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PGSM :: Sailormercury

Evil Mercury Mizuno Ami
Character Name: 水野亜美 [みずの あみ]
Character Name: Mizuno Ami [family - given name]
Senshi Name: セーラーマーキュリー
Senshi Name: Sailormercury
Other Identity: 悪のマーキュリー [あく の マーキュリー]
Other Identity: Dark Mercury
Actress: Hama Chisaki
First Appearance: Act 1
Human Hair Color: Black
Human Hair Style: usually pulled back
Senshi Hair Color: blue with lighter highlights
Senshi Hair Style: cropped short
Class: 2-1
Class Rank: #1
Teacher: Haruna Sakurada
Mother: Mizuno Saeko
Pets: Has an aquarium in her room
Friends: Tsukino Usagi, Kino Makoto, Hino Rei
Other: In Act 20, Ami is captured by Kunzite. In Act 21, she transforms into Dark Mercury, her evil form. She is finally turned back in Act 28, after fearing that she killed Sailormoon.

Important Episodes:
Act 1: Mizuno Ami appears briefly in Act 1. When Usagi arrives late for school, Haruna-sensei says that Usagi should be more like Mizuno-san, who arrives early every day.
Act 2: Ami/Sailormercury truly appears in Act 2. When Usagi and Naru look at the second-year (8th grade) grade postings, Ami is ranked first. Usagi's friends reveal that Ami is lonely. She has no real friends and her mother, a doctor, is always busy. At lunchtime, Ami eats on the roof by herself. Later, Usagi talks with Ami. Ami tells Usagi that she too like the singer Minako Aino. Usagi gives her the new Venus MD (mini disk). Then Ami has to leave for juku (cram school). As Ami leaves, Luna reveals that Ami is really the second senshi, Sailormercury. Ami arrives at Alt-Seminar, her juku, and her teacher congratulates her on another fine exam. Ami reveals that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up in order to make her mother happy. At first, Ami tells Usagi she doesn't want to be a Senshi. Later, when a youma posseses her teacher and then attacks her, Ami decides to become a Senshi and help Sailormoon.
Act 5: Ami is insecure about her friendship with Usagi. She buys a book to help. She pretends to be something she is not, and ends up fainting at Usagi's sleepover. Ami reveals that she doesn't really need her glasses, they just make her feel less shy. Ami starts calling Usagi, "Usagi-chan" in this episode. Ami eats lunch in the classroom with the other students, but in the end goes back to eating it on the roof.
Act 14: When Usagi becomes sick from having been possesed by Kunzite, she is brought to Ami's house. There, Ami using a computer to monitor Usagi's vital signs. When Naru comes and asks to talk to Usagi, Ami turns her away. A tension between the two begins. Later, when Kunzite has captured Usagi, Sailormercury fights him. She asks the water in the cave to aid her and it creates a sword to defend herself from Kunzite's attack. After, Mercury calls out Usagi's name and the spell of the youma is broken.
Act 16: Ami and Naru are having a fight. They compete to get Usagi's attention. When Naru is taken by a youma, Ami tries to save her, but can't. Feeling guilty, Ami refuses to give up until she defeats the youma and save Naru. At the end of the episode, Ami and Naru become friends.
Act 20: Ami feels alone in this episode. She spends a great deal of the time knitting mittens for each of her friends. She tries to talk to Makoto, but Makoto rushes off to deal with Usagi's problems. Rei is busy with trying to understand the Princess, and Usagi is distracted by Mamoru. As Ami heads home that day, Kunzite appears in a swirl of black rose petals. She tries to defend herself, but Kunzite sends a wave of energy at her. Her head falls to her chest as she comes under his control. At the end of the episode, a last shot of the table in Crown is shown with the four pairs of mittens that Ami knit.
Act 21: Makoto goes to Ami's house and finds her almost unconscious on the bed. Makoto makes her some food. Then Ami requests that they go to the amusement park. There, the two have fun. When Ami rides on the Merry-Go-Round she falls unconscious. Makoto and Motoki rush her to the hospital. While waiting for Ami's medical results, Makoto hears a noise in Ami's hospital room. She rushes in to find the room torn to pieces, black rose petals scattered everywhere. Ami walks down a flight of steps, starring blankly. She hurts two innocent by standers. Ami goes to Kunzite's layer. Sailorjupiter tries to save her, but Ami is under Kunzite's control. She transforms using "Dark Power Make-up" and becomes an evil version of Sailormercury. She challenges the senshi to a battle.

Type:Name:Episode Introduced:
TransformationMercury Power, Make-upAct 2
TransformationDark Power, Make-upAct 21
AttackMercury Aqua MistAct 2
AttackShine Aqua IllusionAct 9

Silver Bracelet
Mercury's Silver Bracelet Mercury's Silver Bracelet Japanese Name: 銀のブレスレット
Romaji Name: Gin no Buresuretto
Translated Name: Silver Bracelet
Description: Ami wears this in human form. When she becomes Sailormercury the bracelet turns into the Jewelry Star Bracelet.
First Used: Act 2

Jewelry Star Bracelet
Mercury's Jewelry Star Bracelet Japanese Name: ジュエリスターブレスレット
Romaji Name: Jueri Sutaa Buresuretto
Translated Name: Jewelry Star Bracelet
Purpose: Transformation tool
Description: Ami uses this bracelet to transform into Sailormercury. It is worn on Sailormercury's left wrist. The center jewel is a dark blue in color, while the surrounding material is pink with white trim.
First Used: Act 2

Mercury's Earrings Japanese Name: イヤリング
Romaji Name: Iyaringu
Translated Name: Earrings
Description: Earrings that Sailormercury wears.
First Used:Act 2

Karaoke Crown Passport
Mercury's Passport Japanese Name: カラオケ・クラオン・パスポート
Romaji Name: Karaoke Kuraon Pasapooto
Translated Name: Karaoke Crown Passport
Description: Luna provides a passport to each of the senshi which is used to enter Karaoke Crown.
First Used: Act 2

Teletia S
Mercury's TeletiaS (CellPhone) Japanese Name: テレティアS
Romaji Name: Teretia S
Translated Name: TeletiaS (Cellphone)
Purpose: Communication/Disguise tool
Description: This phone can be used to disguise oneself as anyone by taking the person's picture. It can also be used as a regular cellphone.
First Used: Act 3

Ice Sword
Evil Mercury's Ice Sword Mercury's Sword Name: Ice Sword
Purpose: Weapon
Description: When attacked by Kunzite, Sailormercury asks the water to help her and it forms a swords of blue ice in her hands. She is able to block Kunzite's attack, but the sword dissolves shortly after.
First Used: Act 14

Dark Jewelry Star Bracelet
Evil Mercury's Jewelry Star Bracelet Japanese Name: 悪のジュエリスターブレスレット
Romaji Name: Aku no Jueri Sutaa Buresuretto
Translated Name: Dark Jewelry Star Bracelet
Purpose: Transformation tool
Description: Ami uses this bracelet to transform into her evil version, Dark Sailormercury. It is worn on Dark Sailormercury's left wrist. The center jewel is a dark blue in color, while the surrounding material is gray with dark gray trim.
First Used: Act 21

Dark Sword
Evil Mercury's Dark Sword Japanese Name: 悪のけん
Romaji Name: Aku no Ken
Translated Name: Dark Sword
Purpose: Weapon
Description: Dark Mercury uses this sword to fight against the senshi. She creates it from an icicle.
First Used: Act 22

Sailor Star Tambourine
Mercury's Tambourine Japanese Name: セーラースタータンバリン
Romaji Name: Seeraa Sutaa Tanbarin
Translated Name: Sailor Star Tambourine
Description: Merucry uses her Sailor Star Tambourine with the other senshi to attack.
First Used: Act 26

Mercury's Sword Mercury's Sword Japanese Name: けん
Romaji Name: Ken
Translated Name: Sword
Purpose: Weapon
Description: Mercury uses this sword to fight against the enemy. She takes out her Sailor Star Tambourine and, calling on the power of water and the planet Mercury, she transforms it into a sword.
First Used: Act 49

Harp Bow
Mercury's Harp Name: Harp Bow
Purpose: Weapon
Description: Dark Mercury never actually uses this weapon in the series. It worked like a bow and arrow. Originally it was planned to be used as a weapon instead of the icicle sword. However, at the last minute a production decision was made to change the weapon. Several promotional photos still exist with Dark Mercury holding the harp. DVD Vol 6 was originally supposed to have the harp on the cover photo.
First Used: Never

Thanks to Martian_Bob for the Sword & Tambourine images