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Act 22

Title: Act 22
Episode: #22
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: March 06, 2004, 7:30 AM

Evil Mercury grabs an icicle In a room full of columns and statues, Evil Sailormercury and Kunzite face the Sailor Senshi. Sailorjupiter, Sailormoon, and Sailormars look at Sailormercury with shocked expressions. Water drips loudly off of a nearby statue. Evil Sailormercury smiles. She looks to her right, towards the statue. The water on the statue begins to freeze. Icicles form with a shattering sound. The senshi turn and watch as Mercury walks over and snaps off an icicle. She holds it up with a whooshing sound. The icicle becomes a sword in her hand. Mercury walks back and stands in front of the senshi. She holds up the sword, ready to fight. Sailormoon cringes and yells "Ami-chan, stop!" Sailormars begs for Mercury to remember who they are. Mercury replies coldly, addressing each of them. She tells them she does remember. She will become stronger by defeating them. Mercury raises her sword and flings a beam of energy towards the senshi. The senshi put there arms up to protect themselves, but are knocked down by the blast of the force.

They lie on the ground, panting. Jupiter lifts up her right hand. The glove has been burned through. She haltingly begs Ami to stop. Mercury just lifts her sword for another attack. Sailormoon looks over at Jupiter, concerned. She struggles and stands up, calling out "Ami-chan!" Sailormoon then takes out the Moonlight Stick. She grasps it and wishes that Ami would return to being herself. Sailormoon moves the wand around in a circle and pink light shines from it. The pink light hits Mercury and she cringes in the brightness. Suddenly, Mercury shatters the light with her sword.

Sailormoon looks shocked. Luna, watching a little ways away, is shocked. She can't believe that even Sailormoon's power has no effect on Ami.

Kunzite steps up closer to Sailormercury, smiling. He says that Sailormercury has experienced the power of darkness. A flash back of Ami standing before Queen Metaria's rock tower. Light eminates from the tower. Black spots fly towards Ami, covering her with dark energy. As the flashback ends, Kunzite says that it appears that Ami will never return. He looks towards Sailormoon.

Sailormoon, shocked, says that it can be true. Kunzite must be lying. Sailormercury smiles and says that she had fun until yesterday. She smiles again and says, "Goobye, my friends." The senshi look at her with expressions of fear. Mercury raises her sword. Just as she is about to attack again, Kunzite steps in front of her. He looks at Mercury and tells her that she has done enough for today. Mercury looks upset, but says nothing. Kunzite sweeps his cape and he and Sailormercury disappear.

Sailormoon looks at the spot where Sailormercury had just been. Then she sinks to the floor. Artemis jumps up on a nearby crate and gasps. He can't believe that this has happened. Sailormoon continues to stare strait ahead. Mars starts to get up off the ground, but slumps back down. Jupiter, still laying on the ground, looks as though she is about to cry. She calls out, "Ami-chan..." and then looks down at the floor.

--Opening Credits--

Queen Beryl stands before Queen Metaria's stone tower. She lifts up her arms. Behind her, Kunzite walks in with the evil Sailormercury. Queen Beryl spins around and looks at Sailormercury. She turns to Kunzite and questingly says "a sailor senshi." She asks him how she will help them out. Kunzite smirks and says that Mercury will help reawaken the darkness. He comments the Zoisite has yet reawoken. While looking at Mercury, he says it is said for one of the Shitennou to be missing. Upset, Queen Beryl asks him if that girl is supposed to replace Zoisite. Sailormercury, unafraid and confident, tells Queen Beryl to wait to judge her until after she has defeated the Sailor Senshi. Beryl looks at her and says, "Oooh?" Sailormercury turns to Kunzite, but continues to watch Beryl. She tells him that although she has been reborn by the darkness, she will not be under anyone's control. She turns to Beryl and says, "remember that." Mercury spins around and walks off, her heels clicking. Queen Beryl watches her leave, upset. She narrows her eyes at Kunzite. Kunzite smirks and bows. Jadeite watches from the shadows. He looks at Kunzite with contempt and wonders what Kunzite is planning.

The girls look down at the mittens Ami-chan made them In the secret room at crown, Rei, Usagi, and Makoto stand around the table. They look down at the four pairs of gloves that Ami had made only a short time ago. Luna, looking sad, hops onto the table and says that Ami-chan knitted the gloves for them. Makoto grabs the green pair of gloves and looks down at them. She squeezes them and walks away. She asks, "why?" She bangs a fist on the pink counter and demands again to know why it was Ami-chan. Luna, still looking sad says its her own fault. Had she paid more attention... Rei, still looking down at the gloves, quietly says that Luna is wrong. It's not only Luna's fault, it's everyone's fault. Rei picks up the red mittens and looks sadly at them. Usagi picks up her pink mittens and holds them with both hands. Softly she says that had Ami called them, they would have come to help her... Usagi squeezes the pink gloves. Luna points out that lately they have been moving apart. The other look at her, speechless. "But Ami-chan..." says Luna, "Ami-chan believed that they would be close again, some day." The girls clutch their gloves silently.

That night, Makoto sits in her apartment, the green mittens on the table in front of her. Looking at them, she recalls how excited Ami-chan had been to show her the new green yarn she had gotten. She remembers how she brushed Ami off, telling her to show it to her later. Makoto looks down sadly and thinks to herself how happy she was when they first became friends. She squeezes her ands together and thinks about how she then started taking their friendship for granted... Almost in tears, Makoto slams her fist on her leg.

Rei lays on the floor of her room, starring up at the ceiling. The red mittens lay beside her on the floor. Rei recalls leaving Ami alone at Crown, not acknowledging the drink Ami had gotten for her. She remembers saying that she wouldn't acomplish anything sitting there. Rei continues to look sadly at the ceiling. A slow piano version of Kirari*SailorDream begins to play. Rei turns on her side and wonders what she was saying when she said she wanted to work alone. She picks up the red mittens and recalls how Ami was knitting at Crown, all alone.

Usagi sits on her bed in her dark room. She thinks to herself about how she hasn't been paying enough attention to Ami lately. She has been spending all her time thinking about Chiba Mamoru. Usagi looks down at the white scarf folded on the bed next to her.

Mamoru and Hina eat dinner At Mamoru's apartement, he and Hina sit at the table, eating dinner. She tells Mamoru that she did a great job with the meat today, but the sauce isn't as good. She explains that she just learned it in cooking class. Hina cuts up her food, doing all the talking. She looks over at Mamoru and sees that that he hasn't even cut his. Mamoru's silverware hovers over the meat and he just looks down. Hina puts down her knife and fork and waves a hand in front of Mamoru's face to get his attention. She asks if there is a problem. Mamoru looks up, then smiles and apologizes. Hina smiles, then looks serious. Hina asks Mamoru if it's okay for him to marry her and study abroad, when he still hasn't learned about his past. She asks him if he will regret inheriting her father's company. Mamoru looks down, silent. Hina, looking sad, says, "That's what I thought..." Mamoru interupts her and tells her that he can't break his promise with her father. He says that maybe it's better if he doesn't chase after his past. Mamoru picks up a piece of his meat and eats it. He gives a quick smile to Hina and then looks down. To himself, he thinks that if he doesn chase his path, he will see her again...

Usagi, still sitting in her room, thinks that she must forget about it. She looks down at the white scarf, grabs it and runs over to her desk. She open the bottom drawer and stuffs it inside. On top of the desk is the pair of pink mittens that Ami knitted for her. She looks down at them. Usagi picks the mittens up and says, "Ami-chan..." She looks down sadly.


Evil Ami smiles at Usagi At Juuban, all the kids in the class are smiling and laughing. Usagi walks into the room, looking sad. She closes the door and wonders how she will explain about Ami to everyone. She puts her bag on her desk and looks up. Within the group of students, Usagi sees Ami sitting at her desk, her expression happy. Usagi smiles and cries out, "Ami-chan!" She runs over to where Ami is sitting. As she calls out Ami's name again, the room goes silent. All the students stop talking and look at her. Usagi looks around with a confused expression at the cold faces. Naru steps towards Usagi and tells her not to address Mizuno-san in such an informal way. Usagi, shocked, quietly says "Naru-chan...?" Usagi looks at Ami, who smiles evilly and stands up. She walks towards Usagi and says "Good morning, Tsukino-san." In an almost cheerful tone, Ami tells Usagi that she didn't want to miss school, so she made it a little more comfortable for herself. Usagi looks at the other students, who continue to stare at her with contempt. Ami, still smiling, tells Usagi that she doesn't plan on fighting her at school. She warns Usagi not to let her guard down though. Usagi, still shocked, looks at her and says, "Ami-chan...?" Ami just smiles at Usagi evilly, while the rest of the students continue to look at Usagi coldly.

Kunzite and Jadeite talk In the Dark Kingdom, Kunzite walks through the tunnel. Jadeite, coming into the tunnel after him, calls out Kunzite's name. Jadeite asks if Kunzite has discovered whether or not the princess is a fake. Kunzite keeps his back to Jadeite. He says he doesn't know, but has learned after capturing Mercury that the senshi think Sailorvenus is the real princess. Jadeite begins to ask, "Then why...?" but he is cut off by Kunzite commenting that even in the past, Jadeite was simple-minded. Jadeite exclaims, "what?!" Kunzite turns around and smiles at him. Kunzite says that he will keep it up until he has the senshi cornered. They can use it for their advantage. Kunzite smiles again and walks past Jadeite. He stops next to Jadeite for a moment and says that Nephrite is too worried about what's in front of him. He looks down at Jadeite and says if Jadeite wants to accomplish something, then Kunzite can help him. Jadeite eyes Kunzite, but says nothing.

Luna apologizes At Juuban, it is lunch time. All the girls push their pink desks together. Ami is at the head of their "table." Ami smiles wickedly. The girls laugh and talk, while Usagi stands alone at her desk. Usagi clutches her lunch and looks sad. Usagi, no longer the popular one, goes up to the roof to eat her lunch. She sits down and looks at the ground. Luna walks up and tells Usagi that she is shocked Ami showed up at school. Usagi, looking down sadly, wonders if they always left Ami-chan alone, like she is now. Usagi tells Luna that if she has to fight against Ami-chan, she would rather stop being Sailormoon. Luna looks up at Usagi sadly, and says, "Usagi-chan..." Suddenly, the voice of Artemis interrupts them. Artemis jumps down onto the roof, yelling that that is not an option for Usagi. CGI Luna walks around CGI Artemis, happily saying, "Artemis!" Artemis tells Luna that this is a horrible situation. Luna looks down at the ground and says, "Sorry." Artemis tries to comfort Luna by telling her that the Princess has ordered they fight evil Sailormercury. Luna looks at Artemis again and says, "But, she's our friend!" Artemis explains that they can't stay quiet, this is to defend the Earth. Usagi sighs and looks even more in despair.

In the secret room at Crown, Usagi sits at the table, Makoto sits on the stage, and Rei sits on the couch. All of them are looking down at the floor sadly. They each recall an earlier conversation. Rei said that it would be impossible to fight against Ami-chan. Makoto flat out refuses to do so. Luna sadly said that "as a senshi, what the Princess said is correct, but...", she trails off. Usagi, deep in thought, looks depressed.

A youma appears At an amusement park, people enjoy their day on the various rides. A little girl pulls along her mother and points to a ride. They look to their right and see a jester-like youma spinning around. It bows at them.
Back in Crown, Luna looks up. She announces that she senses a youma nearby. The girls look up. Usagi purses her lips. The three girls hurry to where the youma is. When they arrive at the park, they see people laying on the ground, moaning. A scream from a woman who is being attacked draws their attention. The youma grabs the woman by the shoulders. Usagi turns to Makoto and Rei. She says that, for now, they should fight a monster they can see. The girls nod in agreement. They each transform into their senshi forms. The youma sees them and jumps. Mars suggests that they split up and Jupiter suggests surrounding the youma. The youma skips along and Jupiter and Mars run after it. Moon runs the other way, hoping to cut the youma off.

Evil Mercury appears The voice of Ami yelling, "Tsukino-san!" stops her. Sailormoon looks around and sees Ami-chan sitting on the Merry-Go-Round. She is smiling. Sailormoon, suprised, whispers, "Ami-chan!" "Will you fight me?" asks Ami. Ami crosses her arms and transforms, saying, "Dark Power, Make-up!" When the horse on which Ami-chan had been sitting appears again, evil Sailormercury is there, one arm raised in the air. Sailormercury smiles evilly at Sailormoon.

The youma runs past a whale tank. Sailorjupiter and Sailormars stop for a second to look at the whale and then continue their chase. The two senshi stop next to a jellyfish tank. The youma appears on the other side and waves to them. The rush through the aquarium building and see the youma by the exit door. The senshi run after him. They end up in a dark, dusty room. They nod at each other and each take different sides of the room. The youma pops up behind Sailormars, then behind Sailorjupiter. Sailormars looks around, with a frightened expression. The youma appears behind her and she spins around, only to see nothing. The youma makes a noise and puts its hand behind Sailorjupiter's head, but when she looks around, the youma is gone. Suddenly, Sailormars and Sailorjupiter back into each other. They look at each other and breath a sigh of relief. The youma then flicks on the lights and stands before them on a small platform. The senshi rush forward, but the youma has disapeared.

The youma drains energy from Mars and Jupiter As they look around, Sailormoon comes tumbling into the room. She lands on a stage. The lights turn on. Sailorjupiter and Sailormars try to rush forward, but are stopped by a railing. Evil Sailormercury walks onto the stage from the right. She has her ice sword. Sailorjupiter calls out, "Ami-chan!" but the youma appears again and wraps its hands around Mars and Jupiter's necks. The youma's face morphs and a mouth full of shap teeth appears. Mars and Jupiter glow purple as it sucks the energy from their bodies. Sailormoon looks at them with concern, but Mercury interrupts her thoughts. She demands to know where Tsukino-san is looking, since Sailormoon's opponent is she, Sailormercury.


Venus and Mercury fight Sailormoon continues to lie on the floor, as evil Sailormercury walks towards her. Sailormercury smiles and holds up her sword, ready to attack Sailormoon. Sailormars, still having the energy being drained from her, calls out "Usagi!" Moon looks up at Mercury and says, "Ami-chan..." Mercury smiles again, and raises the sword higher. She brings down the sword, towards Sailormoon's head. Just as she is about to come in contact with Sailormoon, Sailormercury is stopped. She looks up and sees Princess Sailorvenus. Venus has blocked Mercury's sword with her chain-belt. Sailormoon looks up and exclaims, "Venus!" Venus looks down at Sailormoon on the floor behind her and tells Sailormoon to get with it. Venus uses her belt to throw back Mercury's sword. Mercury does a back flip to escape. She turns around and smiles at Venus as the two circle each other. Mercury tells Venus that it is an honor to fight with the Princess. Venus tells Mercury to stop. If she doesn't, Venus will be forced to beat her. Mercury smiles and raises her sword, saying, "if you can." Venus holds up her chain. Sailormoon interrupts, pleading with the Princess to stop. Mercury and Venus leap into the air, and flip past each other. They both land on the ground.

After a moment, Venus' face contorts with pain. She falls to the ground, clutching her stomatch. Sailormoon looks at her with concern. Sailormercury stands up and turns towards them. With a smile on her face, Mercury says that she didn't know the Princess was so weak. Sailormercury then turns her attention to Sailormoon. She starts walking forward. Venus looks at Moon and tells her that she must fight. Moon looks at Venus and says, "eh?" Venus tells her not to to be defeated. Moon looks up at Mercury and says, "But..." Venus pleads with Sailormoon, telling her that it's her duty. Sailormercury stops in front of Sailormoon and lifts up her sword. Sailormoon closes her eyes. She slowly stands up and her body begins to glow pink. She transforms back into Usagi. Sailormercury looks at her with a shocked expression. Sailormars calls out "Usagi!" Venus looks up and tells, "Stop!"

Usagi's mittens are cut up by Mercury Usagi opens her eyes and looks at Mercury. She says that she won't fight against Ami-chan. She apologizes to Sailormercury, saying that she is sorry for having abandoned her. Usagi reaches into her blue bag and takes out the pink mittens that Ami knitted for her. She takes a step towards Mercury and thanks her form making them. She apologizes for only thinking of herself. She tells Mercury that she won't do it again and she can't fight her. Sailormercury looks down in thought as sad music plays. Usagi asks Ami-chan to come back to Crown with her. She smiles at Mercury. Mercury continues to think, but then her eyes snap up. She pulls up her sword and chops the mittens in half. Usagi looks at her, completely shocked. The mittens fall to the floor and Usagi looks down at them. Mercury puts her hand on her hip and asks if Usagi is done with the speeches.

Mercury is surrounded by Moon's light Usagi continues to look at the mittens on the floor. Her eyes fill with tears. One tears streaks down her cheak and falls on her Heart Moon Brooch. The brooch begins to glow and surrounds Usagi with pink light. Mercury backs away from the purifying light. Venus looks up and says, "Sailormoon's powers..." The youma is hit by the light and runs away. Sailormars and Sailorjupiter fall to the ground. The brooch's light glows for a moment longer and then stops. Usagi looks up and this time, her body glows with white light. She transforms back into Sailormoon. Her brooch now glows white and a circle of light appears around Sailormoon, surrounding Sailormercury. Mercury gasps. Sailorvenus smiles at Sailormoon. The youma, still nearby, is also surrounded by the light and is destroyed. Mercury tries to block the light with her hands. For a moment, evil Sailormercury turns back into Ami and calls out quietly, "Usagi-chan..." However, before Sailormercury can be healed, Kunzite appears, wraps his cape around her and disappears.

Sailormoon falls to her knees and the light stops. She continues looking at the spot where Mercury just was. Sailormoon mumbles, "just now... I..." Sailorvenus stands up. She tells Sailormoon that her powers are just beginning to awake. She says that it's just a little more. She tells Sailormoon to remember her powers. Sailormars and Sailorjupiter walk up. Mars says, "our powers..." Venus looks at her, then walks away. Sailormoon continues to stare ahead of her. She mumbles, "Ami-chan..." Mars and Jupiter go and kneel next to her. Mars looks at Jupiter. Suddenly, Jupiter reaches down and picks up the mittens. She holds out the now whole mittens to Sailormoon. Sailorjupiter says that the light may have fixed them. Sailormoon takes the mittens and tears run down her face. She cries with happiness, "I'm so glad..." Mars, with tears in her eyes, says that it was Ami-chan who told them that they must stick together. Jupiter nods and says they must hurry and get back Ami-chan, so they can all be together again. Luna climbs onto Sailormoon's right shoulder and says that they must do their best. The real Ami-chan is waiting for them. Sailormoon smiles and nods in agreement. All of them smile at each other, ready to complete their mission of getting back Ami-chan.

In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl stands before Queen Metaria's tower. Spots of black flow past her, covering her with dark energy. Beryl says that Metaria's stength is growing. This time they will surely reach the Earth. On a nearby wall are four compartments. The zoisite stone that contains Zoisite's spirit glows.

Zoisite appears before Mamoru Hina and Mamoru walk out of an elevator. Hina suggests that they go to the amusement park. Mamoru agrees. Hina says that the jet coaster is scary. Mamoru tells her that she likes those kind of rides. Hina smiles. They stop outside the door to Mamoru's appartment. Inside they can hear piano music. Hina turns to Mamoru and says, "CD?" She asks if someone is inside. Mamoru pats her on the shoulder and asks her to wait outside for a moment. He unlocks the door and heads down the hallway. He opens to door to the far room. Inside, a pair of white gloved hands play a piano. Mamoru, shocked, says, "you..." A ghostly looking Zoisite stands up, holds out a hand, and says, "Master Endymion..."

Preview of Act 23:
Rei sits on the floor of Crown. She says into her cellphone, "I need you to help me...". Usagi, on the other end, says "eh?"
A little girl and her mother walk up to Rei. The girl holds out some paper and says, "Sign, please."
Minako turns to Rei and says, "Good luck, Mars Reiko-san."
Makoto smiles and says she wants to see Rei sing.
Rei screams as she falls away from the karaoke machine in Crown.
Minako asks Rei if she is lacking something as a leader.
Rei climbs back up the stage to the karaoke machine at Crown and says that she won't let herself be defeated.
Rei holds her cellphone and is wearing a black outfit and red cowboy hat. Usagi claps her hands and says, "kawaii!" (cute).
Rei stands before a crowd on stage. She picks up the microphone and thinks to herself that she can do it. It's just a concert.

Note: Much of the dialog was derived from the wonderful summary by Warsurenagusa and Nae from Shingetsu. The rest of the description and summary was written by SailorJupiter244.