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PGSM :: Sailormars

Sailormars Sailormars
Civilian Name: 火野レイ [ひのれい]
Civilian Name: Hino Rei [family - given name]
Senshi Name: セーラーマース
Senshi Name: Sailormars
Actress: Kitagawa Keiko
First Appearance: Act 2 (briefly)
Introduction Episode: Act 3
Human Hair Color: Brownish-Black
Human Hair Style: Shoulder length
Senshi Hair Color: Black
Senshi Hair Style: Long hair
Home: Hikawa Jinja (Shrine)
Dislikes: Karaoke
Occupation: schoolgirl and miko (shrine maiden)
Family: In Act 8, it is revealed that her father is a busy politician. They only get to gether once a month to eat. Rei does not have a good relationship with her father; she would prefer not to meet with him. It turns out that he needs information for an article on the "ideal parent-child relationship." Rei believes that her father hates her and that is why he abandonded her at the shrine. Rei's mother is dead.
Friends: Tsukino Usagi, Mizuno Ami, Kino Makoto
Other: Rei works at her family's shrine. She is often seen staring into the flames of a fire and can predict the future. She was somewhat a loner, but eventually warmed up to Usagi.
Intro Episode: (Act 3) She was blamed for the disappearance of six other miko, due to her special powers. Usagi came to her defense. She was taken by the youma and eventually defeated it using "Youma Taisan!"

Type:Name:Episode Introduced:
TransformationMars Power, Make-upAct 3
AttackAkuryou TaisanAct 3
AttackYouma TaisanAct 3

Mars' Ofuda Japanese Name: 御札 [おふだ]
Romaji Name: Ofuda
Translated Name: "Honorable Holy Writing"
Purpose: Attack tool
Description: Ofuda are white slips of paper that contain Japanese writing (kanji) that are used to ward off evil spirits. Rei uses the ofuda to attack enemies as part of the "Akuryou Taisan" attack.
First Used: Act 3

Bead Bracelet
Rei's Bead Bracelet Name: "REI" Bead Bracelet
Description: This is a normal bracelet that Rei was wearing. She drops it on the ground after Usagi bumped into her. This leads to Usagi following her. When a youma attacks, the bead bracelet is replaced by her silver bracelet which becomes her Jewelry Star Bracelet.
First Used: Act 3

Silver Bracelet
Rei's Silver Bracelet Mercury's Silver Bracelet Japanese Name: 銀のブレスレット
Romaji Name: Gin no Buresuretto
Translated Name: Silver Bracelet
Description: Rei wears this bracelet while in human form. It changes into the Jewelry Star Bracelet when she transforms.
First Used: Act 3

Jewelry Star Bracelet
Mars' Jewelry Star Bracelet Japanese Name: ジュエリスターブレスレット
Romaji Name: Jueri Sutaa Buresuretto
Translated Name: Jewelry Star Bracelet
Purpose: Transformation tool
Description: Rei uses this bracelet to transform into Sailormars. It is worn on Sailormars's left wrist. The center jewel is dark red in color, while the surrounding material is pink with white trim.
First Used: Act 3

Mars' Earrings Japanese Name: まっかな イヤリング
Romaji Name: Makka na Iyaringu
Translated Name: Deep Red Earrings
Description: Earrings that Sailormars wears.
First Used:Act 3

Belt Brooch
Mars' Belt Brooch Japanese Name: まっかな いしの バローチ
Romaji Name: Makka na Ishi no Baroochi
Translated Name: Deep Red Brooch Stone
Description: This is the brooch that Sailormars wears just above her skirt.
First Used:Act 3

Teletia S
Mars' TeletiaS Japanese Name: テレティアS
Romaji Name: Teretia S
Translated Name: TeletiaS (Cellphone)
Purpose: Communication/Disguise tool
Description: This phone can be used to disguise oneself as anyone by taking the person's picture. It can also be used as a regular cellphone.
First Used: Act 8

Karaoke Crown Passport
Japanese Name: カラオケ・クラオン・パスポート
Romaji Name: Karaoke Kuraon Pasapooto
Translated Name: Karaoke Crown Passport
Description: Luna provides a passport to each of the senshi which is used to enter Karaoke Crown.
First Used: ?

Sailor Star Tambourine
Mars' Tambourine Japanese Name: セーラースタータンバリン
Romaji Name: Seeraa Sutaa Tanbarin
Translated Name: Sailor Star Tambourine
Description: Mars uses her Sailor Star Tambourine with the other senshi to attack.
First Used: Act 26

Mars' Swords Japanese Name: けん
Romaji Name: Ken
Translated Name: Sword
Description: Mars uses these two swords to fight against the enemy. She takes out her Sailor Star Tambourine along with Sailorvenus' tambourine and, calling on the power of fire and the planet Mars, she transforms both of them into short swords. One is red and the other is orange.
First Used: Act 49
Katar, TeletiaS, & Tambourine picture donated by Martian_Bob