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Act 15

Title: Act 15
Episode: #15
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: January 17, 2004, 7:30 AM

Usagi reviews Act 14 Act 15 opens with Usagi in a carrot shapped outline, reviewing Act 14, from the secret room at Crown. She reviews about Kunzite trying to turn her into a youma. She recalls how Tuxedo Kamen came and saved her.

The girls sit at the table From the review, it goes straight to Usagi talking to Ami, Rei, and Makoto who are sitting at the table. She asks them what they think about Tuxedo Kamen. Makoto says "a thief is a thief." The other girls and Luna also say things that causes Usagi to look sad. She sits down, looking deflated.

It is now night time. A brick house has a sign next to the door that says "Aino." Minako opens up the door and walks in. She calls behind her, "Goodnight!" She goes over to the window and moves the curtain. Outside she sees the shadow of a youma. Plushie Artemis jumps up on Minako's shoulder. He mentions the ginzuishou and the princess. Minako sits down on her bed, Artemis still on her shoulder.

--Opening Credits--

The news caster talks abour Minako The next morning, Usagi goes into the kitchen. Ikuko hands Usagi breakfast. This time she has made Usagi a cheese omlette. Usagi yells "yatta!" in happiness and sits down to eat. Shingo tells Usagi that they are talking about Aino Minako on the news. Usagi looks at the news. The News Lady is talking about how Minako's jewelry was stolen. The thief (theives) are most likely on their way to sell the box of jewelry.

Mamoru is also watching the same broadcast at his house. The news lady mentions "Sailor V" and Mamoru flips of the TV. He recalls how Sailor V transformed into Princess Sailor Venus. Then he stands up and recalls when Usagi split the food with him in Act 13. He looks down at Usagi's handkerchief, which he is holding in his hand. His silver phone then rings. Hearing what the person on the other end says, he squeezes the handkerchief.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl asks Kunzite about the energy of the Sailor Senshi. He looks up and smirks. Nephrite scoffs. Nephrites starts yelling at Kunzite, but Kunzite just replies calmly to him. Queen Beryl interrupts. Both shitennou bow to her. On his way out, Kunzite says something about the Princess to Nephrite. Nephrite replies about the gunzuishou.

Naru pulls Usagi away from Ami At Juuban School, Usagi arrives in a coat and scarf, yawning as she walks to her locker. Naru comes over and says hi. They change their shoes and talk. Naru invites Usagi to a jewelry auction being hosted by Naru's mother. Ami arrives. Naru gives her a funny look and remembers how Ami pushed her out of the apartment in the last episode. Ami looks down. Naru pulls Usagi away asking her if she wants to go do karaoke after shcool. Usgai turns back around and invites Ami, but Ami refuses, knowing how Naru was looking at her.

Motoki shows Kamekichi turtle photos At Crown, Motoki is showing Kamekichi a picture of a girl turtle. The turtle has hearts on it. Mamoru is watching. Mamoru asks about "her." Motoki says "her?" and Mamoru says, Tsukino Usagi. The two hear giggling. Usagi, Naru, Momoko, and Kanami arrive. The guys look at them. The girls notice and stop their chattering. Mamoru is starring at Usagi. Motoki calls out to Usagi. Motoki then tells Usagi about Mamoru carrying her when she was sick. A flashback to the scene of Mamoru carrying Usagi on his back down the street. Mamoru leans over the counter and the other girls start chattering at Usagi. Usagi tells Mamoru "thank you." Naru-chan smiles and looks at Usagi, knowing that the two like each other.


In the secret room at Crown, Luna is working on the computer. Rei is reading a book and practicing hand movements. Makoto is drinking from a mug. Ami arrives. Rei asks about Usagi and Ami says Usagi is with friends. Ami looks sad, and Rei asks her what is the matter.

Usagi sings with Mamoko and Kanami It is now nighttime. Usagi, Mamoko, and Kanami are in a room at crown, doing karaoke to "C'est La Vie." On the couch is Naru's white jacket.

Back in the main part of Crown, Motoki is showing Kamekichi another turtle picture. Naru arrives and says that Kamekichi is cute. Motoki says that he knows. Naru asks him to do her a favor.

Usagi finds Minako's jewelry in the thre men's briefcase The next day, Usagi arrives at the building where the auction is to be held. Naru meets her outside and they walk inside the building. Mamoru is standing by the elevators. Naru has invited him along! Naru makes an excuse, hands Usagi the tickets, and runs off, leaving the two alone. Usagi goes over to Mamoru.

The elevator doors open and three men, in black suits (one with a red shirt, one with yellow, and one with purple) step out. Usagi bumps into the yellow shirt man, and he drops a briefcase. Out of it falls a box of jewelry. Usagi picks it up and looks at one pair of heart shapped earrings that have pink in the middle. She recalls Minako's recent PV (Promotional Video) for "Katagoshi ni Kinsei," where Minako was wearing the same pair of earrings. Usagi looks suprised. The men look up and see her holding the stolen jewelry. They grab it and run off.

Usagi tries to tell the police officer about the criminals Mamoru asks Usagi what is wrong. She says that they have Minako's earrings. Usgai goes to chase after them, but Mamoru stops her and asks her what she thinks she's doing. She tells him that she wants to get Minako's jewelry back. She sees a police officer outside and runs over to him. She explains the situation, but he just brushes her off and walks away.
Usagi says that she will get the jewelry back herself. Mamoru asks her how she plans on doing that. She says that she will transform into Sailormoon. Usagi realizes what she has said and looks to the side. Mamoru also looks away. They both turn away from each other. You can hear a bird making noise and the wind blowing. Mamoru points up and says "bird." Usagi points down and says "grass." They pretend it didn't happen, and try to change the subject.

Usagi falls on her face trying to escape the three men Now in a parking garage, the two are hiding behind a concrete post, looking out for the three men. Mamoru grabs Usagi and pulls her down, just as the police officer walks by.

In the secret room at Crown, Rei and Ami are reading. Luna is still on the computer, looking at a map.

Back in the parking garage, the three men walk out of automatic doors, into the main garage area. They go to their car. Mamoru walks over and knocks on the window. When they roll the window down, he tosses in a smoke bomb. The smoke causes the men to flee the car. Usagi, wearing a white motocycle helmet, oes and takes the briefcase from the car. One of the men notices and points it out to the others. They start to chase her. Usagi trips and falls flat on her face. Mamoru arrives on his motocycle and says "Usagi!" and tells her to get on. The speed past the three men, who can no longer keep up.

The youma reveals itself Mamoru drives to an outdoor area, that overlooks the water. They have succeeded in escaping the men. Mamoru looks at Usagi and Usagi recalls how he called her "Usagi."

Makoto, Ami, and Rei are outside. They are on a mission.

Back to the place where Usagi and Mamoru are, the police officer from before arrives. A youma appears form him, and the possessed police officer drops to the ground. The youma pulls out a sword. Mamoru jumps in front of Usagi to protect her. The youma corners him against the railing. Then the youma swings at Mamoru and cuts his arm. Mamoru cries out in pain. Mamoru then falls backwards over the railing to the pavement below. The youma grabs the briefcase and Usagi transforms.

--Commercials (There is a commercial for the PGSM Jewelry Box)--

The youma is running through a hallway. Sailormoon stands ontop of an escalator and does her usual speech. She then preforms "Moon Tiara Boomerang," but the youma blocks her attack with his sword. The youma and Sailormoon fight, Sailormoon avoiding his swings of the sword by jumping. The youma takes another swing at Sailormoon, but she blocks it with the Moonlight Stick. She then kicks the youma over the railing to the floor below. She preforms "Moon Twilight Flash" and destroys the youma. Sailormoon recovers the briefcase and Minako's jewelry. She looks inside and wonders about the ginzuishou.

Minako walks with Artemis Outside, Minako is walking along the sidewalk. Underneath her coat, plushie Artemis is hiding. Minako is also carrying the luggage case that possibly holds her Sailor V outfit.

Usagi, back in her regular form, is wrapping a pink bunny hankerchief around Mamoru's cut. She asks if he is okay. He gets up and goes to his motorcycle, almost like he is angry. "Over Rainbow Tour" plays in the background. He asks Usagi to get on the motorcycle and she smilies; he isn't upset. She puts on the white helmet and holds on to his waist. He looks back at her and then they take off. Usagi is holding the briefcase. He keeps looking over his shoulder at her and she sneaks looks at him also.

Makoto is being pulled down a hole by a new youma On the roof of a building, Makoto sneezes. Rei looks around, sensing something. All of a sudden, a hole opens up in the ground. Makoto starts to fall in. Rei and Ami try to pull her back up, but there is a youma in the center that is pulling her down. Rei tells Ami to transform. Ami nods in agreement. End.

Preview of Act 16:
Sailormars, Sailormercury, and Sailormoon, count off, saying "ichi," "ni," "san." (One, two, three).
In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl, Nephrite and Kunzite talk.
The screen flashes and clip of Jadeite smiling appears!!
Rei yells.
Usagi runs face first into glass; she holds her head. Ami looks at her.
Sailormercury says "ichi," Mars says "ni," and Moon says "san."
Naru screams as she falls down conical hole like Makoto did; Ami tries to reach her, but can't.
Naru talks to Usagi. Usagi looks confused. Ami looks down.
Clip of Sailormoon
Jupiter says "ichi," Mars says "ni," and Mercury says "san."