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Act 19

Title: Act 19
Episode: #19
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: February 14, 2004, 7:30 AM

Review of Act 18:
Queen Beryl calls out to Queen Metaria. Queen Beryl turns and lack dots fly through the Dark Kingdom as Queen Beryl opens the portal-door for Queen Metaria.

The sign of Queen Metaria's presence Queen Beryl walks through a cave doorway, starting to cross a stone bridge. Nephrite, Kunzite, and Jadeite are behind her. Up ahead of Queen Beryl is a stone with rays of light shooting out from it. Queen Beryl says that it is a sign. She turns to Jadeite and Nephrite and says they did a good job. They bow and Jadeite says he will get energy, while Nephrite says he will take care of the Princess. The two walk away. Kunzite says that that the Princess escaped from them already. Queen Beryl says that everything will be the same if she continues to struggle. Kunzite agrees and says the princess will vanish again. Queen Beryl looks shocked and asks him if he remembers. Kunzite just says, "remember what?" Queen Beryl remains silent and just looks at him. Kunzite bows, saying that he will pull back. He flips his cape and walks out. Queen Beryl turns to the stone with light and says that the princess will not disturb her this time.

Minako is in her hotel room. She goes to pick up her suitcase and falls to the bed. Artemis asks her if she is okay. Minako looks sick, but is still conscious. She says that they must leave again.

Rei sits in front of the flames at Hikawa Jinja. She wonders why the princess fights along, and thereby makes an easy target out of herself. She recalls Princess Venus telling her to stay with the other senshi and that she was disappointed in Mars. Rei clenches her fists.

Usagi sits in her room at a table. She has a basket of white yarn and is putting the fringe on her scarf. She finishes while background music of a piano plays. She looks at the scarf then looks a little sad.

--Opening Credits--

Ami is knitting a pair of gloves. In the secret room at Crown, Ami is sitting at the table knitting with pink yarn. Makoto asks why she is still knitting if she already finished her assignment. Ami says she likes knitting and that this time she is making gloves. Makoto asks if they are for Ami's mother. Ami just looks down and says, "mmmm...". Makoto then asks if she should give her scarf away to someone, as she doesn't like the color. She asks Ami if Usagi has finished her scarf. Ami says that she has received it back from the teacher. A clip of Usagi walking down road with brown paper bag plays. Makoto wonders if she will be giving it to Mamoru, since tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Ami looks down, and says that Usagi told her it doesn't matter, because she loves someone who already has a girlfriend. A clip of Usagi walking into her house plays. Makoto sits down on a red couch that has heart shaped cushions. Makoto says that Usagi doesn't know Mamoru is engaged. Ami nods and says she hasn't told Usagi yet. Makoto sighs and wonders what to do. She needs to tell Usagi the truth. Ami says that Usagi asked them not to tell Rei about Usagi liking Mamoru. Makoto nods and asks where Rei is. Ami says that she and Luna are talking. Makoto asks why they can't talk there. Ami doesn't know.

Luna is sitting on a rock next to Rei, outside of Hikawa Jinja. Rei says that Luna told them their mission was to protect the princess, yet the princess told her not to. Luna is unsure and says she can't contact Artemis, as he is with the princess, but they must obey the princess' orders. Rei stands up and says she needs to talk to the princess again. Luna says that's impossible, as they don't know who the princess is. Rei just looks down and doesn't say anything.

Minako is working on white laptop, making a picture with her with a heart that says happy Valentine's Day. She says she will put this image on her webpage, then she says the enemy will attack again. Artemis is standing on the desk and looks at Minako with a concerned expression. He asks if she is feeling ok and suggests a break. Minako says she is all right; she can't take a break, or the enemy will concentrate on attacking Sailormoon. Artemis says, "but..."

Artemis receives his Valentine's Day gift from Minako Minako gives Artemis a present of Valentine's chocolate in a pink box with little hearts and a yellow bow. Artemis has a super cute expression on his face and is so pleased with having received a gift. He says "thank you" then opens the box. A little gray stuffed animal kitten pops out on a spring, like a Jack-in-the-box. Artemis has a scared look on his face and he shakes back and forth. Minako pulls out the real present. Artemis' eyes are like slits, and he says "Minako..." in a low voice. Minako laughs and hands him the gift.

Usagi's room is dark. She opens the door and walks in, wearing pajamas and rubbing her wet hair with a towel. She stops at the brown bag from before and pulls out the scarf. She looks at it and says, "Valentine's..." She recalls Mamoru walking out of his apartment building with Hia. She says that Hina and Mamoru make a better couple. She puts the scarf back in the bag and looks down sadly.


Hikari sits at the table, eating a salad. Usagi, dressed in red sweatshirt, enters in the dining room and says "good morning." A little girl is sitting at the table, eating a salad. Usagi says "huh?" and rubs her eyes. Ikuko comes from the kitchen area with a tray and explains that this is the daughter of one of her friends. The girl's name is Nozaki Hikari. Usagi exclaims over how much Hikari has grown and asks if she is in the first grade. Ikuko says that Hikari will be spending the night and asks Usagi to look after her, as Shingo is too shy. At that, Ikuko pushes Usagi's shoulder and laughs, Usagi laughs too. Usagi, still laughing, turns to Hikari and suggests they go to her room after Hikari finishes. Hikari nods her head.

Usagi and Hikari are in Usagi's room, sitting at a table like they are having a tea party. Usagi hands Hikari a cup and then sits down opposite her. Usagi asks if Hikari would like to play cards or draw, but Hikari shakes her head "no" to both. Hikari says she needs to talk to Usagi. Usagi says "eh?" Hikari asks, "have you ever been in love?" Usagi just looks stunned and says, "huh?" Hikari explains that she worried about Valentine's Day.

Motoki is upset that Kamekichi gets a gift, but not him Motoki has a Valentine's present for Kamekichi. It's a bottle of turtle food. Motoki puts the bottle next to Kamekichi's cage and says it's from Kamekichi's girlfriend. Then Motoki stands up and looks upset. He says it's unfair that he doesn't get any presents. The doors open, and Ami walks into the room. Ami says hello and Motoki says "welcome" in a bored voice. Ami reaches into her purse and Motoki perks up. Is it possible she is going to give him a Valentine's present? No, Ami just pulls out her passport for the karaoke room. Motoki looks sad again and watches her walk away.

In the secret room at Crown, Makoto tells Rei to wait. Rei is walking up the steps and tells Makoto that she doesn't have to tell her anything. Rei stomps out of the room. Ami walks in and asks what is happening. Makoto says that Rei met the princess, but refuses to tell her about it. Makoto says that secrets are bad. Ami points out that they are keeping a secret from Usagi. Makoto says that's different. She then says she doesn't feel well. Makoto puts on her coat and leaves.

Motoki raves about his gift as Makoto leaves Motoki is feeding Kamekichi. Motoki sneezes, indicating that someone may be thinking about him. Makoto walks through the lobby. She stops, opens her bag, and hands Motoki a greenish scarf. She tells him that it was a homework assignment, but she didn't like it. Motoki is super happy at receiving a gift. Makoto says "bye" and goes to leave. Motoki shows Kamekichi the scarf and says "Kamekichi, look!" Motoki happily puts on the scarf and continues to be excited.

Usagi and Hikari are walking down the sidewalk, holding hands. Hikari explains about liking Shimizu Daichi. Usagi asks if Hikari wants to buy some Valentine's chocolate for him. Hikari says that she wants to get him something extra special, so he will like her. Hikari says the Daichi likes another girl. Suddenly, Hikari stops and points at Hina, who is in a store with Mamoru, looking at a scarf for Mamoru. Sad background music plays. Usagi pulls at Hikari and says that they should go. Hikari stops and points again, and says that Daichi loves Hina. Hina is Daichi's tutor. Usagi says, "ehh?" Mamoru and Hina walk out of the store.

Hina hands Hikari and Usagi lollypops Hina runs over and says that it is Daichi's friend. Hina then turns to Usagi, says, "hello, ...." and looks to Mamoru. Mamoru provides the name Hina was looking for, "Tsukino Usagi." Hina asks how Usagi and Hikari know each other. Usagi explains how Hikari is the daughter of one of her mother's friends. Hina gives both Hikari and Usagi lollypop. Usagi says thank you and looks a little embarrassed. Mamoru laughs. Mamoru and Hina walk away. Usagi unwraps her lollypop and says that she can't possibly win against Hina. Usagi goes to eat the candy, but stops when she sees Hikari give hers away to a little girl. Hikari says she will NOT loose against Hina. She flips her hair over her shoulder. Usagi tries to stuff the lollypop pack in the plastic.


Hikari asks for the most expensive chocolate heart Usagi and Hikari are in a store, looking at chocolates. Usagi looks at the prices of the chocolate hearts. They are all very expensive. She suggests a 500 yen one (US$5) to Hikari. Usagi looks around, but Hikari is not there. Hikari is at the counter, asking the sales lady for the large heart that is on display. It is 5,000 yen! (US$50) Usagi asks Hikari if she is all right. Hikari explains that she can afford it, as she has her New Years money.

Usagi and Hikari are walking down the sidewalk. Usagi says that she admires that Hikari won't give up against Hina. Hikari says that's because she really likes Daichi. Usagi says that se is going to give someone the scarf she made. Hikari says she learned on TV that's a bad idea. Usagi decides to follow Hikari's advice and asks if Hikari will come with her to buy some chocolate. They turn around and walk back.

Across the street, Rei is watching a TV screen in a store window. Katagoshi ni Kinsei starts playing. On the screen is the image that Minako was working on earlier. It's Minako's webpage. Rei is upset because the background image clearly lets the enemy know Minako's position. Rei walks away, fists clenched.

In the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite asks, "Princess?" Nephrite, pacing in front of him, explains that he has found the princess. He looks at Jadeite and smiles evilly, saying, "I have a job for you..."

Hina and Daichi talk Usagi and Hikari walk down the street. Usagi is carrying a bag made of shiny pink paper. Usagi tells Hikari that she is glad she bought chocolate instead. Usagi, optimistic, tells Hikari that they can do it. She says that Hikari is much cuter than Hina. Hikari responds that Usagi is much cuter than Hina. The two get to a corner and Hikari points down the street to indicate which way they should go. Usagi looks and then stops as she sees Mamoru sitting on his motorcycle in front of a gate. Out of the gate walks Hina with a young boy (Daichi) behind her. Daichi, smiling, is holding a present and Hina, squatting down to his level, is talking to him. Hikari looks sad. Hina tells the boy not to play is video game too long, pokes him in the forehead, and stands back up. Usagi and Hikari continue to watch from across the street as Hina turns to Mamoru. Hina climbs on the motorcycle and wraps her arms around Mamoru; they speed off.

Usagi looks down at Hikari, who is now crying. Usagi asks if she is all right. Hikari continues sniffling. Daichi, seeing them, runs over asking Hikari what's wrong. Hikari backs up a couple of steps and Usagi tells her to wait. Usagi tells her that if she loves Daichi more than anyone else, she shouldn't give up. Hikari stops crying and walks over to Daichi, holding out the brown bag of chocolate. Usagi explains to Daichi that Hikari came to give him this gift. After a few moments of silence, Daichi takes the bag ad says, "Thank you!" Hikari looks surprised and happy. Daichi invite Hikari to his house to play his new video game. Hikari wipes away her tears and the two kids run off. Usagi waves at them, then looks down at her chocolate sadly. She turns and walks down the street.

Rei is sitting in the park, flipping through a magazine. She looks at a picture and says that it is not the right one. She flips to the next page and stops. It is a picture of the place that was in the background of Minako's picture.

Thne youma prepares to fight with Sailormoon Usagi continues walking down the street, looking sadly at her chocolate. Suddenly, she hears a loud scream. She looks up and starts running towards the noise. In a concrete area in front of a building, a youma is shoving a girl to the ground. Business men try to avoid her flying body. The youma continues throwing other by-standers. Usagi stops and says "youma..." The youma slashes at people with it's sword. Usagi is confused, saying that this is the first time a youma has attack people at random. She transforms. Sailormoon and the youma circle each other, then Sailormoon charges towards it.

Mamoru sits on his motorcycle. Mamoru looks towards his right as he hears a sound. Hina comes up and asks if he heard it too. He says he did, then looks off into space as he thinks.

Sailormoon winks at the youma Meanwhile, Sailormoon continues to fight the youma, doing cartwheels and flips. They are now inside of a building. The youma slashes its sword at Sailormoon and she dodges. The youma pushes Sailormoon and then Sailormoon uses Moon Tiara Boomerang. The tiara hits the youma and does nothing. The two continue fighting. Sailormoon cartwheels away from the youma and then winks at it. She runs to a pillar and pushes off of it, to back flip over the head of the youma. The youma tries watching her and ends up running into the pillar. Sailormoon lands and looks up, but can't see the youma anywhere.

Suddenly, the voice of Tuxedo Kamen yells and tells Sailormoon to look above her. The youma lunges towards Sailormoon, but Tuxedo Kamen stops it by throwing his cane at it. The youma falls to the ground and Sailormoon uses Moon Twilight Flash on it. As the youma disappears, Jadeite watches from behind a nearby pillar. He looks down, smiles, and swings his cape to disappear.

Sailormoon gives Tuxedo Kamen some chocolate Sailormoon watches Tuxedo Kamen turn around and walk towards the exit. Sailormoon smiles and runs after him, calling "Tuxedo Kamen!" He stops and looks at her. Sailormoon runs over to him, holding the bag of chocolate. She says that it's for him, for Valentine's Day, because he always aids her. He takes the package, but asks her if she doesn't have another boy to give it to. Sailormoon replies that she does, but she made a scarf for him. She also tells him that she isn't sure if she will give it to him. Tuxedo Kamen asks her why not, and Sailormoon tells him that the other boy has a girlfriend, against whom she cannot win. Sailormoon then turns away and thinks to herself why she is even telling him all of this personal stuff. Tuxedo Kamen thinks to himself that Sailormoon already loves someone else... She thanks him and starts to walk away. He stops her by saying that if she loves him, she shouldn't give up. Tuxedo Kamen turns and walks away as Sailormoon watches. She thinks to herself how her heart is not beating as fast as it used to around him. Tuxedo Kamen thinks to himself that Sailormoon shouldn't give up. He stops and looks at the chocolates and thinks, "but I..."

Mamoru is walking down the street towards his motorcycle, which Hina is sitting on. Mamoru continues his thought that he will support her. Hina turns around and smiles at him.

Usagi is walking out from the building. She thinks that one day she may be able to give him the scarf. She smiles and keeps walking.

Nephrite steps on Princess Sailorvenus' back Rei rushes up to the building from the photograph. She runs inside the dark building and looks around. She thinks to herself that the princess has become a decoy. Suddenly, she looks up and says it's the enemy. She transforms quickly and runs up the stairs. She runs through a doorway, stops, and sees Nephrite. Princess Sailor Venus lies on the ground, Nephrite stepping on her back. Mars calls out, "Princess!" Nephrite tells her it is too late. Nephrite grabs Venus' neck with one hand, and with the other hand reaches for the crystal on her tiara. Nephrite grabs the tiara off of her head and Venus continues to struggle on the floor. End.

Preview of Act 20:
Usagi is at the park. She plays on a rope, and then is hit by a pink plastic ball. Mamoru runs after her. Usagi, Mamoru, Daichi, and Hikari are all having an outing at the park.
Usagi and Mamoru sit on a bench, while Makoto spies on them from behind a wooden fence.
Nephrite holds Venus' tiara and says he can awaken Queen Metaria with it, for Queen Beryl.
Usagi sits in her room and explains about the campaign Bandai is running.

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