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Act 41

Title: Act 41
Episode: #41
Series: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Running Time: 30 minutes
AirDate: July 24, 2004, 7:30 AM

Usagi recalls the devestating power of the ginzuishou from Act 40 Beryl realizes that Metaria has awakened Usagi and Ami say hello to the science teacher in the morning at school
Motoki feeds Kamekichi at the Karaoke Parlour Motoki stops 'Nefukichi' from running away Nephrite threatens to hurt Motoki
Nephrite lays on the ground, hurt after Makoto threw him off of Motoki The girls sit in Karaoke Crown, listening to Minako's new song, 'Kiss 2 Bang 2' Children's school
Ami, Naru, Usagi, and Makoto are helping out at a preschool Usagi wears a bunny suit while Ami wears a penguin suit to entertain the children Makoto, in a turtle suit, and Naru, in a cheetah suit, give the kids piggy-back rides
Motoki looks at Ami in shock when she tells him there is a turtle to be found Ami helps clean up the mess Nephrite made Usagi abandons Makoto with the laundry, knowing Motoki will show up soon
Motoki spies the woman of his dreams - Makoto in a turtle suit Usagi and Makoto talk as they hang up the laundry Motoki, still in his safari outfit, sees a man fall to the ground
The teachers at the school all fall to the ground, unconscious Makoto and Motoki finally find the lost boy in a tree Motoki entertains the boy while Makoto calls Usagi
After youma attack, Usagi must transform in front of Naru One of the youma With no other options, Makoto also transforms in front of Motoki
Makoto calls upon the power of lightening, much to the suprise of Motoki Sailormoon destroys the youma, only to have a super youma appear out of their bodies The ginzuishou begins to shine, causing Moon to try and stop its deadly power
Moon is overtaken by Princess Sailormoon Princess Sailormoon attacks the youma Usagi, now back to herself, rushes to the hurt Naru. All around her is the destruction caused by Princess Sailormoon