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Act 21

Title: Act 21
Episode: #21
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: February 28, 2004, 7:30 AM

Review of Act 20:
Black rose petals swirl around a stone path outside. Suddenly, Kunzite appears with a flash of purple-black. Sailormercury, seeing him, uses "Mercury Aqua Mist." The attck proves useless when Kunzite blocks it with his sword. He smiles evilly at Sailormercury and tells her, that she is his now. Suspensful music plays in the background. Kunzite pulls his sword out of the sheath. It glows with purple-black energy. He swings the sword around and hits Mercury with the energy. Mercury screams and then her head falls to her cheast.

In the secret room at Crown, Ami is knitting with blue yarn. It is quiet. She looks up and smiles, then looks back down to her work. Luna sits on a pillow, sleeping. The camera pans back, then Ami slowly disapears from the chair. Four pairs of mittens appear on the table. Ami's voice narrates and says that although everyone has been seperated lately, she believes they will be together again soon.

Usagi, staring ahead of her, slowly lowers her head and looks down. Rei looks up, as though she has heard something. Makoto also stands up, sensing something has happened. A flashback of Makoto, Usagi, Luna, Rei, and Ami walking together plays, while the sound remains silent.

Suddenly, Luna, who has been sleeping at Crown, flicks her eyes open. She turns around, only to find Ami's chair empty. "Huh?" she squeeks, "Ami-chan?"

Outside, on the brick sidewalk, a few black rose petals blow in the wind. The wind blows them up to the sky.

--Opening Credits--

Act 21 begins with Makoto walking down the street in her school uniform. She tilts her head to one side and moans. She flashes back to the scene where Daichi sat Hina next to Mamoru, saying she should sit next to her husband. Usagi asks "huband?". Makoto cringes at the memory of Usagi finding out that way. She puts her head on her right hand and whines. She again recalls a scene from that day. Usagi, after finding out the truth, backing away from Hina and Mamoru. Makoto puts both hands behind her neck, and whines again. She wonders what she can possibly say to Usagi.

Shingo opens the door to Usagi's room. He has on his school backpack. He calls out "Usagi," and sees that she is still in bed. He asks if she is skipping school or something. When she doesn't respond, Shingo calls out "oi!" With still no response, Shingo backs out of the room and closes the door. When the latch clicks, Usagi moves around the covers, but doesn't get up.

Ikuko begs Makoto to try her new squid omlette Makoto rings the doorbell at the Tsukino's house. Ikuko opens the doo and says, "Hi, who is it..." Then, Ikuko breaks into a large smile and yells, "Mako-chan! You're Mako-chan?!" Ikuko slaps Makoto on the shoulder. Makoto looks embarrased and says hello back to Ikuko. Ikuko asks Makoto if she came for Usagi. Makoto tells her that she is going to walk with Usagi to school. Ikuko tells her that Usagi appears to be sick. Makoto is suprised. Ikuko says she is sorry Makoto came all that way for nothing. She asks Makoto if she has eaten. When Makoto answers that she has, Ikuko just ignores her and prattles on. She tells Makoto that she has made a new type of omlette. She says, to no one in particular, that it is "shiokara" flavored. (fermented squid) She tells Makoto that she is sure it will taste great. Ikuko tries to pull the struggling Makoto into the house to eat.

Makoto punches Tuxedo Kamen Makoto walks across a bridge, looking down, as if she is deep in thought. Makoto thinks how it makes sense that Usagi is sad. She looks angry and looks up to the sky, as she thinks the name "Chiba Mamoru." She recalls scene where she confronted Tuxedo Kamen in the park. She walks towards Tuxedo Kamen and identifies him as Chiba Mamoru. She says that he already knows who they are. She asks why he has been hanging around Usagi. Tuxedo Kamen says he need to know about the Princess and the ginzuishou. He looks down at the ground and says that he sticks around her to learn about himseld. He looks back up and then brushes past Makoto. Makoto spins around and stops him with a yell. She demands to know if he has been using Usagi for that. He answers by saying, "so?" Makoto, angry, pulls her arm back and swings at Tuxedo Mask. Her fist smashes him in the face and he falls to the ground. Makoto says that she won't tell Usagi, but she warns Tuxedo Kamen to stay away from Usagi. He looks up at her as sad music plays, then looks back down at the ground. As the flashback ends, Makoto punches one hand into the other. She thinks that she should hit him again. Then, alound, she says that she and Ami-chan need a plan to cheer Usagi up. With a determined look, Makoto continues on. As she walks, she punches the air, as if preparing to hit Mamoru again. She pulls her bag onto her should and says, "hmph!"

Minako is talking on the telephone in her hotel room. Her right hands scribbles on a pad of paper. She tells the person on the other end to tell the boss that she will finish the memo about the new song tomorrow. She says goodbye, and hangs up the phone. Artemis jumps up onto the desk, next to the phone. He expresses his worries about what the enemy may be planing. Minako looks at him and says, "eh?"

In the Dark Kindom, suspensful music plays, as Kunzite looks down at a black rose that is in full bloom. He smiles evilly.


At Juuban school, the bells chime. Students run through the hall, rushing to their classes. Makoto walks down the hall, calmly. She stops and looks in on Usagi and Ami's classroom. She focuses on Ami's empty desk. "Huh?" she wonders. Makoto sees Naru walking her way and stops her. She asks her where Mizuno-san is. Naru says that she believes Ami is absent today. Makoto asks if she is sick. Naru says they don't know, no one has contacted Ami. Makoto gives a nod and looks back in the classroom at the empty desk.

Makoto gives Amy some rice porridge Outside Ami's apartment, Makoto rings the doorbell. The doorbell continues to ring as the camera shoots to a glance of inside the apartment. Ami's bed, with white and blue sheets, is nicely made, but empty. Makoto, still waiting outside, begins to wonder is Ami isn't home. She looks down and tries the gold handle. The door opens easily. Makoto sticks her head in, calling out Ami-chan's name. She looks into the empty foyer. Makoto hears a loud thump from the next room. She takes a breath, and says, "excuse me" as she enters the apartment. Makoto knocks on Ami's bedroom door, then opens it. She calls out Ami-chan's name, and looks over to the bed. Ami is laying on the bed, curled up and still wearing her coat. Suspenful music plays. Now, Makoto yells out "Ami-chan!" and rushes over to the bed. She asks Ami what's wrong. Makoto looks concerened. Ami, very quietly and feeblely, says that she just can't seem to wake up. Makoto, believing Ami to be sick, puts her right hand on Ami's forehead and her left hand on her own forehead to check Ami's temperature. She asks Ami were her mother is. Ami whispers that she isn't there. Makoto exclaims that Ami shouldn't be alone, she should have called. The camera zooms in on Ami's face as she sighs.

Makoto, busy in Ami's kitchen, chops up green onions. Distracted, she looks up and wonders if Ami would like the green onions. She looks back down and continues chopping. A short time later, Makoto blows on some food in a small dish and then sips it. Satisfied, she nods her head. She adjusts the temperature of the stove. Then she puts a large serving bowl of "O-kayu" (rice porridge given as a cold remedy) on a tray. In Ami's room, she ladels a small portion into a little bowl. Makoto asks if Ami would like some green onion in it. Ami just says, "hmmm..." Ami is sitting up in bed, her eyes down. Makoto hands Ami the bowl and a spoon. Ami slowly eats some of the food. A short time later, the entire serving bowl of food is empty. Makoto comments on how much Ami ate. Ami eats a last bit of food from a fork, and smiles. Makoto asks if she is better now. Ami nods and smiles. Makoto asks if Ami wants anything else. Ami tilts her head slightly to the right and says "amusement park..." "Huh?" replies Makoto, confused. Ami smiles and tells her in a loud voice she wants to go to the amusement park. Makoto looks confused still and just says "eh??"

At the amusement park, Ami and Makoto are on the roller coaster. Makoto holds onto the over-the-shoulder straps, cringing. She turns to Ami, and asks her if she is pkay. Ami, nods and smiles. The roller coaster makes it to the top of the ramp, and starts downwards. Makoto asks, "really?" and then begins screaming as they go down. Makoto raises her arms in the air and Ami has a grin on her face. They laugh as the coaster speeds around the corners. Later, the two girls rid on the swinging ship and then the river rapids ride. Ami laughs. After the ride, Makoto is soaked. She sighs as she sits on a bench, all wet. (She is also wearing a winter jacket, so being wet is not a fun thing.) Makoto looks up and sees Ami in with a group of kids. People in animal costumes are handing out balloons. A person in a bear costume hands Ami a green one and a blue one. Ami smiles. Makoto sighs and looks away. Ami rushes over and hands Makoto the green balloon. Ami smiles. Makoto smiles and takes the balloon. Ami grabs Makoto's other hand and pulls her off the bench.

Ami lies unconscious Next, Ami is on a merry-go-round, and Makoto watches from outside the fence. When Ami goes by Makoto, she yells out "Mako-chan!" and waves, still holding her balloon. Makoto smiles and waves back. Makoto thinks to herself that she has missed her chance to discuss Usagi. Makoto is interrupted by Motoki, who yells out her name. Makoto turns and Motoki runs up to her, carrying a basket. Motoki says that he has brought Kamekichi for some fresh air. Inside the box, sits the turtle. Motoki aks Makoto if she is there by herself. Makoto tells him that she came with Ami. Makoto looks back to the ride. Ami sits on the horse, unconscious. Her head dangles down, resting against the pole. Makoto yells to stop the ride. She runs towards the entrance. Ami's head lags against the horse. Her blue balloon floats up into the sky.

Motoki drives Ami and Makoto to the hospital in his green car. Makoto sits in the back seat with the still unconsious Ami. Motoki tells Makoto that they are near the hospital. He looks in the rear-view mirror at them and asks if Ami is all right. Makoto says that she is sleeping. She apologizes for troubling Motoki. Motoki says it's no problem. He smiles and holds up one end of the scarf and thanks Makoto for it. He tells Makoto that she is the only one to give him a Valentine's gift. Makoto tells Motoki that there wasn't any meaning behind the present. Motoki nods his head in agreement and says that this way he can pay them back. Makoto smiles then looks down at Ami, who still is not awake.

The doctor says he must examine Ami more In the hospital, Ami lies in bed, looking pale. She is still unconscious and has an IV drip. The doctor tells Makoto that they don't know what the problem is. He says he needs to examine her more. Makoto bows and agrees. Sad music plays as Makoto looks down at Ami.

In the hallway outside the room, Makoto picks up the hospital payphone. She goes to dial a number, but stops. She thinks about how Usagi is already overwhelmed and Rei had something else to do. She looks at the phone and decides that she doesn't want to bother them now. She hangs up the receiver.

Rei is walking down a stone path, towards a set of stone steps. She is thinking about the illusions of the enemy that have been appearing and disappearing. She wonders if the enemy has attack the Princess, or if it is something else. She looks up and recalls the three youma that surrounded her before and then disappeared. She stops walking and looks straight ahead. She believes that she felt something right then, when the enemies disappeared. Suddenly, she looks straight up in the sky, and the trees spin in front of the camera. A loud screeching animal can be heared.

Usagi bites into the bun Usagi sit on her bed in her room. She is holding the scarf that she made. Sad music plays as she looks at it. Luna squeeks over and suggests that they go get some fresh air. Usagi just shakes her head. Suddenly, the door to her room is opened. Usagi tries to hide the scarf behind her. Shingo walks in. He sets a white paper bag on the table and says he got something special for her. He smiles and leaves, closing the door behind him. Usagi looks at the bag then goes and picks it up. She looks inside and smiles. She pulls out a steaming white bun and says, "Shingo..." She remembers splitting a bun in half and sharing it with Mamoru. She squints her eyes at the bun and looks as if she is about to cry. Filled with emotion, she tells herself that she needs to be happy. She pulls the wrapper from the bottom of the bun and takes a few bites, still sniffling.

Information about the University of Saintford In his own apartment, Mamoru throws his tuxedo outfit on a sofa and then drops his mask on top. He looks down at it and recalls Makoto punching him. Makoto's warning for him to stay away from Usagi echos in his ears. Mamoru flings himself down on he couch. He thinks about how he has been protecting Usagi. He sits up and puts his arms on his knees. It wonders if that is just an excuse. He thinks for a moment and looks over at a white envelope with brochures sticking out. The envelope says "University of Saintford" in English. On one of the brochures is the English flag. Next to it is a small envelope marked "Air Mail" He thinks that in one more month, it may be time for him to abandon everything.


Motoki hands Makoto food In the hospital, Makoto leans on the railing next to the pay phone. She looks down sadly, and then looks up as someone hands her a cup of coffee. Motoki holds out the cup and says, "here." Makoto takes the cup and thanks him, smiling. She turns back to starring at nothing over the railing. Motoki looks ahead then looks at her. He tells Makoto that he is sure Ami will be all right.. Makoto nods once. Motoki fumbles with a box. He tells her that he is sure because Kamekichi said so. He hold Kamekichi's box open. Motoki points to the spots on Kamekichi's back, counting them and saying it's turtle fortune telling. Makoto laughs and Motoki smiles. He tells her that she finally laughed. Makoto looks at him and says, "Eh?" Motoki just smiles and says that he has work to do. Makoto apologizes to him for having kept him from his work. Motoki puts Kamekichi's box down and then hands Makoto a magazine, some candy, a bag of chips, a box of some food, and a few more boxes and bags. All of this he pulls out of his jacket pockets. He tells her that Ami's examination will be a while. (He has provided her with food so she doesn't go hungry) Makoto smiles and thanks him. He asks her to tell him what Ami's results are. Makoto nods. They stand there akwardly for a moment, then Motoki says, "Ah, bye" and sort of gives her a half wave as he turns around. Motoki stops and nervously hurries back. He reaches down and picks up his box, saying her forgot Kamekichi. Makoto laughs and Motoki says bye again. He hurries away, waving at her. Makoto, watching him leave, takes a sip of the coffee. She looks down, realizing it is hot. She looks back up and continues watching Motoki leave. Behind her, black rose petals drop to the floor.

In the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite, Nephrite, and Kunzite stand behind Queen Beryl. She addresses Kunzite and asks him about the "interesting" things he said he was doing. He stands there with his arms crossed, a smirk on his face. He tells her that he will show her soon. He uncrosses his arms and says that Beryl-sama has been worrying him lately. Queen Beryl sniffs, and spins around. She asks Kunzite what he is thinking about. She says he's not looking at her (rather, he is looking at Queen Metaria's tower, in front of which Beryl stands) and she asks what he is looking at. He says that he has the same dream to awake Queen Metaria. Queen Beryl asks him, "after that?" Kuzite says, as he bows, that she can control him then. Kunzite smirks, turns around, and leaves. His heals clicking on the stone floor. Jadeite and Nephrite turn to watch him go. Nephrite is upset that Kunzite cares more about Queen Metaria than Queen Beryl. Beryl looks at him and says she hopes he is only that simple. Jadeite walks up and tells Nephrite to be careful, or Kunzite will capture the Princess before he does. Nephrite sniffs and says, "stupid. What could he possibly do?" Jadeite just looks at Nephrite.

Kunzite is walking through the cave. He stops and looks down at a black rose that he holds. It is in full bloom. With his left hand, he crushes the rose. He says that something will happen soon.

Makoto is in the hospital, eating some of the food that Motoki gave her and starring at nothing. She hears a noise and turns around. She puts down the bag of food, gets up, and runs towards the noise. She runs down the hall and flings open the doors of Ami's room. Inside, the bed is turned over. Everything is scattered all over the place. On top of all the furniture are black rose petals. A nurse cowers in the corner. The rose petals blow around the room and Makoto rushes in. She picks up one of the petals and wonders what has happened. She drops the petal and says, "Ami-chan!" She turns and runs from the room.

Ami leaves two boys in pain Outside, Ami walks down the middle of a set of steps. Two guys are walking up the stairs. Ami just elbows her way through them. Suspenful music plays. One of the guys, who is wearing a black jacket, takes off his sunglasses and says, hey! Ami stops and turns her head slightly. Makoto comes running down the steps. She stops and sees the guy in a white jacket cowering against the railing. Black rose petals cover the landing. In front of him, is the guy in the black jacket. He cluches the rose petals and is clearly in pain. Makoto looks down at them and wonders what has happened.

Rei sits up, cell phone in her hand. "Eh?!" she says.

Usagi stands up in her room, also on the cell phone. "Ami-chan?" she asks.

Makoto runs down a walkway, through a few trees. She stops and looks around her. She wonders to herself where Ami-chan is.

In a sort of washed out room, water drips. There are stone statues all around. Ami stands before Kunzite, her eyes blank. Kunzite stares at her.

Makoto continues running through the trees. She looks all around and keeps running. She stops and leans against a tree, panting. "Ami-chan... where are you?" she pants. Makoto looks up and it is as if the trees are spinning. She watches the leaves of the trees blow. Almost as if gathering courage from the trees, she starts running again. Makoto runs down a pathway and then stops. She looks at a building, shocked. There are black rose petals raining down on the porch. The rose petals blow in the wind.

Inside, Ami and Kunzite face each other Inside, Ami and Kunzite continue to face each other. The ceiling of the room was once black tiles, but now most of them are missing. Tere are several white marble columns and statues on pedastal around the room. Kunzite walks down the steps towards Ami. Suddenly, Makoto runs in and tells him to stop. Kunzite looks over at her. Ami also turns her head, slowly, as if she doesn't recognize Makoto. Makoto calls out, "Ami-chan!" She rushes over and pulls Ami behind her, keeping herself between Ami and Kunzite. Kunzite takes a step forward. Kunzite asks Makoto why she came. Makoto tells Kunzite not to mess with Ami. Makoto transforms into Sailorjupiter. Kunzite smirks, and Jupiter puts Ami behind a wooden crate. Jupiter tells Ami to stay there. Jupiter turns to Kunzite and prepares to fight. Jupiter cartwheels towards him and kicks and punches. Kunzite easily evades this. Jupiter flips up and comes down with a kick. Kunzite blocks her kick with his arms. When she lands, Jupiter uses "Sumpreme Thunder!" Kunzite pulls out his sword and blocks the attack.

Jupiter stops the pillar from hitting Ami The energy from Jupiter's attack bounces off the sword and topples one of the pillars. The pillar falls towards Ami. Jupiter runs over, and catches the pillar, struggling to hold it up. She pushes the pillar away and faces Kunzite. She tells him that he can't take Ami-chan. Kunzite smirks and says, "oh?" Jupiter breathes heavily. She turns around and tells Ami-chan to get out of there. Ami doesn't respond. Jupiter rushes over and tries to pull Ami up. Ami pulls her arm away. Jupiter looks shocked. Ami stands up, looks at Sailorjupiter, then walks towards Kunzite. Jupiter says, "Ami-chan..." Ami stands with Kunzite and turns back to Jupiter. She smiles evilly.

Sailormoon and Sailormars rush up. Sailormoon calls out, "Ami-chan, Mako-chan!" Moon sees the shocked look on Jupiter's face. She turns towards Ami and sees Ami standing with Kunzite. Both Ami and Kunzite smile. Jupiter steps foward and demands to know what Kunzite has done to Ami. Kunzite smirks and tells Ami to show them. Ami nods her head and steps forward. She puts up one hand, preparing to transform. Her silver bracelet changes to a dark version of her usual Jewelry Star Bracelet. Everyone looks shocked. Ami crosses her arms, and calls out, "Dark Power, Make-up!"

Evil Mercury appears Ami transforms into an evil version of Sailormercury. Kunzite smiles behind her. Luna, shocked as the rest of them, pops up and asks how this could have happened. Sailorjupiter, tears running down her faces, cries out, "Ami-chan! I can't believe it..." Her voice echos. The camera pans up the Evil Sailormercury's new uniform. Mercury stands with her hands on her hips. She coldly asks who will battle her first. She crosses her arms and asks if she should battle all of them at once. She hold up her index finger and waves it back and forth. She tells them that they will not escape. End.

Preview of Act 22:
At Juuban school, Ami stands up. She says, while smiling evily, "Good morning, Tsukino-san." Behind her, the entire class, including Naru stand, all of them starring at Usagi. Usagi calls out to her, telling her to stop.
In the washed out room full of statues, Mars, Moon, and Jupiter stand. Mars yells that she must remember them. Mercury holds up a sword that looks like it is made of blue ice. "I remember," she says.
A clip of Usagi holding a pair of pink mittens and looking sad, as the evil Mercury says, "Sailormoon..." "Sailormars..." she says, as a clip of Rei rolling over plays. "Sailorjupiter..." she says as a clip of Makoto sitting in her apartment, sad, is shown.
The evil Mercury tells the senshi that she will become stronger by defeating them.
Sailorvenus, laying on the ground yells, "Sailormoon, fight!"
Sailormoon stands in front of a merry-go-round. The evil Mercury rides one of the horses and says that she had a good time until yesterday.
Mercury looks up, and lifts her sword. Without much feeling, she says, "Goodbye, my friends."
Usagi gasps and looks down.
On the wall is a picture of Rei, Makoto, Usagi, and Ami.

Note: Much of the dialog was derived from the wonderful summary by Namiko and Aaron from Genvid. The rest of the description and summary was written by SailorJupiter244.