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Act 23

Title: Act 23
Episode: #23
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: March 13, 2004, 7:30 AM

This is simply a short review of the episode with my first thoughts. The regular summary will come later.

At the beginning, Zoisite is still "haunting" Mamoru. He calls him Master Endymion. Mamoru is obviously freaked out that there is a random villain in his apartment playng the piano. In the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl and company hear piano music and realize it's Zoisite. Nephrite and Mercury get into an argument.

When Rei arrives at Hikawa Jinja, she greets a little girl and her mother. The girl tells her about Aino Minako being at the hospital. At the hospital, Minako is singing "C'est la Vie" for a bunch of sick kids and their parents. She signs autographs afterwards. A little girl goes over and asks Rei for an autograph. The girls mother says that Minako told them Rei was "Mars Reiko-san." So apparently Minako told everyone that Rei was going to sing for them. I loved how Minako kept laughing after every time people would ask for Rei's autograph.

One of the funniest scenes was when Rei headed back to Crown to practice singing. She couldn't figure out how to work the karaoke machine and ended up turning it up so loud she fell to the floor. Rei had to call Usagi to help. (Who was so happy that Rei finally wanted to do Karaoke). Rei's karaoke at Crown appeared like she was purposely trying to make it looked lip-synched.

Minako is in the hospital and gets a cat-scan She has to lay down in a hospital bed and get an IV afterwards, so I guess her condition is serious.

Usagi and Rei go to the hospital for Rei's performance. When she gets there, Rei uses her TeletiaS to change her clothes into a skirt, black boots, jacket, and a red cowboy hat. (Too bad the toys don't allow you do to that... that would be cool.) She goes on stage and preforms Sakura Fubuki. But Usagi is called away when a youma attacks. (She signals this to Rei and there are subtitles in Japanese on the screen...)

Minako also senses the youma and transforms. Moon and Venus destroy the youma, but then are trapped in youma slime. Nephrite appears and walks towards the Princess. Before he can harm her, Mars appears. She uses Youma Taisan, however this time it's different. She swirls the fire around slowly. It's very pretty. Nephrite is hurt and disappears. Moon is disappointed when Mars tells her she wont be doing Karaoke.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite is severely injured, Mercury doesn't help him. Nephrite takes out some sort of weapon (looks like a pizza cutter...) and goes after Mercury. You see Mercury's shadow against the wall as Nephrite stabs the weapon into her kneck.