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PGSM :: Sailormoon

Princess Sailormoon Sailormoon
Civilian Name: 月野うさぎ [つきのうさぎ]
Civilian Name: Tsukino Usagi [family - given name]
Senshi Name: セーラームーン
Senshi Name: Sailormoon
Second Senshi Name: プリンセス セーラームーン
Second Senshi Name: Princess Sailormoon
Other Name: プリンセス・セレニティ
Other Name: Princess Serenity
Actress: Sawai Miyuu
First Appearance: Act 1
Human Hair Color: Black
Human Hair Style: An odango on either side of head with pigtails hanging down
Senshi Hair Color: Blond
Senshi Hair Style: Two odangos
Class: 2-1
Teacher: Haruna Sakurada
Family: Tsukino Ikuko, Tsukino Shingo, Tsukino Kenji
House: Two story, sign reads: "4-20, Tsukino"
Toys: Talking Luna plushie
Likes: Usagi likes to listen to the pop idol Aino Minako. She even has a poster of Minako hanging on her wall. Usagi also gives a copy of a Minako Mini Disk CD to her new friend Mizuno Ami.
Friends: Osaka Naru, Kimura Momoko, Abe Kanami, Mizuno Ami, Hino Rei, Kino Makoto, Komatsu Ayaka
Love Interest: Usagi bumps into a mysterious and rude man several times. He seems to enjoy poking fun at her. She eventually learns that his name is Chiba Mamoru. Meanwhile, Usagi falls in love with the mysterious Tuxedo Mask who comes to her rescue several times. Eventually Usagi learns that Mamoru and Tuxedo Mask are one and the same. However, Mamoru's engagement to a women named Hina stands in the way of their blossoming love. When Tuxedo Mask is killed, Usagi's emotions overwhelm her and she reveals her true identity as Princess Serenity. Using her powers, she is able to heal Mamoru. Usagi and Mamoru fall in love, rekindling the emotions of their past lives as lovers.
Rivals: Hina is Usagi's rival for the love of Mamoru. Hina is engaged to Mamoru and although she is nice, she often treats Usagi like a child.
Enemies: The Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl, Mio.

Type:Name:Episode Introduced:
TransformationMoon Prism Power, Make-upAct 1
TransformationPrincess Moon TransformationAct 36
AttackMoon Healing EscalationAct 1
AttackMoon Tiara BoomerangAct 2
AttackMoon Twilight FlashAct 2
AttackMoon Attractive AttackAct -
AttackPrincess Moon AttackAct 36

Usagi's TeletiaS (CellPhone) Japanese Name: テレティアS
Romaji Name: Teretia S
Translated Name: TeletiaS (Cellphone)
Purpose: Communication/Disguise tool
Description: This phone can be used to disguise oneself as anyone by taking the person's picture. Usagi also used it to try on clothing. It can be used as a regular cellphone.
First Used: Act 1

Heart Moon Brooch
Usagi's Heart Moon Brooch Japanese Name: ハートムーンブローチ
Romaji Name: Haato Muun Buroochi
Translated Name: Heart Moon Brooch
Purpose: Transformation tool
Description: Usagi uses this to transform. It was given to her by Luna.
First Used: Act 1

Usagi's Transformation LipStick Japanese Name: リップスティック
Romaji Name: Rippusutikku
Translated Name: Lipstick
Purpose: Transformation tool
Description: Usagi uses this to aid in transforming. Luna gave it to her along with the Heart Moon Brooch.
First Used: Act 1

Moon's Earrings Japanese Name: イヤリング
Romaji Name: Iyaringu
Translated Name: Earrings
Description: Earrings that Sailormoon wears.
First Used:Act 1

Moonlight Stick
Sailormoon's Moonlight Stick Japanese Name: ムーンライトスティック
Romaji Name: Muun Raito Sutikku
Translated Name: Moonlight Stick
Purpose: Attack tool
Description: Sailormoon uses this item to perform "Moon Healing Escalation" and "Moon Twilight Flash"
First Used: Act 1

Moon's Tiara Japanese Name: ムーン・ティアラ・ブーメラン
Romaji Name: Muun Tiara Buumeran
Translated Name: Moon Tiara Boomerang
Purpose: Attack tool
Description: Sailormoon uses this item to perform the "Moon Tiara Boomerang" attack. She also wears the tiara on her head while in Senshi form.
First Used: Act 1

Karaoke Crown Passport
Usagi's Crown Karaoke Passport Japanese Name: カラオケ・クラオン・パスポート
Romaji Name: Karaoke Kuraon Pasapooto
Translated Name: Karaoke Crown Passport
Description: Luna provides a passport to each of the senshi which is used to enter Karaoke Crown.
First Used: Act 1

Silver Crystal
Silver Crystal Japanese Name: 幻の銀水晶  [まぼろし の ぎんずいしょう]
Romaji Name: Maboroshi no Ginzuishou
Translated Name: Illusionary Silver Crystal
Description: The Ginzuishou is a power from within Princess Serenity's body that is formed out of her tear to heal Mamoru. She also uses this power in various other attacks and as Princess Sailormoon.
First Used: Act 25

Moon Phase
Usagi's watch, a present from Mamoru Japanese Name: ムーン・フェイズ
Romaji Name: Muun Feizu
Translated Name: Moon Phase
Description: This watch is a gift from Mamoru to Usagi in Act 36. It is shaped like a star and has a gold chain so it can be worn around the neck. Usagi sees the watch in a store window and Mamoru ends up giving it to her as a gift.
First Used: Act 36

Princess Harp
Princess Sailormoon's Harp Princess Sailormoon's Sword Japanese Name: プリンセス ハープ
Romaji Name: Purinsesu Haapu
Translated Name: Princess Harp
Purpose: Attack tool
Description: Princess Sailormoon uses the Princess Harp to attack. The Princess Harp can be played as a harp and used to heal. It can also be transformed into a sword for direct attacks. The Harp uses the power of the Ginzuishou.
First Used: Act 36

Locket, Sword, Ginzuishou, and Harp images kindly presented by Martian_Bob