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Act 37

Title: Act 37
Episode: #37
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: June 26, 2004, 7:30 AM
Description: Usagi, depressed after Mamoru being taken by Queen Beryl, disapears. Luna asks Ami and Makoto to help her keep Usagi's mother from noting her absence. Ami and Makoto succesfully dress up as Usagi and trick Ikuko-mama, who doesn't notice due to losing her contacts. Meanwhile, Nephrite, now in human form, discovers that he was not killed by Beryl. Beryl keeps Mamoru trapped in the Dark Kingdom and uses Mio to keep tabs on him. After fighting several youma, the Senshi see Princess Sailormoon playing a harp. She calls out to Endymion and reveals that she destroyed the star.

Luna recaps Act 36, in which Berly attemped to stop Princess Sailormoon Recap of Act 36, in which Usagi faints after Beryl convinces Mamoru to go to the Dark Kingdom Makoto covers up the still unconscious Usagi
Mio entertains Mamoru in the Dark Kingdom by offering him many odd cuisines Usagi, glowing with light, awakens in the night and disapears Ikuko suprises Ami, who is disguised as Usagi
Shingo wonders why Ami is dressed as Usagi, while Ikuko notices nothing Ikuko tells 'Usagi' that her friend Makoto has arrived Minako talks to Rei while on the set
To not seem out of place, Minako tells a worker that Rei is practing lines with her, playing NakoNako Luna, Ami, and Makoto try to decide who will next take Usagi's place Makoto tries to disguise her voice from Ikuko. She jumps around yelling 'hai! hai!'
Mamoru and Kunzite confront each other in the Dark Kingdom Minako continues her discussion with Rei, who is dressed as NakoNako Mamoru recalls his past as Prince Endymion and how he would train with Kunzite
Mio stops Kunzite from hurting Mamoru Nephrite has survived Beryl talks to Mamoru in the Dark Kingdom
Minako and Rei put on a performance for a nosey worker Beryl recalls being jealous of Endymion and Serenity The girls meet and sense danger
Many youma appear and attack The senshi destroy the youma with their tambourines, but more youma appear Princess Sailormoon appears, playing her harp. Her announcement shocks the senshi.