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Act 23

Title: Act 24
Episode: #24
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: March 20, 2004, 7:30 AM

This Act starts where Act 23 left off. Nephrite, angry with Sailormercury, takes out a weapon (shaped like a pizza cutter). He walks up behind Mercury and stabs it at her kneck. Mercury easily dodges and the weapon misses her completely. Mercury smiles. Nephrite tries to hit her again, but this time Kunzite steps in, grabbing the weapon. The sound of Zoisite's piano plays in the background as Kunzite pushes Nephrite to the floor and calls him "baka" ("stupid"). Kunzite takes out his sword and he and Nephrite fight. Mercury smiles.

The sound of piano playing grows louder and the camera cuts to Zoisite, playing his piano. Mamoru stands before him, questioning his presence. Zoisite mentions Endymion.

The camera cuts back to Nephrite and Kunzite fighting. Kunzite slices off a large portion of Nephrite's cape. Mercury smiles and walks away.

Zoisite continues to play the piano. He talks about master Endymion and recalls a memory of Endymion struggling, surrounded by flames.

--Opening Credits--

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite goes to complain to Queen Beryl. His face is covered with dirt and he is still holding the torn cape. Beryl looks at him with an expression of almost disguest.

At Mamoru's apparetment, he and Hina are sorting through books. Mamoru gets his bag and says he is going to go see Motoki. Hina stays and continues putting books in boxes. As Mamoru walks outside, he stops for a moment, as though he hears something.

Zoisite continues to play his piano. Kunzite enters the room and demands information from Zoisite about Master Endymion.

Usagi stands at a street corner, waiting for the light. Mamoru arrives. The look at each other and gives slight nods of acknoledgement. Usagi, mindlessly, walks out into the road. A car rushes towards her. Mamoru jumps off the sidewalk and pushes her out of the way. He yells, calling her "stupid." Usagi looks up and says, "stupid?! What do you mean?!" Then she stops, and realizes what has happened. She stands up slowly.

At Crown, Motoki is cleaning Kamekichi's shell with a cloth, so Kamekichi will look nice for his date with Marilyn. Usagi and Mamoru walk in together. Motoki talks with them for a bit, but when Makoto arrives, he runs over to her and loudly points out his new hair-do. He is still wearing the scarf that Makoto made for him. Makoto just looks at him. Usagi walks ahead to the meeting room. She sits on the couch sadly. When Makoto comes in, she tries to act happy and prepares for karaoke.

In the Dark Kingdom, Mercury walks over to Nephrite who is squatting on the ground. She throws a new cape at him and walks off.

Mamoru, on his way back from Crown, stops on the street and looks inside the bag he is carrying. He looks down at the Tuxedo Kamen outfit inside. Suddenly, a voice from behind him calls out "master." Mamoru suddenly wakes up in a planatarium. Zoisite's piano music plays in the background. Zoisite stands nearby. Zoisite looks up at the ceiling and points out the moon. The memory of Endymion surrounded by flames appears again. This time, however, the princess is also there. She is wearing a white dress and has black hair. The Princess reaches out and Endymion grabs her hand, as they both fall down. The flames dance around them. Zoisite looks at Mamoru and says, "you are Master Endymion." Mamoru closes his eyes and remembers the day he saved Sailormoon from Jadeite's crystal spear. Mamoru stands up and refuses to believe Zoisite. He says that he is Chiba Mamoru. Zoisite tries to call him Master, but Mamoru yells at him.

As Mamotu runs from the building, his phone rings. It's Hina. In the middle of his conversation, Kunzite appears behind Mamoru.

Hina runs into Crown, clearly upset. She asks Motoki about Mamoru. Usagi and Makoto are about to leave, but Usagi stops upo seeing Hina. Hina tells Motoki about Mamoru's call being interrupted. Hina mentions hearing the name Kunzite. Usagi and Makoto look at each other. Usagi steps up to Hina and asks where Mamoru was calling from. Hina says he was outside the "Planeta Luminarum." Usagi runs out the door and Makoto hurries after her. Makoto tries to stop Usagi, but Usagi refuses to stop. She continues running.


Kunzite pulls out his sword and tries to cut Mamoru. Helicopters can be heard overhead. Mamoru tries to escape Kunzite by running back inside. Inside, they fight some more. Mamoru blocks one of Kunzites swings with a metal trash-bin. Mamoru runs up the stairs. Kunzite calmly follows him. Tuxedo Kamen pops out of one of the doorways and fights with Kunzite. Tuxedo Kamen falls to the ground. Kunzite stands over him and talks about Master Endymion. Tuxedo Kamen stands back up, but Kunzite shoots blasts of energy from his sword, knocking Tuxedo Kamen over a railing. Tuxedo Kamen lands on a sound-stage. Kunzite looks down at him from the floor above, and smiles over at a youma. The youma begins to attack the crew that was working in the area. Kunzite jumps down towards Tuxedo Kamen.

Usagi and Makoto run into the planatarium. They look around and notice the overturned trash-bin. Luna warns Usagi as the Youma jumps down towards them. Usagi and Makoto transform. Sailormoon and Sailorjupiter fight the youma with a series of kicks and flips. Moon winks at Jupiter and they trip the youma. Jupiter rins at the youma, pushing against its staff weapon. Jupiter holds off the youma and tells Moon to hurry up. Moon rushes up the stairs, where she finds the staff of the building unconscious on the ground.


Kunzite walks towards Tuxedo Kamen, who is still on the ground. Kunzite lifts up his sword and sends several blasts of energy at Tuxedo Kamen. Tuxedo Kamen is just barely able to block them. Sailormoon appears at the railing and tells Kunzite to wait. She jumps down the the floor. Kunzite goes to attack Tuxedo Kamen again. Suddenly, Zoisite appears and calls out Kunzite's name. Zoisite creates a field of light green energy. He walks over towards Kunzite, distracting him long enough for Sailormoon to step in front of Tuxedo Kamen. Kunzite throws off Zoisite. Zoisite stands up to stop him, but Kunzite flings an energy blast at Zoisite. Zoisite falls to the ground, glows green and dissapears.

Kunzite gathers a large blast of energy and shoots it towards Sailormoon. She blocks it with her arms. She almost falls, but manages to stuggle against it. Suddenly, a white light begins to eminate from Sailormoon. She pulls out the Moonlight Stick and preforms Moon Twilight Flash. A blast of white light hits Kunzite. Kunzite disappears before he can be hurt. Sailormoon looks at her wand then sinks to the ground, drained of energy.

Meanwhile, Sailorjupiter fights the youma in a wharehouse. She looks at an open door, but the youma causes it took close. They fight some more. Jupiter falls to the ground. When the youma is just about to strike, Mars arrives and blasts the youma's staff out of its hands. Jupiter uses Sumpreme Thunder and Mars uses Youma Taisan. The youma is destroyed. Jupiter looks at Mars and Mars asks about Usagi.

Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen sit on the floor. Sailormoon says she needs to find Chiba Mamoru. Tucedo Kamen looks down. Sailormoon struggles to stand up and says to hurry. She limps off, falling to the ground. She is determined to save Chiba Mamoru. Moon stuggles up the steps and Tuxedo Kamen limps behind. Moon returns to the main lobbey and Tuxedo Kamen follows her. Moon falls to the ground. Tuxedo Kamen grabs her shoulders and calls her "stupid." Moon turns around and says, "stupid?! What do you mean?!" Suddenly, Moon remembers her near death accident with a car earlier. Mamoru had said the same exact thing. Kirari*SailorDream begins to play. Tuxedo Kamen and Sailormoon look at each other. She slowly reaches up and pulls the mask off of his face. She sees that Tuxedo Kamen has been Chiba Mamoru all along. Tuxedo Kamen looks down at her. End.

Preview of Act 25:
Usagi sits at her desk, mumbling, "Chiba Mamoru is Tuxedo Kamen..."
Minako sits in what looks like a hospital room, talking to Artemis.
Hina rushes towards the exit of Crown. She passes Mamoru standing next to Motoki. Motoki is wearing a giant turtle costume.
Sailormoon is on the ground. Kunzite raises his sword to attack her. Evil Sailormercury stops him. Kunzite raises his sword again. Tuxedo Kamen rushes in and jumps infront of her. The sword flies towards him. Tuxedo Kamen cries in pain. His hat falls off and his mask, cut in two, falls to the ground. Sailormoon calls out "Mamoru!"