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Act 14

Title: Act 14
Episode: #14
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: January 10, 2004, 7:30 AM

Act 14 opens with Luna in a paw shaped outline recapping Act 13. She reviews Venus being the Princess, then how Kunzite attacked.
Sailormoon's eyes glow. She has been possessed. She reaches her hand out towards Tuxedo Kamen. Her tiara glows and she comes out of the trance in which she has been. Sailormoon looks at Tuxedo Kamen and says his name. She seems to be fine. However, for a brief moment, the hair flashes on her neck.

--Opening Credits--

Kunzite stands next to Queen Beryl Kunzite walks into the main layer of the Dark Kingdom, towards Queen Beryl. He announces himself. Nephrite looks upset. Kunzite pulls out his sword and holds it to Nephrite's throat. Kunzite puts it away, having sufficiently warned Nephrite. Kunzite, rather disrespectfully, goes and walks up onto Queen Beryl's pedestal.

The girls celebrate New Years in kimono At Crown, the four girls and Luna are in their secret room. The girls are each in kimono. The kimono are in the senshi's colors. They make a toast. Now, back in normal clothes; it's karaoke time. Everyone seems happy, but Rei, who looks bored. However, under the table, Rei is waving around a wand. Usagi and Ami-chan sing "C'est la Vie" together. Then, Makoto and Luna sing Minako's new song together. Usagi and Rei begin to argue over the Luna Kara book, and Makoto looks annoyed and yells at them for interrupting her.

Usagi throws balloons at Rei and Ami, knocking over their game of Jenga. Makoto tries to write on Usagi with a marker. Then the girls dress up as NakoNako and say "Kupii!" The girls eat dessert cups. Usagi gets on stage with the microphone. The feedback makes everyone cringe. Usagi falls to the floor.

The girls run over and see the hair around her neck briefly. Usagi remains unconscious.


The girls gather around the unconscious Usagi Usagi is lying on a couch. The girls wonder if she is possessed by a youma. Rei asks if senshi can be youma. Luna announces that Usagi is a youma. Luna explains that as a senshi, Sailormoon blocked the possession, but couldn't handle it as a human. (?) A brand like an upside down "V" shape with two lines through it appears on Usagi's lower neck. Makoto and Rei run out of the room, to try to find a way to save Usagi. Ami remains with Usagi. She feels Usagi's pulse and becomes worried.

Mamoru carries Usagi on his back In the main part of Crown, Mamoru arrives. Motoki looks at his computer and mentions Usagi. Mamoru recalls what happened with Sailormoon and Kunzite. Ami appears, holding up Usagi. Mamoru rushes over to help her, and briefly sees the hair around Usagi's neck. Mamoru picks up Usagi and carries her down the street on his back.

The three go to Ami's house, where Mamoru puts Usagi in Ami's bed. Ami covers her with blankets; Usagi is freezing. Ami keeps calling Usagi's name. Mamoru leaves and says "youma." Ami gets out her laptop. She goes to put a strap around Usagi's finger to monitor her and sees Usagi has youma nails. The laptop says Usagi's temperature is 28 degrees Celsius. (82 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Rei is at her shrine in front of the fire. Makoto is running across a bridge.

Ami calls Ikuko Ami has moved heat lamps in front of Usagi, trying to warm her up. It's night time now. At Usagi's house, Ikuko is working out with weights. Ami calls Ikuko on the telephone and Ami acts like there is nothing wrong, making an excuse for Usagi. After Ikuko hangs up the phone, it rings again. Ikuko picks up the phone and says "Naru-chan, good evening!"

Ami pushes Naru out of the house Ami looks at Usagi. Usagi's temperature; it is 30 degrees C (86 F). Usagi no longer has youma nails. The doorbell rings. Ami looks at the video monitor by the door; it is Naru-chan. Naru asks for Usagi. Ami tells Naru to wait and brings her back the CD she needed from Usagi. Naru tries to go past Ami to see Usagi, but Ami pushes her out. She asks Naru to please leave. Naru walks out of the apartment building. Mamoru is standing outside.

Queen Beryl calls Kunzite's name. She tells him to gather the senshi's energy. Kunzite leaves.

Black rose petals swirl around Usagi At Ami's house, the laptop makes a beeping noise. On the screen, it displays "Warning" in English. Ami looks over at Usagi and sees her turn into a youma. Ami wakes up; it was just a dream. Luna then points to the laptop. Usagi's temperature is falling rapidly and is freezing cold. Rei, at Hikawa Jinja, looks up and calls out "Usagi." At Ami's house, black rose petals fly about the room. They land on Usagi and she disappears, while Kunzite calls out "Sailormoon!"

Ami runs out of the building. Mamoru sees her. While running down the street, Ami transforms into Sailormercury. Then she jumps over the rooftops at lightening speed.


Kunzite prepares to take Usagi's energy Water drips in a dark cave. Usagi lies on a table, wearing a white dress. She is still unconscious. Kunzite looks at her then moves to stand at her head. Kunzite's tiara glows and so does the brand on Usagi's neck. Usagi's nails grow into youma nails and she groans.

Mercury defends herself with a water sword Sailormercury arrives and tells Kunzite to leave Usagi alone. She uses "Mercury Aqua Mist," but Kunzite blocks it with his sword. He then flings energy from the sword at Sailormercury. She is flung against the walls of the cave several times. Kunzite advances towards her. Mercury sees the water dripping off the walls and, in her mind, asks the water for help. Kunzite takes out his sword, but Mercury blocks his attack with a temporary water sword. Mercury's face is all dirty from being thrown against the wall and to the ground.

Sailorjupiter and Sailormars arrive, doing flips. They use their attacks on Kunzite, but he blocks the attacks and hits the two senshi with energy blasts. They fall on the ground next to Mercury. Kunzite walks back over to Usagi. He passes his sword over the brand on her neck, causing her eyes glow purple. Usagi smiles. Mercury reaches out towards her, but it's too late. Usagi turns into a youma.

Usagi wakes up Mercury has tears in her eyes as she remembers all the things that Usagi has done. She calls out Usagi's name several times. The senshi hear a yell; they look over toward Usagi. There is a flash of glowing light and Usagi turns back into a human, overcoming the power of Kunzite's spell. Usagi yawns as though she has been sleeping. Kunzite says "nani?!" ("what?!"). Usagi looks around, confused. The senshi tell her to transform.

Tuxedo Kamen and Kunzite struggle Kunzite looks confused again and pulls out his sword. He goes to attack Sailormoon. However, Tuxedo Kamen arrives and blocks Kunzite's attack with his cane. The two remain in a weapons lock, each trying to gain control. Kunzite pushes Tuxedo Kamen back, and Tuxedo Kamen tells Sailormoon to do it now. She uses "Moon Twilight Flash," but Kunzite blocks the attack. He then disappears. Sailormoon smiles at Tuxedo Kamen.

Sailormoon asks the senshi if they are okay. Mercury says that she is happy. Moon dusts the dirt off Mercury's face, and Tuxedo Kamen smiles.

Usagi is fine The girls, now in regular clothes, walk outside. Usagi thanks all of them. She then starts begging them for something and they all laugh. Rei, Makoto, and Ami start to jog off. Usagi goes to follow them but trips.

Preview of Act 15:
Three men in sunglasses and suits demand a briefcase from Usagi, who is sitting on a motorcycle. In the next clip, Usagi is running out of a building; Mamoru stops her. Mamoru questions Usagi about her plan. Usagi says she will transform into Sailormoon. In the next clip, Usagi is lying on the ground in a parking garage. Mamoru arrives on a motorcycle and tells Usagi to get on. In the final clip, Mamoru (in regular form) defends Usagi from a sword carrying youma. The youma forces Mamoru over the edge of the roof, and he falls to the ground below.