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Act 18

Title: Act 18
Episode: #18
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: February 7, 2004, 7:30 AM

Act 18 starts out with a scene from Act 18 of Sailorvenus attacking the youma. The youma tries to hit Venus with his sword. Venus falls to the ground. Sailormars rushes over to Venus and the youma escapes. Mars won't leave Venus, so Venus becomes angry with her for letting the youma escape. Mars looks down to the floor then back up to Sailorvenus.

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Sailorvenus yells are Sailormars for allowing the youma to escape. They argue. Then Sailorvenus turns away.

Minako puts her hand to her head. She is dizzy. It is nighttime. Minako is riding in a taxi. Artemis is sitting in her purse and is talking to her. Minako recalls what happened earlier in the gym with Sailormars. A car horn sounds loudly. Minako looks out the window and the lights of the buildings grow fuzzy. Minako puts her hand on her head. She is dizzy. Her eyes begin to close. Artemis can be heard yelling, "Minako!!!"

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite is talking with Jadeite. Nephrite stands nearby. Queen Beryl watches from her usual spot. They talk about the princess and the ginzuishou. Nephrite and Jadeite bow to Queen Beryl, but Kunzite doesn't.

At Juuban School, Usagifs sewing teacher hands her the semi-completed scarf. Usagi goes and talks with Naru. She looks down at the white scarf, contemplating to whom she will give it.

Usagi holds her knitting, thinking about to whom she will give the scarf. Usagi images giving the scarf to Mamoru In the secret room at Crown, Usagi is sitting on a chair, with her knitting basket on her lap. Ami talks to Usagi, while Makoto watches. Usagi images putting the scarf around Mamoru's neck. Usagi then recalls Mamoru walking with the other girl. Usagi must decide who she likes best, Mamoru or Tuxedo Kamen. Makoto talks to Usagi and becomes upset with her. Makoto walks away.

Minako out does Rei by bringing 4 boxes of dog food. Rei stops her bicycle outside of the church gates. Minako arrives in her taxi. When Minako gets out, she notices that Rei has a bag of dry dog food. Minako gets back in the taxi, and it speeds away. Rei goes into the church and pours some of the food into a silver dish. The priest pats the dog. Minako then enters, carrying four large boxes of canned dog food. The priest says "thank you very much" in English.

Minako and Rei walk out of the church together. They discuss the youma. They once again argue and Minako walks off.

The youma is standing outside. It is preparing to attack again.

Motoki and Makoto sit at the Canal Cafe. Makoto gives Motoki a present for Kamekichi Motoki and Makoto are at the "Canal Cafe" getting something to eat. Motoki mentions Mamoru. They sit down at a table and Makoto hands Motoki a gift for Kamekichi, Motoki's turtle. Motoki is excited. Motoki eats some of the large amount of food they bought. He tells Makoto that Mamoru is engaged.

Mamoru recalls knowing Hina as a child It is night time. Mamoru and his fiancee, Hina, are standing at a railing that overlooks the city. They talk. Mamoru recalls knowing Hina as a child. He flashes back to her following him outside. He thinks to himself, that he can't disappoint Hina, who has loved him since they were children.

Usagi sits in her bedroom, wearing pink pajamas and knitting. She recalls meeting Mamoru in Act 1 and the later scene where he read her name tag incorrectly on purpose. Then she remembers that first time, when Mamoru was on the motorcycle and called her "Usagi." Usagi lays down on her yellow pillows, depressed.

Minako is in her hotel room, standing over a table, where she is working on a project. Artemis is sitting on the arm of a chair. Minako is painting a picture of the dog that she and Rei helped at the church. Sad music plays. Artemis and Minako discuss the youma. Minako looks to the top of the painting, where she has written "misa" or "mass" (Catholic Church service), with a shock expression.


A bell rings. People are walking into the church. Mamoru and his fiancee are walking by and stop.

The youma attacks Rei is hanging posters about the dog that was found on a wall. Luna sits in the basket of Rei's bicycle. They talk about the youma. Rei looks to her left, and sees Minako hanging a much larger poster on the wall, once again out doing her. Rei walks over. Minako taps the word misa (mass) on the poster. Rei looks at Luna and says, "Luna..." Minako has let them know that the youma will most likely be attacking at the next mass.

At the church, Mamoru and Hina walk in. The priest stands at the pulpit before the congregation.

In the secret room at crown, Ami says "he's engaged?!" Makoto has just informed Ami about what Motoki told her. Makoto talks about Usagi, knowing that Usagi has fallen in love with Mamoru.

Usagi is in her bedroom, lying on her bed. She is thinking about Mamoru. There is a buzzing noise, and Usagi finally realizes that it is her cellphone. She picks it up. Luna tells Usagi about how the youma is going to attack at the church. Usagi hangs up her phone. Makoto and Ami also hang theirs up.

Princess Sailorvenus appears and the senshi face their enemies. At the church, the priest is in the middle of the mass. The people bow their heads as they begin to pray. The priests eyes glow purple. He is possessed by the youma. He raises his hands out to either side of his body and purple light appears. From the purple light, the youma appears. The priest falls to the floor. The youma announces that it works for Queen Metaria. It then swings its sword over the people's heads and they fall unconscious. Mamoru looks up and says, "youma!..." The youma drains purple energy from the congregation. Mamoru wakes up Hina, who was semi-unconscious. He takes her arm and pulls her away. Mamoru and Hina run through the courtyard, and the youma chases after them.

Meanwhile, Usagi is running towards the church. She meets up with Makoto and Ami, and then with Rei, who is also on her way there. They see energy beams coming from the steeple of the church and they transform.

Mamoru and Hina run into the churches gym and onto the stage. The youma follows them, and Mamoru stands in front of Hina, hoping to protect her. The youma attacks and Hina falls to the ground, unconscious. The girls arrive and Sailormoon sees Mamoru and Hina lying on the ground. Sailorjupiter uses "Flower Hurricane!" on the youma, but the youma blocks the attack.

Sailorvenus and Sailormars attack the youma. Jadeite arrives and attacks, The senshi fall to the ground. Sailormercury says, "Jadeite..." Nephrite arrives. Jadeite and Nephrite, with the youma behind them, advance towards the girls. The senshi start to back up. The girls move around in circles and manage to avoid the evil villains. The enemies attack and the girls fall to the floor. Princess Sailorvenus tells the enemies to stop. She is standing above the doorway. Kirari*SailorDream, the opening song, begins to play. Sailormars looks up. Sailormoon says, "Princess..." All of the people in the gym look at Sailorvenus. Nephrite says, "Princess." Sailorvenus jumps down. She looks at the girls. She stands in front and they all pose. The music stops.

The enemies attack and the senshi flip to avoid the attacks. Venus runs out the door and the youma follows. Mercury and Jupiter run in front of Jadeite and Nephrite and Sailormoon stands behind them. They are surrounded and cannot move.


Rei sees Minako posting a larger sign than hers The youma is chasing Sailorvenus. She does a flip and avoids it. She then shoots two beams of energy at the youma. The youma is able to block both and then attack Venus. Mars arrives and says, "Princess..." She flips and stands in front of Princess Sailorvenus. The youma attacks and both senshi flip away from it. Mars and Venus prepare to work together. Upbeat music plays in the background. Venus makes the love sign with once hand and so does mars. The cross their arms over each other. Venus goes and does a giant flip that brings her to the other side of the youma. The youma looks back and forth, unsure of what to do. Mars winks at Venus and Venus winks back. Mars uses "Youma Taisan!" at the same time that Venus uses her attack, "Venus Love-me Chain!" Venus attacks with the belt around her waist and Mars with energy. The youma is unable to block the attacks and is destroyed. Venus and Mars look at each other.

In the gym, Nephrite and Jadeite attack. The girls fall down. Nephrite begins to advance. Mercury suggests that they all aim for the same point. The girls stand and prepare to attack at the same time. Mercury beings with "Mercury aqua..." Jupiter says, "Supreme..." and Moon says "Moon..." They then attack Nephrite at once. It doesn't affect him and he laughs. The girls look shocked. Jupiter asks where the others were aiming. Moon aimed at Nephrite's head, rather than his should, where Mercury and Jupiter had been aiming. The girls attack again and Nephrite falls to the ground. The girls advance. Nephrite is in pain. Jadeite sweeps his cape and the two generals disappear. Sailormoon looks towards the stage.

Back in the church, Mars and Venus once again argue. Venus walks out, talking about the princess and ginzuishou.

Mamoru and Hina, unconscious, hold hands In the gym, the three senshi look down at Mamoru and Hina. Usagi smiles, seeing that Mamoru and Hina are holding hands. She realizes that they must really love each other. Jupiter and Mercury nod. Sailormoon gets down on her knees and puts her hands out. She heals them, using only the energy from her hands. Mamoru starts to wake up. Moon smiles. Mamoru looks over to Hina first, then he looks up. The girls are gone. Mamoru and Hina rush into the church just as everyone else is waking up.

Outside it is dark. A man with a child walk away with the dog. Rei stands at the gate with the priest and watches them go. She thinks about what Venus said earlier.

Minako is in her hotel room, packing. The Artemis plushie sitss on her bed. Minako smiles and mentions Sailormars. Artemis talks to her and then Minako looks sad. mina packin at hotel, artemis plushie sitting on bed

Usagi is in her room. She is knitting her very long scarf. She smiles.

Queen Berly calls forth Queen Meteria In the Dark Kingdom, the three generals stand before Beryl. It is very quiet, Queen Beryl calls out Queen Metaria's name and turns around. The wind begins to blow. Little black dots fly throughout the room. Queen Beryl says she is opening the doorway for Queen Metaria to enter.

Preview of Act 19:
Makoto is in the secret room at Crown, talking to Usagi.
Minako gives Artemis a Valentine's Day present.
Motoki stands at the counter and looks like a zombie.
A little girl talks with Usagi
Hina stands on the street, talking with a little boy who is holding a Valentine's present. Usagi and the little girl watch from across the street.
Sailormoon winks.
Beryl talks to Kunzite.
Sailormoon gives Tuxedo Kamen a present.