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Act 20

Title: Act 20
Episode: #20
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: February 21, 2004, 7:30 AM

Review of Act 19:
In Crown's secret room, Makoto tells Rei to wait, their conversation isn't over. Rei walks up the sairs to the exit. Ami, in an outline of the blue Mrcury symbol, narrates. Ami explains that lately, Rei has seemingly been hiding something, which angers Makoto. Next clip is from the scene where Usagi and Hikri were standing and watching Mamoru, and Hina ride off on Momaoru's motocycle. Ami explains that Usagi has her own problems, but she does not yet know that Hina is Mamoru's fiancee. Clip switches to Mamoru going to meet Hina after fighting the youma with Sailormoon. As Ami explains that Usagi still debates giving Mamoru the muffler, a clip of Usagi finishing it appears.

Venus holds open the purse in which she keeps her fake crowns, and smiles innocently at Nephrite Sailormars runs down a long dark hallway. She stops when she sees Nephrite standing in the middle of it. Nephrite looks over his shoulder at her and smiles. He looks down at Princess Sailorvenus, who he has trapped. His right foot is stepping on her back, keeping her on the ground. With one hand, Nephrite grabs Venus' neck, pulling her head back. Venus grimaces in pain. Nephrite pulls off Venus' crown, upon which sits a large crystal. He turns to Sailormars and says "I have the ginzuishou." Mars prepares to fight. She does a series of flips, causing Nephrite to leave Venus as he gets out of the way. Mars kicks at Nephrite then uses "Akuryo Taisan," throwing enchanted scrolls towards Nephrite. He blocks the attack with his cape. Mars gasps. Nephrite looks at the crown in his hand and says that the ginzuishou will ensure that Queen Metaria remains under Queen Beryl's control. Nephrite turns to walk away, but Mars yells at him to stop. Venus looks up from the ground. She stands up and tells Mars to get down. Venus points her hands at Nephrite and the crown disapears from his hands, leaving a burn mark. Nephrite grabs his hand in pain and looks at Venus. Nephrite demands to know where the ginzuishou has gone. Venus points to him and then shakes her finger, saying that she won't give it up that easily. She holds up an orange bag, and several fake crowns clatter to the floor. She looks at Nephrite and shrugs her shoulders. Nephrite sweeps his cape and leaves. Princess Sailorvenus turns to Sailormars.

Dark Kingdom music plays as Kunzite leans against a railing in a dark stairwell. Kunzite says to himself that the princess is strange. He watches Mars and Venus looking at each other. He says, "the Sailor Senshi; I must capture one of them..."

In the secret room at Crown, Ami continues to knit, using pink yarn. A basket with red and pink yarn balls sits before her. She thinks to herself as she knits a pair of mittens, that the Senshi are having difficulties right now, but she believes that the four of them will be close again.

--Opening Credits--

Minako holds onto the railing for balance while Artemis looks worried Rei and Minako, no longer in their senshi forms, face each other. Minako demands to know why Rei is there. Rei tells her that she needed to talk to Minako again. Minako tells Rei that she said not to interfere. Rei explains that Minako appears to be using herself as bait for the enemy. Minako almost smirks. Rei continues, saying something seems wrong. She begins to ask Minako if she really is... Minako quickly interrupts, saying that Rei must remember on her own. Rei looks confused and Minako explains that Rei must awaken as a senshi on her own to remember everything. It is that day for which Minako is waiting. Rei looks down, trying to understand Minako's cryptic words. Minako starts to walk away, but Rei yells at her to wait. Minako stops and turns around. She tells Rei it is useless to follow her. Rei could be the leader of the senshi as she understands what she must do. Minako leaves and Rei purses her lips, contemplating what Minako has said.

Outside it is dark. Minako walks down a set of stairs and puts her hand to her head, as if she is feeling dizzy. She holds onto the railing with both hands, trying to keep from falling as she fights a wave of dizziness. Artemis walks towards the stairs, his steps squeeking. Artemis calls out, "Minako, are you all right?" Minako, still holding on to the railing, nods her head, indicating that she will be fine. She breaths heavily, obviously still fighting the dizziness.

In the Dark Kingdom, there is the stone pillar with lights shinning from it, surrounded by a moat. Near the bridge and the entrance, Nephrite bows before Queen Beryl and Kunzite and Jadeite stand to the side. Nephrite asks for forgiveness, explaining that he did not retrieve the ginzuishou. Queen Beryl points at Nephrite and demands to know if their is a limit to his failures. Jadeite steps in and says that they could never have predicted that the princess would have created fake ginzuishou. Kunzite, leaning against a pillar with his arms crossed, says that maybe she only has fakes. Jadeite tuns towards Kunzite, asking what he is talking about. Kunzite just smirks, stands up strait, and says it's nothing. Nephrite jumps up, and angrily demands when will Kunzite stop just standing around and making comments. He tells Kunzite to make an effort to help Beryl-sama. Kunzite calmly tells Nephrite that he has a plan. He flicks some dirt of Nephrites shoulder and tells him he can take a break. Kunzite walks away, and Nephrite, clearly upset yells that he doesn't have to take orders from Kunzite. Beryl, who heard it all, wonders what Kunzite could be planning.

Motoki waves madly at Makoto At Crown Karaoke, Motoki watches Kamekichi in his aquarium. A bottle of turtle food sits nearby. Motoki is still wearing the scarf that Makoto made for him. Motoki tells Kamekichi that he isn't the only one who has a possible love. Motoki tugs at the scarf. Kamekichi continues to sit in his cage. Motoki hears a noise from the entrance and quickly stands up strait. He smiles as Makoto walks in. Makoto holds up her Luna Passport and says hello. Motoki says "welcome" and waves. Makoto walks towards the meeting room, and Motoki calls after her and tells her that the scarf is nice and warm. Makoto just waves her hand over her shoulder, Motoki climbs onto the counter and yells thank you, waving wildly at her.

In the secret room, Luna plays with a ball of blue yarn while Ami knits. The ball rolls away, and Luna tells Ami that she is sorry. Ami smiles and says it's ok. Luna promises not to do it again. Makoto opens the door and hurries down the stairs. Ami, happy to see her calls out "Mako-chan!" She holds up the ball of green yarn and says to look at its color. Makoto says to tell her about it later. Ami lowers her hand and looks down. Makoto says that she should tell Usagi. Ami asks if she means about Chiba-kun. Makoto nods and says that it's all right to fall in love with an engaged person, but she thinks it's better to at least know the person is engaged. She asks what Ami thinks of the situation. Ami says that if Makoto thinks it's a good idea... Makoto says she understands and that she is leaving now. Makoto runs up the steps, not looking back at Ami, who still holds the green yarn.

Luna, sitting on the table, says "ah, ah, ah..." as she watches Makoto leave. Luna says, in a sad tone, that Usagi-chan was just getting over the fact that Mamoru had a girlfriend. She will be devestated now. Ami nods in agreement.

Rei walks in, unwrapping her scarf. Rei asks what happened, as she saw Makoto leaving in a hurry. Ami looks down and says that Makoto had something to do... (Usagi had asked that Rei not be told about her liking Mamoru) Rei, sitting down next to Ami, asks about Usagi. Ami says that Usagi also had some things to do, but she has not forgotten about the enemy. Rei says it's ok, because she is keeping watch. Ami says, "eh?" Rei folds her hands and looks in front of her. Rei explains that she must become a strong senshi and, i order to do that, she must fight on her own as often as she can. Ami stands up and Luna disagrees, saying that the senshi have been winning because they have been working together. Rei says that the princess fights alone. Ami walks over with two mugs in her hands. She puts one in Rei's spot, just as Rei stands up and announces that she isn't going to accomplish anything by sitting there. She will go in search of the enemy. Rei walks up the stairs, not seeing that Ami has brought her a drink.

Luna says that it is not good that the senshi have been so distant lately. Ami looks down at her own drink, and sits in her chair. Ami says that everything will be back to normal soon. Luna just grunts. Ami-chan picks up her knitting as the two hot drinks sit on the table, slowly getting cold.

Ikuko does a little dance as she says she will make some 'Cafe Au Lait' Luna says that it is not good that the senshi have been so distant lately. Ami looks down at her own drink, and sits in her chair. Ami says that everything will be back to normal soon. Luna just grunts. Ami-chan picks up her knitting as the two hot drinks sit on the table, slowly getting cold.

In Usagi's room, Usagi sits on her bed, holding her white scarf. She recalls Tuxedo Kamen telling her not to give up if she really likes him. There will be a day when she is ready to give him the scarf. Usagi smiles and says that she can almost believe that to be true when Tuxedo Kamen says it. Ikuko knocks on Usagi's door and calls out her name. Usagi looks up and hides the scarf under a pink stuffed animal. Ikuko yells that a friend has come to visit Usagi. Usagi yells, "yes!" and stands up strait, putting her hands behind her back. Ikuko opens the door and ushers Hikari in. Usagi looks suprised, and says, "Hikari-chan..." Usagi walks over and Hikari says hello. Ikuko smiles and says that Hikari was worried about Usagi. Ikuko then says she will make some "Cafe Au Lait" and shakes her butt. Hikari looks at Ikuko and tells her not to trouble herself, she will be leaving soon. Ikuko turns to her, putting her hands on Hikari's shoulders and says how proper Hikari is and says that Usagi should follow her example. Usagi smiles.

Usagi and Hikari sit at the table in the middle of Usagi's room. Usagi exclaims over Hikari's news that Hikari has a date with Daichi-kun. Hikari looks down and says that since they are only children they can't go anywhere far away. Hikari asks Usagi if she will go with them. Usagi looks suprised and asks, "me?" Hikari tells her that is not a date if her mother comes. Usagi asks if it wouldn't be the same if she went. Hikari says that Daichi is going to bring Hina-san's boyfriend with him. Usagi looks suprised and says, "ehh?" She asks if Hikari means Chiba Mamoru; then Usagi asks about Hina-san. Hikari smiles and says that Hina is busy. It will be a double-date. Usagi looks shocked. She looks away and says, "double-date..." She looks towards the pink stuffed bunny, under which the white scarf hides. Hikari smiles at her and Usagi smiles back.


Mamoru stands outside with Daichi next to a bus-stop sign. Hikari calls out Daichi's name. Daichi looks over as Usagi and Hikari run up to them. Mamoru looks at Usagi as sad music plays. Usagi says hello. Mamoru asks if she is coming along also. Usagi looks over to Hikari. Mamoru tells her not to get lost. Hikari says it's ok, she is with Usagi. Usagi looks bewildered. Daichi says that he will look out for Usagi too. Usagi pouts and says that they are all being mean. Usagi laughs. Hikari tells Daichi-kun that they should play badminton when the arrive. Daichi agrees. Makoto stands nearby, and puts on a pair of sunglasses. The bus arrives and the two "couples" get on.

The group sits in the back of the bus Daichi and Hikari sit next to each other in the back seat, Mamoru and Usagi on either side of them. Daichi tells Hikari that he really liked the chocolate she gave him. Hikari turns to him and complaiments him on his ability to plays games. Daichi says he will help out Hikari next time. Hikari thanks him. Mamoru makes a quick glance at Usagi and then looks back out the window. At the front of the bus sits Makoto, still wearing her sunglasses and a hat pulled low, as if it was a disguise.

Usagi seems to not be able to walk like a normal person When they reach the park, Mamoru hands everyone a ticket. Daichi and Hikari yell "Thank you!" Mamoru slowly hands Usagi a ticket and Usagi quietly thanks him. Hikari says, "let's go!" to Daichi-kun and they run off, leaving Usagi and Mamoru behind. Mamoru yells at them to not go to far. They yell "yes!" as they continue on. Usagi turns to Mamoru as they start walking. Usagi tells to herself not to think to much about it (the scarf). Usagi brightens up and says that they should hurry up, so that the kids don't get to far ahead. Mamoru agrees. Then Usagi stars walking really oddly. He laughs and says that she is walking rather amusingly. Usagi looks, down but is unable to walk normally. She stops and looks up at him, laughing, clearly embarrased.

Hikari and Daichi, waiting impatiently, call to Usagi and tell her to hurry up. Usagi yells "yes!" and the two hurry to catch up with the children. Makoto, at the entrance to the park, drops a bunch of coins and scambles to pick them up.

"Over Rainbow Tour" plays in the background, as they play on a rope with a yellow ball on the end that swings along a wire. Daichi swings across easily, and yells at Hikari to hurry up. Mamoru and Usagi help her on and give her a push. Hikari swings across, smiling. Daichi brings back one of the swings. Usagi jumps on, standing on the ball, and swings across happily as the children did. Mamoru watches and smiles.

Mamoru gets the birdie which Usagi hit into the tree The four stand in a circle and do "rock-paper-scissors to pick who is "it" for a game of dodge-ball. Usagi, Mamoru, and Hikari all pick rock, while Daichi picks scissors. Daichi, the odd one out is "it." They scatter and Daichi holds the pink ball. They throw the ball at each other. Then, everyone starts throwing it at Usagi. Usagi stops and yells "ahh!"

The four sit on the ground, eating lunch. Hikari hands Daichi something to eat. Usagi and Mamoru open a couple of containers. Usagi says there is a lot to choose from. Hikari asks Daichi if he would like a hamburger. Daichi says yes. Mamoru tries one of the sandwiches and says that it's good. Usagi smiles and takes one for herself.

The four walk down a sidewalk. Usagi holds Hikari's hand and Mamoru hold Daichi's hand. They all comment how fun it was. Daichi and Hikari hold hands, and Mamoru and Usagi take a quick look at each other. The camera slowly pans on each of them, showing them holding hands. Makoto, a scarf wrapped around her face, watches from behind a tree. Makoto pulls of her glasses and wonders what is happening.

Rei sits at Hikawa Jinja, facing the flames of a fire. Disapointed, she opens her eyes and says that it won't be so easy to see it. Suddenly, the flames swirl and Rei looks suprised.

The statue youma from Act 2 appears infront of a woman on the street. It puts its hands up and then suddenly disapears, The woman screams. People gather around her and she points to where the youma just was, screaming about how she saw a monster. In the background, the propeller youma from Act 3 appears and then suddenly disappears. On the bridge above, Rei runs over and looks down. She stops, sensing something. She turns around and one of the venus-fly trap youma from Act 4 stands behind her, grunting. It suddenly disapears. Rei, worried, wonders what is going on. Rei hears another scream and turns. Another of the venus-fly-trap youma from Act 4 appears and disappears in front of a woman. She wonders why the illusions of past youma are appearing.

In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite walks confidently through the cave. Jadeite comes up behind him and yells out his name, asking what Kunzite is planing to do by creating the illusions of youma. Kunzite, as confident as ever, tells Jadeite not to worry himself about it. Jadeite continues and says that Kunzite will cause the senshi to be on alert, making it harder for them to gather energy. Kunzite turns and interupts him, telling him again not to strain himself. Kunzite walks over towards Jadeite and says that if Jadeite continues to only work with Nephrite, he will always fail. Jadeite, says "nani?!" (what?!) in an angry voice. Kunzite asks him if he has ever doubted the princess. "Princess?" asks Jadeite.

Artemis struggles to wring out a washcloth In Minako's hotel room, Artemis, his eyes crossed (like this: >.< ), squeezes out a washcloth, which he has wet in a bowl of water. He turns and puts the wet cloth on Minako's head. Minako is laying in bed. Artemis tells Minako that they should rest there for a while. Minako tries to argue, but is too weak. Artemis says that if she continues on like this, her load will become too heavy. Minako says they knew that at the beginning. Artemis stammers. Minako smiles and thanks him. Minako says that even if only Mars awakens... Artemis says there is a chance, but warns Minako not to get too overcome. Minako stares up at the ceiling.

Kunzite's voice can be heard as he explains that he wants to test out his theory. A scene of Rei chasing after the statue youma from Act 2 appears as Kunzite says he will need the Sailor Senshi in order to do it. The youma disapears and Rei stops, then continues running. The propeller youma from Act 3 appears again, below the bridge. Rei looks over the railing and then quickly heads down. She looks around, but doesn't see it. Behind her, on the bridge she was just on, the propeller youma appears again.

In the secret room at Crown, it is dark, and Ami continues to knit. This time, she is using the green yarn that she had wanted to show Makoto.

At the park, Hikari and Daichi run, pulling Mamoru and Usagi after them. Usagi sits down on a bench to catch her breath. Hikari points to her right and says they should go their next. Usagi says she need to rest for a few minutes. Mamoru tells Hikari and Daichi to go ahead. The children hold hands and run off. Mamoru asks Usagi if she would like something to drink. Usagi nods her head and smiles.

Makoto spies on Mamoru and Usagi Meanwhile, Makoto spies on them from behind a sign. She comments that now that the children have left, there are no more obstacles.

Mamoru hands Usagi a cup and sits down on the bench next to her, holding his own cup. He takes a sip and looks strait ahead. Usagi looks at him and then down at her cup. Makoto smiles, and says that this may be it. Usagi looks at the white scarf in her purse and thinks that this may be her chance. Usagi turns to Mamoru and begins to speak, but is interrupted by Hina, who runs towards them, holding Hikari and Daichi's hands. Usagi looks down, disappointed. Mamoru looks shocked and says, "Hina?" Hina explains that she finished her work early. Usagi continues to look down. Daichi leads Hina to the bench next to Mamoru. Hina asks what Daichi is doing. Daichi says that Hina is Mamoru's bride, so she should sit there. Usagi, having stood up, looks shocked and quietly asks, "bride?" Hina laughs and says not yet, not until they have graduated. Usagi looks down, clutching her purse.

Makoto watches, smiling. Then she makes a face.

Hina asks Usagi why she must leave Usagi steps back, and says, "really?" Usagi looks up and see that youma from Act 5 appear and disappear. Usagi gasps and looks behind her as it appears again. Mamoru asks Usagi if something is wrong. Usagi smiles and shakes her head no. She looks to the side as the straw youma from Act 7 appears. Behind her, the straw youma and the youma from Act 5 appear and disappear. Usagi says, "ah!" and turns to the rest of the group. Usagi starts backing up and says that she suddenly remembered that she had something to do. Hina stands up and says that she thought they could all go get something to eat. Mamoru stands up and looks at Usagi, concerned. Usagi bows her head and says that she is sorry. She turns and runs off. Hina calls after Usagi, telling her to be careful. Mamoru looks down and then watches Usagi run off. Makoto, standing by a post, squats down, thinking that this was a horrible way for Usagi to find out the truth. She should have told Usagi herself.

Usagi runs down one of the park paths. She stops and looks back, on the verge of tears. Usagi says that she was stupid to hope even a little. She turns back the way she was going, but stops, as the straw youma appears in the woods. The youma from act 5 also appears and disapears. Usagi transforms. Sailormoon faces the two youma.


Back in the park, Mamoru starts walking in the direction Usagi ran off in. Hina asks him where he is going. Makoto watches from her hiding spot. Mamoru looks over his should and says he will be right back. Makoto stands up as she watches him leave.

Meanwhile, Rei is still seeing the youma appear and disappear. The statue, propeller, and venus-fly-trap youma circle her then disappear. She says, "as I thought, illusions. But, why?"

In the secret room at Crown, Luna sits on a pillow on the table, with her etes closed. Ami is still knitting, this time using four different colors. (Green, red, pink, and blue) Ami smiles, puts down her knitting and stretches, saying that it's done. She looks at Luna, who is fast asleep. Ami walks down the street, her purse on her left arm.

The singing youma from Act 10 appears. Sailormoon is now surrounded by three youma illusions.

Tuxedo Kamen runs down the park paths. He is stopped by Makoto, who jumps out in front of him. She looks at him and says, "so it was you, Chiba Mamoru." Tuxedo Kamen looks at her, as suspenseful music plays.

Mercury is strike by a cloud of smoke Ami continues walking. Suddenly, black rose petals swirl in front of her. Kunzite appears with a woosh of his cape. Ami stares at him and says, "Kunzite..." He says that if he is able to get one of them, it would be her. Ami prepares to fight. Kunzite starts walking towards her, telling her that is useless to call the others. They won't be able to come. Ami transforms into Sailormercury. Kunzite looks at her and says that it's still useless. Mercury does flips, but Kunzite easily steps out of the way. Mercury does Shine Aqua Illusion, but Kunzite blocks it with his sword. Mercury then tries Mercury Aqua Mist. Kunzite once again easily blocks the attack. Kunzite smiles and says, "Sailormercury, you are mine!" She takes his sword out of its sheath, and it glows purple. He flings a cloud of purple-black smoke at Mercury. Mercury gasps, turns purple, and then her head falls to her chest, as if she is under his spell. Kunzite smiles.

Rei, turns, sensing something, as does Sailormoon. The illusions disappear and Sailormoon wonders what is going on.

Makoto and Tuxedo Kamen face off Makoto and Tuxedo Kamen continue to face off.

Only a few scattered black rose petals remain where Mercury and Kunzite were standing.

Luna sleeps next to the mittens which Ami made for all of themIn the secret room at Crown, Luna continues to sleep on the pillow, the multi-colored scarf that Ami made is around her kneck. Next to Luna, on the table, sit four pairs of mittens. There is one for each of them. (Green, red, blue, and pink pairs.) End.

Preview of Act 21:
Ami, smiling, tells Makoto that she would like to go to the park. Makoto looks at her and says, "eh?"
At the park, Ami rides the carousel, holding a blue ballon and waving at Mako-chan who watches. Makoto smiles and waves back.
Queen Beryl stands in the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite, Nephrite, and Kunzite behind her. Beryl asks Kunzite what his "interesting" plan is about. He replies that it will soon be time.
One of the general's hands squashes a black rose (symbolizing Kunzite).
Ami sits on the carousel horse, unconsious. Makoto yells "Ami-chan!"
Ami is in a somewhat washed out place with marble pillars and a fountain statue. She walks towards the waiting Kunzite. Sailorjupiter yells that she won't allow Kunzite to keep Ami-chan under his spell. Ami turns around, and smiles evily. Sailorjupiter yells at Kunzite, demanding to know what he has done. Sailormoon and Sailormars stand next to Jupiter. Kunzite smiles and tells Ami to show them. Ami nods her head. She steps forward, and puts her hand up, as if she is about to transform.

Note: Much of the dialog was derived from the wonderful summary by Wasurenagusa and Nae. Please visit their site, Shingetsu. The rest of the description and summary was written by SailorJupiter244.