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Act 17

Title: Act 17
Episode: #17
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: January 31, 2004, 7:30 AM

Luna recaps Act 16 Act 17 begins with Luna, in the outline of a cat, reviewing Act 16. Clips of Kunzite and Nephrite in the Dark Kingdom. Luna sounds worried, Luna talks about the shitennou gathering energy. Kunzite calls out "Queen Metaria!" Next is a clip of Mamoru and his girlfriend walking out of Mamoru's apartment building. Usagi watches them. Mamoru looks at Usagi, but does not admit that he knows her. Usagi walks away and believes Mamoru has a girlfriend.

Mamoru and his girlfriend walk to his motocycle. Mamoru can't believe that Usagi came to visit him. The couple speeds off on the motorcycle. Usagi is walking down the street, looking at her package of cookies. Mamoru speeds by her. The seen is zoomed in and replayed three times. Usagi watches the couple ride off.

She walks across a bridge, takes out a cookie, and starts to eat. She then runs across another bridge. She stops in the middle of a square and looks up at the giant TV screen, which is broadcasting the news. The new announcer is talking about Minako's second album. Usagi turns and leaves.

Minako walks into the room where Artemis is watching the news. At night time, Minako is in her apartment. She is in the bathroom drinking some water. The news can be heard in the next room. In the next room, plushie Artemis is sitting on the table, watching the news. When Minako walks into the room, he turns it off. They talk. Minako drops the magazine she was holding on the floor and falls to the couch. Artemis exclaims, "Minako!?" Minako's eyes begin to close. Suspenseful music plays.

--Opening Credits--

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite walks towards Queen Beryl. He talks about Metaria. He suprises Beryl with his lack of loyalty to Beryl. Nephrite becomes upset and tells him that it was Queen Beryl who gave him life. Kunzite admits that she created him [his evil form], but he insists that there are more important things he has to take care of.

From the left of the cave, Jadeite calls out "Beryl-sama." Nephrite, clearly suprised, says, "Jadeite?!" Queen Beryl almost looks like she is smiling.

Usagi and Naru sit in sewing class. At Juban School, Usagi, Naru, and Ami are in a sewing class. Their teacher explains their assignment. They are going to knit scarves. Naru asks Usagi a question. Usagi remembers Mamoru and his girlfriend.

In the secret room at Crown, Usagi is sitting at the table looking sad. Ami is sitting next to her is Ami-chan, who is working on her kniting project. Makoto is standing. Ami mentions the cookies that she gave to her mother. Makoto asks about Usagi giving away her cookies and Usagi remebers Mamoru. All of a sudden, Usagi yells out, "Tuxedo Kamen!" She grabs her coat and purse and rushes out the door, still yelling about Tuxedo Kamen. Makoto also grabs her stuff. Ami tells Makoto that Rei is at her mother's grave. Makoto goes to follow Usagi.

Rei prays at her mother's grave stone. Rei is at "St. Juban Church" at her mother's grave stone. The stone is light gray and has a cross etched on the top. It reads: "Risa Hino 1963-1995." Rei puts white flowers on the stone and prays. A priest comes and asks about her otousan (father). Rei looks angry about her father not being there. The priest puts a hand on her shoulder. A church bell rings and he walks away.

Minako also prays. Inside the church, Minako is kneeling before the altar, praying.

In the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite and Nephrite are talking. Jadeite finds out that Sailor V is the princess. Nephrite recalls when Sailor V transformed into Princess Sailor Venus. He then remembers Minako walking down the street. Kunzite is practicing moves with his sword in another part of the cave. He sneezes, and turns around, indicating that someone is talking about him. Nephrite and Jadeite continue talkig about energy and Queen Metaria and Queen Beryl.

Usagi walks along, smiling. Makoto runs up to her, grabs her arm, and asks about Tuxedo Kamen.

Usagi inspects the yellow yarn In a crafts store, Usagi looks at the different yarns. She picks up a role of yarn and says "pink!" She imagines putting a pink scarf around Tuxedo Kamen's neck. She then looks at yellow yarn and blue yarn; each time imagining putting a scarf of that color around Tuxedo Kamen's neck. Usagi ends up choosing white. Makoto and Usagi walk down the street, each carrying a brown paper bag.

In the church, Minako continues to kneel at the altar, praying. She closes her eyes. Rei is outside. She is finished praying and ready to leave. Minako is also leaving. They pass eachother. The priest hurries over to Minako and says he is sorry. Minako asks what's wrong. The priest brings her to a dog, who is panting on the ground. Rei, hearing the commotion, comes over. She bends down near Minako. Minako looks at her and wonders what Sailormars is doing there. Suspenseful music playes.


Rei, Minako, and the priest pet the injured dog The priest, Rei, and Minako have brought the injured dog inside. They cover it with a blanket and pet it. A nun comes to the doorway and calls the priest away. The priest thanks the girls for their help and leaves. Minako pets the dog some more and tells him he will be okay.

Makoto and Usagi eat Makoto and Usagi are eating food in the park. Usagi starts caughing because of the food (almost choking). Makoto asks if she is okay. She's fine. There are pigeons all around them. Makoto asks Usagi about her feelings towards Tuxedo Kamen. Usagi remembers sharing her food with Mamoru. Usagi obviously likes Mamoru, but now that she believes he has a girlfriend, she is trying to convince herself that she likes Tuxedo Kamen better. Usagi stands up, scaring the birds. She then runs off.

Back at the church, Minako and Rei are still peting the dog. Rei looks across the room and gets up. She picks up a magazine which has Minako on the cover. Minako gives a little laugh and Rei also laughs a little also. Rei squats down in the ground and the two girls talk.

Usagi is in the seceret room at Crown. She is singing "C'est La Vie" into the karaoke microphone with a lot of passion. Ami and Makoto are sitting at the table, working on their knitting projects. Usagi jumps around the room, singing loudly. Makoto and Ami give her a funny look.

At St. Juban Church, Minako is petting the dog. Rei looks at her as Rei's stomatch starts growling. Minako takes some food out of her pocket and hands it to Rei.

The youma attacks the priest Meanwhile, the priest is walking outside. A youma appears and jumps down on him, scattering the papers he was carrying. Inside the church, Rei senses something is wrong. She gets up and runs to the door. She excuses herself to Minako, and rushes outside. She yells to the youma to stop. Rei transforms and then uses "Youma Taisan." However, the youma dodges the attack and runs away. Rei chases it. Minako runs outside, but Artemis calls out her name and stops her.


Usagi bumps into Mamoru and his girl friend. Makoto, Usagi, and Ami are walking down the street, past a bunch of bicycles and a McDonald's. Their cellphones ring and Luna tells them that a youma has attacked. They run down the street, and start up a flight of stairs. Usagi is in the lead; she tells the others to hurry. At the top of the stairs, she runs into Mamoru and his girlfriend. Usagi drops her knitting on the ground.

Mamoru looks at Usagi. Makoto and Ami stop at the top of the stairs. The girlfriend, who is carrying two loaves of french bread, also looks at Usagi. Mamoru then looks at the girl. The girlfriend looks down and sees Usagi's knitting on the ground, she picks it up and hands it to Usagi, apologizing. Usagi looks at Mamoru and Mamoru looks worried. Usagi grabs the knitting, says sorry, and runs off. Makoto and Ami run after her.

Ami stops and says "Usagi-chan...." Makoto catches up to Usagi and stops her. Usagi thinks to herself that she may be in love with Mamoru. Mamoru looks over his shoulder, as though he has heard her thoughts.

In the church gym, the youma runs on stage. It flips off the stage and Sailormars chases it. Mars and the youma fight, doing a series of flips, jumps, and kicks. Mars stops and tries "Youma Taisan" again. Once again, the youma dodges her attack. They fight again. The youma has a sword and uses it like Kunzite had been practicing earlier. The youma zaps Mars with a beam of energy from the sword.

Minako runs on the stage, prepared to help. However, Artemis tells her to wait. Minako says "demo..." (but...) Minako makes a desicion and yells to the youma, getting its attention. Mars tries to warn Minako and get her to run away. Minako stays and yells out "Venus Power Make-up!" transforming herself into Princess Sailor Venus. Venus introduces herself as the "Senshi of Love and Beauty, Sailor Venus. In the name of Venus, I'm going to punish you!" Venus poses, while a cross spins on the backdrop of the stage.

Venus prepares to attack Venus mentions the ginzuishou (Silver Crystal). The camera zooms in on her tiara, and the large crystal in the middle sparkles. Mars is suprised to learn that Minako is really Sailor Venus. Minako prepares to attack by making circle with her ring finger, middle finger, and thumb. She blows a kiss and stretches her arms out, ready to attack. Artemis watches.

Back outside, Usagi is sitting on the stairs, looking at her knitting.

In the gym, Mars and Venus are doing flips and jumps, fighting with the youma. Mars nods and they circle the youma. Venus takes out her crescent and throws it at the youma, but the youma blocks it. Artemis gasps.

Usagi is walking along the street at night. She looks at the traffic while sad music plays.

Back in the gym, the two senshi and the youma are facing off. Jadeite stands in the doorway and mumbles, "Princess..." Venus jumps high into the air, coming down on the other sidce of the youma. She once again blows a kiss on her hands and uses a beam of energy on the youma. The youma swings its sword at Venus and knocks her down.

Venus Mars rushes towards her, saying "Princess!" and asks if she is okay. The youma runs out of the gym, escaping. Venus becomes angry at mars for letting the youma escape. Mars looks upset.

Preview of Act 18:
Rei and Minako talk, looking upset.
Makoto, suprised, says "engagement?!"
Ami, also suprised, says "an engaged person..."
Usagi is in her room, looking depressed.
In a gym, the youma, Nephrite, and Jadeite stand before Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Moon, who are lying on the floor.
Mars looks up and Venus jumps down. Nephrite says "Princess." The girls pose, Venus in the front.