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PGSM :: Sailorjupiter

Sailorjupiter Makoto sings with Luna
Character Name: 木野まこと
Character Name: Kino Makoto [family - given name]
Nick Name: Mako-chan
Senshi Name: セーラージュピター
Senshi Name: Sailorjupiter
Actress: Azama Myuu
First Appearance: Act 5 (briefly)
Main Intro Episode: Act 6
Human Hair Color: Browish-Black
Human Hair Style: Ponytail with strait bangs
Senshi Hair Color: Brown
Senshi Hair Style: Curly ponytail
School: Juuban Middle School
Birthday: December 5
Astrological Sign: Sagitarius
Family: Her parents died when she was little. She lives alone
Friends: Tsukino Usagi, Mizuno Ami, Hino Rei

Important Episodes:
Act 5: At the very end of the episode, a girl walks down the street. There is thunder and lightning. Her shoes click on the pavement. She looks back towards the camera, and it's Makoto.
Act 6: In Act 6, Makoto saves Usagi from three mean basketball players, by beating them up. Makoto eats "alone" on the roof with Ami, because everyone is scared of her. After school, Usagi befriends Makoto and they go shopping. Makoto, like the other girls has a crush on a star basketball player, Takeru. The three creeps from earlier trick her into waiting in the rain for Takeru. Later, Takeru appears, and takes Makoto to another dimension, where he has taken several girls. Makoto breaks his spell and sets the girls free. She then has to fight a youma. Makoto is about to give up when she starts to remember all the sad moments of her life. Sailormoon appears and encourages her. Makoto transforms into Sailorjupiter and defeats the youma.
Act 8: Rei and Makoto get into a fight about helping Usagi with her homework. Usagi asks Makoto to bring a good luck charm to the shrine for her, hoping Makoto and Rei would make up. When Makoto arrives at the shrine, she sees Rei being forced into a car. Makoto follows Rei to a hotel where she finds out that Rei is being forced to attend dinner with her unloving father. Makoto helps Rei to escape. They make up and fight Jadeite together. Later, they both enter the NakoNako contest in Usagi's place.
Act 11: Makoto and Usagi go to see Minako in the hospital to get an autograph. Sailormoon and Sailorjupiter fight Zoisite after he hypnotizes Ami and Rei. Sailorjupiter is also hypnotized. When Zoisite leaves, they are returned to normal.
Act 14: Makoto sings a duet with Luna
Act 18: Makoto and Motoki eat at the "Canal Cafe." Makoto gives Motoki a present for Kamekichi. Makoto learns that Mamoru is engaged.
Act 19: Makoto gives Motoki a scarf on Valentine's Day. It is the only present he gets. Makoto says she didn't like how the scarf turned out.
Act 20: Makoto spies on Usagi and Mamoru when they take Hikari and Daichi to the park. Makoto is upset that Usagi finds out that Mamoru is engaged from Hina. At the end of the episode, Makoto confronts Tuxedo Kamen, having figured out that he is Mamoru.
Act 21: Makoto recalls having punched Tuxedo Kamen in the face and warning him to stay away from Usagi. At school, Makoto notices that Ami is missing. She goes to Ami's house and finds her sick. Makoto makes Ami some food. Then Ami asks her to go to the amusement park. They go and ride on the rides. When Ami collapses on the Merry-Go-Round, Makoto and Motoki bring her to the hospital. Ami, possesed by Kunzite, leaves destroys her hospital room and leaves. Makoto follows her to a house, where Ami meets up with Kunzite. Sailorjupiter tries to protect Ami, but she is too late. Ami turns evil before her eyes.

Jupiter Power Make Up
Japanese Name: ジュピター・パワー・メイクアップ
Romaji Name: Jupitaa Pawaa Meikuappu
Translated Name: Jupiter Power Make up
Type: Transformation
Animation: GIF
Description: Makoto uses this phrase to transform into Sailorjupiter. She begins by raising her right arm above her head and crossing her left arm over her right arm. She then moves her arms down and her bracelet begins to glow. The Jewelry Star Bracelet glows green. Next she puts her hands up and one by one her nails are painted green. She crosses her hands over her chest then brings them above her head, placing her hair in the Sailorjupiter hairstyle of a pony-tail. lightning strikes around her as she spins and throws her arms down. She uniform appears on her body. A green zodiac spins in the background as lightning zaps her feet and her boots appear. Gloves appear on her hands, followed by the belt around her waist. Her tiara appears on her forehead. Completely transformed, Sailorjupiter poses with lightning bolts behing her.
First Used:Act 6

Supreme Thunder
Japanese Name: シュープリーム・サンダー
Romaji Name: Suupuriimu Sandaa
Translated Name: Supreme Thunder
Type: Attack
Description: Sailorjupiter uses this phrase to begin an attack on the enemy. She starts by raising her right arm above her head while her left hand is on her hip. lightning flashes down from the sky and hits her, making her glow brightly. She lifts one leg up and spins around. She then puts her hands up in the air and pulls them down, gathering the glowing power in her hands. She shoots the energy from her hands in the form of streaks of lightning.
First Used:Act 6

Flower Hurricane
Japanese Name: フラワー・ハリケーン
Romaji Name: Furawaa Hariken
Translated Name: Flower Hurricane
Type: Attack
Description: Sailorjupiter uses this phrase to begin an attack on an enemy. She starts this attack by holding her arms out to her sides. She spins them in circles buiding up energy. She then raises them above her head and crosses them. Pink flower petals gather with the energy above her head. She spins herself around and then stretches her arms out in front of her and shoots a ball of pink energy and petals at the enemy.
First Used:Act 8

Jupiter Thunderbolt
Japanese Name: ジュピター・サンダー・ボルト
Romaji Name: Jupitaa Sandaa Boruto
Translated Name: Jupiter Thunderbolt
Type: Attack
Description: Sailorjupiter uses this phrase to begin an attack on the enemy. She uses the Sailor Star Tambourine. She starts by holding the tambourine in her right hand. She shakes it around her body and bolts of lightning begin to gather. She moves her arms around more, then aims the bolts at the enemy, sending streaks of lightning and energy from her hands.
First Used:Act 26


Silver Bracelet
Makoto's Silver Bracelet Mercury's Silver Bracelet Japanese Name: 銀のブレスレット
Romaji Name: Gin no Buresuretto
Translated Name: Silver Bracelet
Description: Makoto wears this bracelet while in human form. It changes into the Jewelry Star Bracelet when she transforms.
First Used: Act 6

Jewelry Star Bracelet
Jupiter's Jewelry Star Bracelet Japanese Name: ジュエリスターブレスレット
Romaji Name: Jueri Sutaa Buresuretto
Translated Name: Jewelry Star Bracelet
Purpose: Transformation tool
Description: Makoto uses this bracelet to transform into Sailorjupiter. It is worn on Sailorjupiter's left wrist. The center jewel is dark green in color, while the surrounding material is pink with white trim.
First Used: Act 6

Teletia S
Jupiter's TeletiaS Japanese Name: テレティアS
Romaji Name: Teretia S
Translated Name: TeletiaS (Cellphone)
Purpose: Communication/Disguise tool
Description: This phone can be used to disguise oneself as anyone by taking the person's picture. It can also be used as a regular cellphone.
First Used: Act 8

Jupiter's Belt Japanese Name: バラ の ベルト
Romaji Name: Bara no Beruto
Translated Name: Rose Belt
Description: Jupiter's belt that goes around her waist. In the center of it there is a ball filled with rose potpurri.
First Used:Act 6

Rose Earrings
Jupiter's Earrings Japanese Name: バラ の イヤリング
Romaji Name: Bara no Iyaringu
Translated Name: Rose Earrings
Description: Earrings that both Makoto and Sailorjupiter wear.
First Used:Act 5/6

Karaoke Crown Passport
Jupiter's Passport Japanese Name: カラオケ・クラオン・パスポート
Romaji Name: Karaoke Kuraon Pasapooto
Translated Name: Karaoke Crown Passport
Description: Luna provides a passport to each of the senshi which is used to enter Karaoke Crown.
First Used: Act 47

Sailor Star Tambourine
Jupiter's Tambourine Japanese Name: セーラースタータンバリン
Romaji Name: Seeraa Sutaa Tanbarin
Translated Name: Sailor Star Tambourine
Description: Jupiter uses her Sailor Star Tambourine with the other senshi to attack.
First Used: Act 26

Jupiter's Staff Jupiter's Staff Japanese Name: やり
Romaji Name: Yari
Translated Name: Spear
Description: Jupiter uses this sword to fight against the enemy. She takes out her Sailor Star Tambourine and, calling on the power of thunder and the planet Jupiter, she transforms it into a spear.
First Used: Act 49

Credits to Martian_Bob for some of the items images