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Act 13

Title: Act 13
Episode: #13
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: December 27, 2003, 7:30 AM

The girls sitting at Crown, sipping drinks and discussing the Princess Act 13 opens with the girls, Usagi, Rei, Makoto, and Ami, sitting in their secret room at Crown. They discuss the appearance of Sailor V and how she has revealed herself as the Princess. There is an empty white chair at the table, most likely for Sailor V.

Beryl poisons a white rose, turning it black In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl holds Zoisite's stone. Nephrite reports to her that Zoisite called Tuxedo Kamen ďEndymion.ĀEBeryl looks shocked and then, using the power from the white crystal that sits in front of her, zaps Nephrite, erasing from his mind the name "Endymion." Nephrite leaves. Beryl makes a white rose appear and blows on it, slowly turning it black.

Mamoru sits on the couch in his apartment. He recalls Zoisite calling out "Endymion" to him and then remembers his vision of the Princess. His thought is interrupted by a phone call from a hysterical Motoki.

Crown is a complete mess! Usagi arrives at Crown to see the place in shambles. Furniture is everywhere, as if it had been robbed. She hears a noise and looks scared. Motoki, pale, pops-up from behind the counter. He starts crying. It turns out that his turtle, Kamekichi, is gone. Kamekichi was put in a bucket during cleaning time and the bucket tipped over, allowing Kamekichi to wander off. A clip of the turtle walking down the street alone appears. Motoki has been searching everywhere for his turtle. Mamoru arrives and reports that a turtle has been found. The three leave to find Kamekichi.

They arrive at a wooden gate that surrounds a stone house. The house looks kind of scary. Motoki and Usagi call for "Kamekichi" the turtle. They see a man in a white sweater standing in one of the houseís windows and Usagi and Motoki run, screaming, to the fence. They look back, and the man in the window holds up Motoki's turtle.

Motoki happily retrives his turtle Inside, Motoki is extremely happy. The man gives Motoki the turtle. Motoki puts Kamekichi in a wooden turtle box and leaves. Usagi and Mamoru go to leave, but the man asks them to wait. He feels that they have met before and asks their names. Mamoru, Usagi, and the man sit down at a table to drink tea. The man introduces himself as "Shin" and says he has no memories. Usagi recalls Tuxedo Kamen telling her the same thing, and wonders if they could be the same person. Usagi asks Shin if he can remember things that he liked. He thinks for a little while, and tells Usagi he likes white flowers and the ocean.

The girls are upset that Usagi is not helping them Usagi calls Rei. She is with Makoto and Ami. All three are wearing miko outfits and Mako-chan and Ami are helping Rei prepare for the New Yearís celebration. Makoto is braiding a rope and yells at Usagi on the phone, over her shoulder. Usagi was supposed to be helping them. The nail that was holding the rope breaks and the rope goes flying, knocking everything over. Rei hangs up on Usagi.

Usagi says that her friends are unable to help Shin with his memories, and she leaves. Shin sits back down and tells Mamoru that itís okay. Mamoru thinks that they both have similar problems. Shin says that he doesnít really want to remember his past anyway.


Usagi enters a plant shop to buy a white rose for Shin Usagi walks along the road and Mamoru follows her. Usagi turns around and talks to him. She then sees a plant store; recalling that Shin likes white flowers, Usagi purchases a white rose. Usagi, with Mamoru following her, sees a painting in the window of another store. It's a nature scene called "Silent the Earth" and costs 200,000 yen (about US$2,000). She realizes it's too expensive, so she goes somewhere else. She looks at a nature book and a DVD, but they both cost too much. Finally, she just buys two post-cards

Usagi and Mamoru ride on Mamoru's motorcycle to the beach Usagi sits outside, in a park-like place. Mamoru walks over and takes the white flower. He walks away and gets on his motorcycle. He offers Usagi a helmet and they ride off. The fast song from the Radio Program plays (the one Sawai sings). They drive along the beachfront, Usagi holding Mamoru's waist.

Usagi shares half of her food with Mamoru They stop at the beach. Usagi collects a jar full of seashells, sand, and water, hoping to jog Shinís memory. Mamoru tells her that itís not that easy to regain oneís memories. Then they look out at the water. Usagi walks along the top of a small stonewall. She jumps down and buys some food. She splits a ball of white rice (?) with Mamoru. They sit next to each other on the wall and look out at the water.

Meanwhile, Shin sits in his dark house. Beryl continues to poison the white flower. Shin then disappears from his chair.

A girl in a school uniform is walking down a deserted street, talking on her cellphone. Kunzite appears in front of her. He pulls out a chunk of his black hair and strangles the girl with it. She drops to the ground. Her eyes begin to glow. She is possessed.


Mamoru gives Shin the presents Usagi got Shin walks in the garden outside of his house. Mamoru arrives. Inside, Mamoru gives Shin the presents from Usagi (white rose, cards, jar, and 3 rocks). Mamoru explains that he understand that Shin finds remembering his past difficult; he has felt the same way. He tells Shin not to run from himself. Shin says that he is afraid of what he may be. He explains that he had a dream, which may have been real, that he attacked someone. He tells Mamoru that he may not be human. Suddenly, Shin drops the flower and gasps in pain. His eyes turn black and black flower petals fly around the room in a tornado. Mamoru yells "Shin!"

At a movie theater, the girl that was attacked gasps. People run out of the theater, screaming. The girl comes behind them. She has gold claws on her hands. Luna peeks around the corner and sees.

Beryl's black rose begins to blossom.

Usagi arrives at Shin's house. Mamoru meets her outside and Usagi asks if Shin is there. Usagi's cellphone rings. It is Luna telling her about the youma-girl. Usagi tells Mamoru she has to go. Mamoru clenches his shoulder and looks back towards the house.

Shin is still inside. He struggles to grasp the white rose. His head snaps backwards.

The possessed girl turns into a youma The youma-girl's head also snaps back. Sailormoon arrives. The girls has tears streaming down her face and then falls in pain. She begins to turn into a white hairy youma. The youma looks like a white werewolf.

Mamoru and Kunzite face off Mamoru is now inside Shin's house. Shin has transformed. Beryl's flower blooms all the way and she says "Kunzite!" Shin has become Kunzite.

Kunzite takes out his sword and attacks Mamoru, throwing him against the wall. Kunzite disappears and Mamoru gets up.

Meanwhile, Sailormoon is fighting the youma. She says "sorry" to it, and then kicks it in the head. She then heals it using "Moon Healing Escalation." The youma turns back into the girl. Sailormoon checks on her and says that she is okay. Sailormoon notices the black hair wrapped around the girl's neck. The hair disappears.

Kunzite appears and draws his sword on Sailormoon Kunzite appears. He says he is from the Dark Kingdom and is the Shitennou, Kunzite. He takes out his sword and attacks Usagi. He pulls out some of his own hair and chokes her. Tuxedo Kamen appears and Kunzite disappears along with the hair.

Kunzite appears. He says he is from the Dark Kingdom and is the Shitennou, Kunzite. He takes out his sword and attacks Usagi. He pulls out some of his own hair and chokes her. Tuxedo Kamen appears and Kunzite disappears along with the hair. Tuxedo Kamen checks on Sailormoon. She is not all right. She has become possessed.

Preview of Act 14:
The girls are all sitting, wearing kimono. The preview says that there will be no episode next week. The next episode will be on January 10, 2004. Then it shows that Usagi is possessed. Mercury cries, her face dirty.