The youma leaves the boss and the Senshi begin to fight with it. The youma attacks with ropes, and the senshi "jump rope" to avoid the attack.

Meanwhile, Zoisite is playing his piano. Nephrite shows up and strangles Sailormoon, demanding to know about the princess. Sailor V appears and attacks with her Crescent Moon. Nephrite lets Sailormoon go. Sailor V pulls off her mask and just turns into Princess Sailor Venus without a transformation sequence. Along with her is the cute CGI Artemis! Nephrite demands the ginzuishou.

The three senshi run to protect Princess Sailor Venus from the advancing youma. Sailormoon uses Moon Twilight Flash on the youma and destroys it. Nephrite makes a face and leaves.

Zoisite appears and tries to stab Princess Sailor Venus. Tuxedo Kamen steps in and stops him. Zoisite remembers the vision that he saw when he fought Tuxedo Kamen in the last Act. Princess Sailor Venus shoots a light from her hand (no attack sequence) and Zoisite starts to disappear. He realizes that it was Tuxedo Kamen in that vision with the Princess and calls out, "Master Endymion!"

Zoisite disappears to the Dark Kingdom. At his piano, he fades away and becomes the Zoisite mineral.

Artemis appears again. The senshi and Luna look at the Princess.