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Act 16

Title: Act 16
Episode: #16
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: January 24, 2004, 7:30 AM

Usagi recalls how she bandaged Mamoru's wound Act 16 begins with Usagi, in a pink heart outline, reviewing Act 15. She recalls all that happened with Mamoru.

Makoto is almost sucked down a vortex Makoto, Ami, and Rei are outside. Suddenly, a hole opens up and Makoto begins to be sucked in. A youma is pulling her down. Ami and Rei rush over and try to hold onto her. Rei tells Ami to transform. They both transform into senshi. Mercury holds onto Makoto, while Mars preforms "Youma Taisan!" However, the youma escapes, unharmed. Mars and Mercury are able to pull Makoto out of the hole before it closes.

--Opening Credits--

At Crown, in the secret room, Makoto, Ami, Rei, and Usagi are all sitting at the table. Usagi is shocked and yells, "youma?!" Rei explains what happened. Luna says the youma is after energy. Makoto asks Usagi where she has been. Usagi remember about Mamoru. She tells them she was with Naru-chan. Makoto sneezes. Ami-chan questions Usagi and then says she is glad.

It is night time. In Usagi's bedroom, she is thinking about Mamoru and all that happened. She is happy and remembers him saying her name twice.

Naru runs over to Usagi, who is on her way to school. Ami walks behind them. The next day, Usagi is walking to school, wearing a dark colored coat. Ami-chan is walking a little ways behind her. She sees Usagi and goes to catch up. However, she stops when she sees Naru run over to Usagi. Naru is excited and talks quickly. Usagi sees Ami and goes over to her. Naru is upset as she remembers how Ami kicked her out. She makes a face. Ami looks at Naru. Usagi is happy and acts like the three should be buddy-buddy. Naru says "what?!" Usagi looks shocked, but leaves with Naru, giving a small wave to Ami.

In class, Haruna is teaching English. She points to the board with a stick. The board says, in English:
"Father: Hello?
Hirokazu: Hello! This is Hirokazu
              Is this Mr. Brown?
Father: Yes, it is.
Hirokazu: May I speak to Mark?
Father: Sure, Just a minute"

Usagi is assigned to a new partner by Haruna-sensei When Haruna finishes, they students get up. They must find a partner to practice with. Ami-chan watches Usagi and Naru. Usagi goes over to Ami. Naru steps in and is mean to Ami. Usagi tries to make peace. Haruna-sensei comes over. She solves the problem by assaigning them partners. The partners "introduce" themselves. Osaka-san is with Abe-san, Mizuno-san is with Kimura-san, and Usagi is placed with a boy who has a very deep voice named Yamamoto Hiko'emon. With their partners, they practice from English books. Usagi says "this is..." then tells the boy to wait. Usagi goes and talks to Ami. The date on the blackboard behind Ami reads: January 26.

The youma begins to drain energy from a girl In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite talks to Queen Beryl about the Princess and the ginzuishou (Silver Crystal). Kunzite and Nephrite argue. Kunzite has a plan to collect energy, which he has already started. A girl walks out of a building. A hole apears before her and swallows her up. She lands inside of a building, that has marble floors. The youma appears and laughs. The youma's face flashes and so does the girl's. The girl is possessed. Energy streams out of both her and the other captured people. The energy flows out of a vent and goes to the Dark Kingdom. Nephrite becomes upset. Kunzite puts his hand on his sword. Beryl yells and stops their argument.

Ami tries to reach for Naru-chan Ami is walking along the road. She see Naru. Suddenly, Naru screams. One of the holes has opened in front of her. Naru is pulled into the hole. Ami rushes over, trying to help. Naru, however, is sucked down the whole.


Usagi and Rei run up to Ami. They look at the ground. Usagi says, "Naru-chan" and Ami appears upset. Rei looks at Ami, worriedly. Their cellphones ring; Luna is on the other end.

Usagi hits her head agains the barrier Luna has the three girls meet her in the white marble building, where the youma has taken the possessed people. Usagi sees Naru and runs after her. However, she is stopped when she runs head first into a transparent barrier. The three girls then transform. They stand in a line and count off. Mars says "ichi" ("one"), Moon says "ni" ("two"), and Mercury says "san" ("three"). They fire their power at the barrier together, but are thrown back by the force. They get up and try again. This time Mercury says ichi, Mars says "ni", and Moon says "san". They once again fire their powers and are thrown back. Mercury gets up by herself and tries again. She is flung to the floor. She again gets up, refusing to abandon Naru-chan. Mars looks up and says, "Ami-chan..." Mercury falls to the ground and Moon calls out her name. Usagi tells Mercury to wait and runs off.

Mars asks Mercury if she is okay. Ami recalls how Naru-chan was sucked down the hole by the youma. She blames herself for not being able to save Naru. Meanwhile, Sailormoon is running across a bridge. Back in the building, Sailormercury is squating on the ground and crying. Mars stamps her foot and gives Sailormercury a rough sounding speech.

The four senshi all attack at once to break down the wall Sailormoon rushes in with Sailorjupiter. The four senshi look over at the barrier. There is a small crack in it. They prepare to attack again. Mars yells out, "ichi", Jupiter yells, "ni", and Mercury yells, "san". They all fire their attacks at once. The barrier snaps and shatters. The senshi run up the stairs, towards the possessed people. The people faint, completly drained of energy. Naru also lies on the ground, unconscious.


The four senshi run in search of the youma. The youma appears and knocks all of the senshi but Mercury to the ground. Mercury attacks the youma, kciking an hitting it. She then uses "Mercury Aqua Mist" and destroys it. Sailorjupiter sneezes again.

Sailormoon uses the Moonlight Stick to revive the people Luna appears and tells Sailormoon to revive the people whose energy was stolen. Sailormoon takes out the Moonlight Stick and waves it around. The energy from the stick revives the people.

Usagi, Naru, and Ami make cards to give their food to someone. At school the next day, Usagi, Ami, and Naru are all in home economics/cooking class. They are in a large kitchen. The teacher assigns Naru and Ami as partners. Usagi looks worried. Naru and Ami face off for a little while. Then, they make up. Everything is back to normal. Usagi, Ami, and Naru sit at a table, writing on cards. They will be giving the food they created to someone. On Ami's blue card she write "mama-e". Usagi writes "Chiba Mamoru-sama" on her pink card and draws a little bunny on it. Suddenly, a clap of thunder is heard.

On the wall in the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite's stone falls to the ground At the Dark Kingdom, lightning flashes and thunder booms. Kunzite calls out "Queen Metaria." The whole room begins to shake and the ceiling starts to crumble. Nephrite steps in front of Queen Beryl, trying to protect her. Lights flash and moaning can be heard. Beryl calls out, "Queen Metaria." From a wall further away, a stone falls to the ground. From the stone appears Jadeite. Light flashes and Jadeite smiles.

The other woman clutches Mamoru's arm. Usagi is walking along the road, carrying her bag of food. She stops and looks up at a tall building. Mamoru walks out of the front entrance. Usagi is pleased until she sees a woman walk out and grab Mamoru's arm. Mamoru sees Usagi and looks shocked. The woman asks Mamoru if he knows the girl. He says he does not know her. The couple walks away, leaving Usagi looking stunned. Usagi, depressed, turns and walks away.

Preview of Act 17:
Mars falls to ground; a youma stands before her. Minako appears and looks at the youma.
Rei prays in front of a building.
Minako kneels in front of a church alter, praying.
Rei and Minako pet a hurt dog, who is covered with a blanket.
A clip of Usagi walking away after seeing Mamoru with the other woman.
Mars tells Minako to run away. However, Minako begins to shout "Venus power...!"