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Buying Guide: PGSM DVD Kirari Super Live Special

Kirari Live DVD
Japanese Title: 美少女戦士セーラームーン キラリ☆スーパーライブ
Romaji Title: Bishoujo Senshi Seeraamuun Kirari*Suupaa Raibu
English Title: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Sparkling*Super Live

Release Date: August 27, 2004
Price: 6090 yen (about us$60)
Company: Bandai Visual
Catalogue Number: BCBS-1961
Language: Japanese
Region: 2 (Requires a Region 2 or Regionless Player)

Length: 110 minutes (73 minute Main Feature, plus 37 minute Behind the Scenes Bonus)
Other: Color, Dolby Digital Stereo, Single Sided Dual-Layer Disk. Includes removable Japanese Lyrics Subtitles for the songs.

Description: This is a recording of the Special Live Event that occured on May 2, 2004 at Yomiuri Hall. This Special Event was held for the 1,000 winners of the Sailormoon Campaign (a contest held earlier in the year, in which you had to send in UPC symbols to enter). The Special includes appearances by the actors and actresses, song numbers, and dramas. The songs are mixed among the story line. The Shitennou plot to kidnap Luna and the Senshi must save her.

Other Versions: The Kirari Super Live Special is also available in VHS (NTSC) format. The VHS costs 6300 yen (US$63). It is 110 minues (with bonus), Hi-Fi Stereo. (Bandai Product BES-3170)

Places to buy the DVD:
Amazon Japan (in Japanese)
CD Japan (English)
Neowing (Japanese)

Places to buy the VHS:
Amazon Japan (in Japanese)
CD Japan (in English)
Neowing (in Japanese)

DVD Kirari Live Back Cover -------DVD Contents-------

Extra 1:
Japanese Title: 『キラリ☆スーパーライブ』おまけ映像 (*舞台裏をキャッチ! 出演者からの一言コメントなど、ココでしか見られない素顔を魅力たっぷりに紹介!!)
Romaji Title: "Kirari*Supaa Raibu" Omake Eizou (*Butaiura o Kyacchi! Shutsuensha Karano Ichigen Komento Nado)
English Title: "Kirari*Super Live" Bonus Image (*Catch Offstage! One word comments from the actors, etc.) [Behind the scenes special]

Extra 2:
Japanese Title: タキシード仮面+四天王!「男だらけの緊急座談会」
Romaji Title: Takishiido Kamen + Shitennou! "Otoko darake no Kinkyuu Zadankai"
English Title: Tuxedo Mask + Shitennou! "Urgent Discussion full of Men"
Other: Available in each press.

Song List:

Japanese: 1. C'est la vie~私のなかの恋する部分(うさぎ、亜美、レイ、まこと、美奈子)
Romaji: 1. C'est la Vie ~ watashi no naka no koi suru bubun (Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako)
English: 1. C'est la Vie ~ The loving part inside me (Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako)

Japanese: 2. 桜・吹雪(亜美、レイ)
Romaji: 2. Sakura Fubuki (Ami, Rei)
English: 2. Cherry Blossom Storm (Ami, Rei)

Japanese: 3. HERE WE GO!(うさぎ、まこと)
Romaji: 3. Here We Go! (Usagi, Makoto)
English: 3. Here We Go! (Usagi, Makoto)

Japanese: 4. 肩越しに金星(レイ、まこと、美奈子)
Romaji: 4. Katagoshi ni Kinsei (Rei, Makoto, Minako)
English: 4. Venus over the Shoulder (Rei, Makoto, Minako)

Japanese: 5. Romance(うさぎ、亜美、美奈子)
Romaji: 5. Romance (Usagi, Ami, Minako)
English: 5. Romance (Usagi, Ami, Minako)

Japanese: 6. Sweet Little Resistance(ルナ)
Romaji: 6. Sweet Little Resistance (Luna)
English: 6. Sweet Little Resistance (Luna)

Japanese: 7. キラリ☆セーラードリーム!(小枝)
Romaji: 7. Kirari*SeeraaDoriimu! (Sae)
English: 7. Sparkling*Sailor Dream! (Sae)

Japanese: 8. Friend(ムーン、マーキュリー、マーズ、ジュピター、ヴィーナス)
Romaji: 8. Friend (Muun, Maakyurii, Maazu, Jupitaa, Biinasu)
English: 8. Friend (Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus)

Japanese: 9. キラリ☆セーラードリーム!(全員)
Romaji: 9. Kirari*SeeraaDoriimu! (Zenin)
English: 9. Sparkling*Sailor Dream! (All Characters)