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Act 26

Title: Act 26
Episode: #26
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: April 03, 2004, 7:30 AM

Act 26 starts off with a clip from Act 25 of the ginzuishou shining. Mamoru looks up at Usagi and says, "Princess..." The ginzuishou disapears. Sailorvenus kneels and says, "Princess Serenity." Mars and Jupiter kneel. Usagi stands up and looks down at them. She says, "I am the princess...?"

Moon Palace The camera focuses on a full moon. As it pulls back, the earth comes into view. On the Earth is a large palace with a green lawn surrounding it. On the moon is a palace light up under a dome. Luna narrates. At night time, Prince Endymion stands with Princess Serenity on a balcony of the Earth palace. The Princess leans against the Prince as they look up at the moon.

--Opening Credits--

In a palace-like room filled with white light, Venus kneels before Princess Serenity. Jupiter and Mars stand next to Venus. Artemis and Luna are off to the side. Venus explains about Usagi being the real princess. Jupiter and Mars kneel before Usagi. Usagi acts almost embarrased. A scene flashes back of Usagi using the ginzuishou to save Tuxedo Kamen. Venus stands up, bows and walks away. Mars stops her. Venus tells Mars that she, Venus, is the leader. Artemis walks off with Venus. Usagi looks down at the dress and moves the skirt around. Suddenly, she changes back to her normal clothes.

In the Dark Kingdom, Metaria's tower glows. Beryl stands looking at it. She senses that the ginzuishou has appeared. Jadeite stands behind her. Jadeite mentions the Princess and the ginzuisou. Jadeite bows before Queen Beryl and leaves.

Nephrite is kneeling on the ground. Kunzite looks down at him. Kunzite reveals that Sailormoon is the Princess. Nephrite, shocked, stands up and says "What?!" He also mentions the Princess' ginzuishou. Kunzite turns and walks away, laughing. Nephrite looks at him with an expression of hatred. He slams his hand against the wall, vowing to get the crystal.

Kunzite screams at the sight of the Shitennou covered in ruble As Kunzite walks through the cave, he hears piano music. He stops and says that it's Zoisite. He puts a hand up to his head, as if in pain. Suddenly, his eyes roll back and a memory of the past flashes. Zoiste, Nephrite, and Jadeite lie on the round, covered by debris. Kunzite, with a wound on his face, falls to the ground near them. Kunzite screams at the sight before him. As the vision ends, the piano music continues. Kunzite looks anger and stomps off.

Zoisite sits at his piano, playing music. Zoisite talks to himself about his Master and the Princess.

Hina sees Mamoru at the hospital In the hospital, Mamoru lies in a bed. He recalls waking up to see the Princess saying "I'm so glad." Mamoru talks to himself about how both the Princess and the ginzuishou have appeared (He had been looking for them) and how Usagi is the Princess. A noise comes from the other side of the room. Mamoru looks over as Zoisite appears. Zoisite briefly talks to Mamoru about the Princess' appearance. He disappears when a knock is heard on the door. Mamoru looks to the doorway and says, "Yes?" The door slides open to reveal Hina with a bouquet of flowers.

The Prince and Princess are frightened Luna continues to narrate the story of the past. A picture of the Earth palace, then the Prince and Princess running along the grass, happy. They sit down and smile at each other. Suddenly there is an explosion. The Prince and Princess look scared. Luna explains that the Earth was under attack. Dark energy encircles the Earth.

The Prince and Princess clasp hands in death In the ruined moon palace, the Princess and Prince lie on the floor, their hands clasped together.

In Crown, Usagi asks if that Princess was her. Luna looks down sadly.

On a roof top, Dark Mercury stands, looking at the city.

Back in Crown, Rei makes a comment about Venus being a better princess. Rei laughs as Usagi pinches her.

In the hospital, Hina talks to Mamoru. Hina hands Mamoru an envelope. Mamoru says thank you. Inside is his plane ticket to London. It says, "Issued by: JP Airlines, Place of Issue: Int Travel/Tokyo, Name of Passenger (Not Transferable) Chiba/MamoruMr, From: Tokyo/Narita, To: London/Heathrow." Mamoru looks at the ticket.

Luna continues the story. Luna mentions Tuxedo Kamen. Usagi recalls Mamoru talking to Hina after he found her on the ground. She looks down sadly


Motoki bangs his head against the computer At Crown, Rei says goodbye and walks out the door. Makoto and Usagi look over at Motoki who is laying on the counter. They ask him what's wrong. Motoki makes a scrunched up face and cries "Mako-chan!!" Motoki bangs his head against the computer. Makoto and Usagi look at him in shock. Motoki is still upset about what he said about Mamoru in front of Hina.

Back in the hospital, Hina is sitting next to Mamoru's bed. She gets up and leaves.

Ikuko bows before Usagi-hime Usagi-chan arrives back at her house. She walks into the kitchen. Shingo is sitting at the table and Ikuko is making food. Usagi says that she is a princess. Ikuko bows and holds out a sample of food, saying, "Usagi-hime" (Princess Usagi). Usagi makes a face, because the food is hot. Shingo teases Usagi and she goes and takes his video game away from him.

Thre Sailor Star Tambourines appear In Crown, at night time, three new weapons appear on the counter. They are the Sailor Star Tambourines. Each of them glow colors: one green, one red, and one blue. They make ringing sounds.

Nephrite sets a stone on the ground. A youma appears.

Makoto arrives at Crown. Takai-kun (Motoki's turtle obsessed friend) is taking photos of Kamekichi. He is also wearing a turtle backpack. Makoto asks him if Motoki-kun is there. Takai turns around and starts hiccupping. Takai tells her that he went to the airport, as Mamoru and Hina are leaving. Makoto looks upset. She flashes her passport and runs off. Takai pulls out a lemon slice to stop the hiccups. Kamekichi sits in his cage with his girlfriend, Marilyn.

In the secret room, Usagi holds up Jupiter's Sailor Star Tambourine. She bangs it, making a tambourine noise. Usagi shakes it in the air and shows it to Makoto. Makoto grabs Usagi's arm and tells her to hurry.

Outside, Makoto shakes the Sailor Star Tambourine in the air to hail a taxi. In the taxi, Makoto explains.


Hina waves goodbye At the airport, Mamoru looks at Hina who is just arriving. He asks her where her suitcases are. She holds up her plane ticket and rips it in half. Mamoru looks shocked and says, "hey!" Hina tells Mamoru that she won't be going with him. She turns and walks away. Mamoru tries to stop her, but she just waves over her shoulder. As she walks away, she starts to cry.

Makoto and Usagi sit in the taxi, stuck in traffic. They hear a noise, and Usagi recognizes that a youma has appeared. She gets out of the taxi.

Motoki arrives at the airport with a boquet of flowers, to apologise to Hina. He asks Mamoru where she is. Mamoru explains. He looks down at his own ticket.

People scream as a youma attacks them. Makoto and Usagi run up. Makoto tells the youma to wait. They both transform. Jupiter still holds the Tambourine.

Mamoru recalls the Princess saving him.

Jupiter and Moon destroy the youma Jupiter and Moon fight the youma. Jupiter shoves the youma and tells Usagi to go. Sailormoon turns around as Nephrite calls her. He strangles her, knowing she is the princess. Jupiter calls out "Usagi!" and the Tambourine begins to glow. She recalls Artemis' saying that there would be a present for them. Jupiter shakes the Tambourine and a beam of energy blasts Nephrite. He falls to the ground. Jupiter tells Moon to hurry and leave. Moon says that she is the Princess.

Mamoru says goodbye to Motoki. Motoki wishes him health. Mamoru turns around and says, "Usagi?" Motoki looks at him and asks, "Usagi-chan?" Mamoru shakes his head, indicating that he meant nothing.

Nephrite shoots a blast of energy at Sailormoon. She dodges. Meanwhile, Jupiter fights the youma. Jupiter does a flip and lands next to Moon. They nod to each other. Moon takes out her Moonlight Stick and uses Moon Twilight Flash. Jupiter uses the Sailor Star Tambourine and attacks with Jupiter Thunder Bolt. The youma is destroyed, but Nephrite escapes.

Mamoru's plan starts to take off.

Sailormoon smiles and walks away.

Mamoru sits by himself on the plane.

Usagi walks away smiling Usagi walks along a bridge, singing C'est La Vie as a plane flies in the background. She stops and watches it go. Then she turns around, smiles, and walks off.

The new senshi arrives Dark Mercury turns around on the roof top and pulls out her sword. A new Sailor Senshi [Sailor Luna] stands before her. The senshi has a yellow skirt and bow. She also has cat ears and a cat tail. She hold up a weapon similar to the Moonlight Stick.

Preview for Act 27: Usagi stands on the stage in Crown with a karaoke microphone.
The human form of the new senshi smiles from a group of stuffed animals. She says, "I am..."
Makoto looks shocked, the girl sits at her counter and says "I am..."
Dark Mercury stands over Sailormoon with her sword. Moon cringes. The new Senshi yells. Moon looks up and says, "a sailor senshi..."
The new senshi poses on the ground.
The new senshi skips over a bridge.