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PGSM General Show Information

Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, known as "PGSM" for short, is Toei's new Live-Action Sailor Moon Series.

Show Information:
Japanese Title: 美少女戦士セーラームーン
Title: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon
Show Format: Live-Action
Show Times: Aired Saturdays, 7:30-8:00 AM, staring October 4, 2003 and ending September 25, 2004. Reruns air Thursdays 8-10 AM starting November 11, 2004.
Show Length: 30 minutes
Number of Episodes: 49 Regular Acts, 1 Making of Special, and 2 Original DVD Releases.
Origin Country: Japan
Channel: Original Broadcast: CBC/TBS Channel 26. Reruns: Toei.

Production Information:
TV Stations: Chubu Nippon Broadcasting System (CBC) and Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS)
Production Company: Toei Co. Ltd., Toei Agency, CAZBE
Advertising/Marketing Agency: Dentsu
Producers: Okazaki Takeshi (CBC), Takezawa Toshiyuki (CAZBE), Yada Kouichi (Toei Agency), Sakata Yuuma (Dentsu), Shirakura Shin'ichiro (Toei), Maruyama Shin'ya (Toei)
Original Story: Takeuchi Naoko
Script: Kobayashi Kiyoko (and others)
Supervisor: Tasaki Ryuuta (and others)

Other Information:
Official Sites: Bandai's Sailormoon Channel and CBC's Pretty Guardian Sailormoon and Toei's Fly Me to the Sailormoon
Toy Makers: Bandai
News Conference: The Live-Action show details were announced at a news conference in Yokohama, Japan on July 31, 2003.
Related Shows/Media:
*"Make-up!! Pretty Guardian Sailormoon": A "making-of" special, 30 minutes, aired several days beginning September 25, 2003.

*PGSM Promo Clips: several PGSM commercials that aired prior to the show

*DJ Moon Radio Program: This program (later released as the DJ Moon 1 CD, aired in Japan on the Radio. The five actresses hosted the show, talking to each other as their characters, and introduced various songs.

Short Summary:
        Tsukino Usagi is a regular young girl living in Tokyo, Japan who adores idols and is consistently late for school. One day, on the way to school, a stuffed-animal cat drops from the sky and lands on her head. This cat turns out to be a magical cat from the Moon named Luna, who has come to help Usagi transform into Sailormoon, the soldier of justice. Her job is to fight the evil Dark Kingdom that is attacking the Earth. Usagi is soon joined by several other friends and they begin to discover the truth of their past lives and their destinies on Earth.