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Act 23

Title: Act 25
Episode: #25
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: March 27, 2004, 7:30 AM

Act 25 opens with Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen sitting on the floor. Sailormoon has just taken Tuxedo Kamen's mask off. She looks at him. Tuxedo Kamen takes his mask back and looks at her. Sailormoon says, "I...." She then recalls how she professed her love for Chiba Mamoru in front of Tuxedo Kamen. She looks down, says, "I..." and quickly stands up. Tuxedo Kamen grabs her left wrist and says, "Usagi!" Sailormoon turns around and looks at him with suprise. He knows her identity. Tuxedo Kamen starts to say "I...", but stops and looks down. He slowly drops her wrist. Tuxedo Kamen puts his mask back on his face. He flips his cape and walks away. Sailormoon watches him go with a slight smile on her lips.

--Opening Credits--

A shot of the Dark Kingdom. Then, Zoisite is slammed onto his piano by Kunzite. After speaking to him harshly, Kunzite turns and starts to walk away. Zoisite stops him and stands up. The two discuss "Master" and the Princess. Kunzite draws his sword and puts it next to Zoisite's throat. Kunzite pulls sword back and then walks away.

In the Dark Kingdom, Jadeite is bowed before Queen Beryl. Jadeite tells Beryl about the Princess.

In her dressing room, Minako sits in front of a mirror, talking with Artemis about the senshi. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Artemis squeeks and his eyes grow very big in fright. Artemis hides as an assistant comes into the room to get Minako. He looks around and asks about the voices. Minako brushes him off and they leave. The Artemis plushie lies on the table without moving. As the door closes, Artemis breathes a sigh of relief. He opens his eyes and gets up.

At Mamoru's appartment, Hina puts a suitcase down on the floor. She goes to open it, but it's locked. So she looks for a key. She opens the middle drawer of Mamoru's table and inside sees Usagi's pink handkerchief, which is sitting next to the Valentine's Candy that Usagi gave Mamoru. She looks down at it and says, "what's this?"

In Usagi's room, Usagi sits at her desk, her chin on her hands. She says, "Chiba Mamoru is Tuxedo Kamen..." She recalls Tuxedo Kamen beginning to say something important earlier. "I, what?" asks Usagi. Usagi stands up and flings herself on her bed.

At Mamoru's appartment, Mamoru slouches on the couch. His staring at the ceiling is interrupted by the phone. It's Motoki. He's calling about Hina. A shot of Hina sitting sadly on a couch at Crown. All around her are party decorations, for Mamoru's farewell party.

Mamoru rushes into Crown. He starts to say "Motoki..." but stops when he sees that Motoki isn't at the counter. Mamoru looks around and then stops. He says, "Motoki...?" Motoki is standing in the hallway dressed in a turtle costume. It's a green leotard with a shell, green slippers, a stuffed turtle on his head, and Makoto's scarf around his neck. Motoki looks down then smiles and holds up a small stuffed turtle. He makes it squeek. Mamoru sighs and looks down. Motoki talks to him about Hina and whether Mamoru loves her. As Motoki is talking to Mamoru, Hina slowly walks down the hallway. Mamoru sees Hina's expression and yells, "Motoki!" Motoki makes a face, realizing what he's done. Hina rushes out the door. Mamoru runs after her. Motoki puts his hands on his head and screams. Almost crying, he turns to Kamekichi. Motoki hits himself on the head with his stuffed turtle.

Mamoru looks around outside and calls Hina's name. Hina hurries over a bridge. The villain background music plays as Kunzite looks down on the city from a rooftop. Jadeite walks up. Jadeite calls forth a youma to help Kunzite.

In the Dark Kingdom, Nephrite talks to himself, looking down at his cape. He recalls evil Sailormercury giving him the new cape. He stands up and angrily throws the cape to the ground.

Usagi marches along the sidewalk, having made up her mind.

Mamoru runs up some steps, still looking for Hina. He stops when he hears screams. Looking to the side, he sees a group of people having the energy drained from them. A youma stands on top of a building, stealing the energy.

Usagi stops and sees energy being gathered in the distance. She pulls out her cellphone and calls Luna.

Rei and Makoto, having just been informed about the youma, close their phones and run off.


Mamoru walks forward. A bunch of people run screaming from the youma. However, Hina just stands there. Mamoru goes over to her, but she pulls away. Hina, upset because she believes Mamoru doesn't love her, runs off. Mamoru hurries after her. Usagi stops and sees Mamoru. They look at each other.

Meanwhile, Rei and Makoto arrive at the building. They see the energy being sucked away. They nod to each other, than run up the steps of the building. Inside, they meet Kunzite and Jadeite, who are now working together. The two girls transform as Jadeite gets ready to attack. Sailorjupiter and Sailormars fight Jadeite as Kunzite watches from nearby.

Usagi and Mamoru continue to look at each other. Then they begin to walk towards each other. At the last moment, Mamoru turns to the side and runs away. Usagi looks at him in silence. Mamoru stops, bends down, and says, "Hina!" Hina lies on the ground. Mamoru tries to help Hina sit up. In an almost dazed voice, Hina asks him about her father [her father expects Mamoru to marry Hina and take over the buisness]. Mamoru looks up and sees Usagi still standing there. He looks at her sadly. Usagi tries to smiles. She tells Mamoru to hurry up and help Hina. Mamoru says, "Usagi..." Hina stiffens upon hearing her name. Usagi tells him to hurry again and then runs off.

Usagi stops a little ways away, looks back, and then transforms. Sailormoon runs off.

In the building, Sailormars and Sailorjupiter are fighting Jadeite and the youma. As Sailormoon runs into the room, Kunzite walks out into the open. He pulls his sword on her.

Mamoru lays Hina down on a park bench. He takes off his jacket and covers her up. He is about to walk off, when Hina grabs his arm. Mamoru lays her hand back down. Hina looks pale. Mamoru runs off. Hina watches him go and mumbles, "Usagi-chan..."

Tuxedo Kamen flips his cape. He looks down at his mask. He puts the mask on and runs off.


Kunzite and Moon fight. Kunzite holds up his sword and Moon holds up the Moonlight Stick. Kunzite hits the Moonlight Stick and Moon falls back. Kunzite goes to attack her again, but Sailorvenus blocks him with her chain-belt. Venus pushes Kunzite back. Kunzite informs Jadeite that the Princess has arrived. Jadeite nods to the youma, who attacks Venus and Moon with his breath. Both of the girls easily dodge. Venus tells Moon to get away. She then turns to Jupiter and Mars. They kick away Jadeite and go to stand next to Venus. Moon nods and backs away. Kunzite locks all the exits with a wave of his hand. The youma attacks with its breath, and Jupiter, Mars, and Venus are frozen to the ground. Moon starts to step forward, but stops when she sees evil Ami appear. Sailormoon looks at Ami and says, "Ami-chan!" Ami says, "" Kunzite walks up behind Moon and Moon gasps. Ami transforms into her evil senshi form.

The youma attacks Venus and Jupiter and freezes them completely. It turns to Mars and attacks. Mars counter-attacks with her flame.

Luna and Artemis hurry, and Luna calls with concern, "Sailormoon!!"

Mercury and Moon fight. Then Kunzite steps in and fights Moon.

The youma is too strong, and freezes Mars also.

Again, Mercury and Moon fight. Kunzite shoves Mercury out of the way and fights with Sailormoon. Sailormoon falls to the ground. Kunzite raises his sword for the final attack, but is interrupted by Mercury who yells out, "Kunzite!" Mercury wants to do it. Kunzite says that he is the one who will do it. He raises his sword again. As he brings his sword down, Tuxedo Kamen jumps in his way, calling "Sailormoon!" The sword slashes through Tuxedo Kamen's back and he cries out in pain. Tuxedo Kamen's hat falls to the ground. Then his mask, cut into two pieces falls on the floor. Sailormoon screams. Tuxedo Kamen cringes in pain. Kunzite smirks and addresses him sarcastically as "Master." Mercury interrupts him and pulls out her sword. She holds it against Kunzite's throat. Kunzite throws Mercury back. While they are occupied with each other, Moon cries over Tuxedo Kamen. Tuxedo Kamen struggles, then falls back down. His hand drops to the floor lifelessly.

Sailormoon looks at him with shock, unable to believe it. She calls out "Mamoru!" Suddenly, a form appears out of Sailormoon. It is the Moon Princess with black hair and a gold crescent moon on her forehead. She calls out "Endymion!" The scene briefly changes to Endymion laying on a stone floor. The Earth can be seen in the background. Sailormoon's tiara glows. Luna and Artemis watch with awe. The villains put their hands up to block the pure light. The youma is destroyed and the three senshi are unthawed. Suddenly, Venus' crescent moon disappears and is replaced by a tiara. Jupiter looks over at Usagi and says, "Usagi is..." Artemis yells that she's the princess. Luna nods and says that Venus is the leader of the Sailor Senshi.

The glowing around Sailormoon stops and she now appears in a white dress. Her black hair is pulled half-way back. Her tears fall onto Tuxedo Kamen's face. She cries, "please!" One of the tears begins to glow a bright blue. The light reaches even outside and heals all the people the youma had attacked.

The beam pierces all the way to the Dark Kingdom. Beryl raises her arms and says, "The ginzuishou!" (silver crystal) Queen Metaria's tower begins to glow red.

Within the blue light in front of the Princess is a small stone. Kunzite gasps and flips his cape, disappearing with Mercury. Jadeite also escapes. Tuxedo Kamen slowly opens his eyes. He looks up at her and says, "Princess..." He recalls his dreams of the Princess, who now has a face, begging him to find the ginzuishou. The stone disappears as the Princess sees that Tuxedo Kamen is alive. She looks down at him and says, "I'm so glad!"

Venus kneels down before the Princess and says, "Princess Serenity." The Princess looks over and says, "eh?" Mars and Jupiter also kneel before her. The Princess stands up. Luna and Artemis walk over. "I am... the Princess?" asks Usagi.

Preview of Act 26:
Venus kneels before the Princess.
Sailorjupiter holds the Sailor Star Tambourine (a new item)
Mamoru talks to Motoki.
Nephrite calls out, "Sailormoon... Princess!"
An image of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion laying on the ground, unconcious, with their hands clasped. Then the shitennou covered in rubble. Kunzite, covered with dirt screams.