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DJ Moon Radio Program

DJ Moon CD Poster Japanese Title: 「美少女戦士セーラームーン」 ラジオ特番 "DJ ムーン"
Romaji Title: "Bishoujo Senshi Seeraamuun" Rajio Tokuban "DJ Muun"
English Title: "Pretty Guardian Sailormoon" Radio Special Series "DJ Moon"

Presented Via: Various radio stations
Location Aired: Japan
Language: Japanese
Length: 30 minutes

Description: This program (later released as the DJ Moon 1 CD, aired in Japan. The five acctresses hosted the show, talking to each other as their characters, and introduced various songs.

Luna - Han Keiko
Role of Sailormoon - Sawai Miyuu
Role of Sailormars - Kitagawa Keiko
Role of Sailormercury - Hama Chisaki
Role of Sailorjupiter - Azama Myuu
Role of Sailorvenus - Komatsu Ayaka

Songs Played:
Kirari*SailorDream, preformed by Sae
Over Rainbow Tour, preformed by Sawai Miyuu
Katagoshi ni Kinsei, preformed by Komatsu Ayaka
C'est La Vie, preformed by Komatsu Ayaka

December 21, 2003 18:30-19:00 (6:30-7:00 PM) on CBC Radio
January 4, 2004 25:00-25:30 (1:00-1:30 AM) on TBS Radio
January 4, 2004 14:30-15:00 (2:30-3:00 PM) on MBS Radio.

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1) DJ Moon 1 CD
2) DJ Moon 1 CD Poster (available only in select Japanese stores with the CD)

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