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PGSM :: Sailorvenus

Sailorvenus Sailor V
Character Name: 愛野美奈子
Character Name: Aino Minako[family - given name]
First Senshi Name: セーラーV
First Senshi Name: Sailor V
Senshi Name: セーラーヴィーナス
Senshi Name: Sailorvenus
Actress: Komatsu Ayaka
First Appearance: Act 1
Human Hair Color: Black
Human Hair Style: shoulder length
Senshi Hair Color: Blond
Senshi Hair Style: long, top part pulled back
Transportation: In Act 8, she is chauffeured in a black Mercedes-Benz, license plate #69-56.

Job: Pop Music Idol
Fame: Minako is a pop music idol. In Act 1, Usagi has her poster on the wall and is listening to her song on the radio. In Act 2, Ami also listens to Minako's song on a MD (Mini Disk, a small CD). "C'est La Vie" is also on the karaoke machine at Crown. In Act 12, Minako sings par of her new song, "Katagoshi ni Kinsei" in the Ferris Wheel. In Act 15, Usagi recalls a clip of her "Katagoshi ni Kinsei" PV/Music Video.
Albums: "Venus" by Aino Minako
Songs: * "C'est la Vie - Watashi no Naka no Koi Suru Bu Bun" ("C'est La Vie - The Part of Me That Loves")
 * "Katagoshi ni Kinsei" ("Venus over the Shoulder")
 * "Romance"
 * "Kiss Bang"
 * "Sayonara Sweet Days" ("Goodbye Sweet Days")
 * "I'm Here"

Alter-ego Sailor V: Sailor V first appeared in episode 1, where she stopped Tuxedo Kamen from stealing jewels. She also appeared on the news station that the Tsukino family was watching.
Alter-ego Princess Sailor Venus: In Act 12, Sailor V reveals herself as "Princess Sailor Venus."

Important Episodes
Act 1: In the beginning of Act 1, Sailor V stops Tuxedo Kamen from getting away with items from a jewelry store.
Act 8: In Act 8, Minako holds a contest where contests dress up as her mascot, Nako Nako, and yell "Kupii Kupii!" for a chance to win a signed Nako Nako stuffed animal. Unfortunately, Minako is unable to attend the contest. She meets Zoisite outside, who tries to control her with his music. Minako screams to have the radio turned off and he disappears
Act 12: In Act 12, Minako is chased by adoring fans from the hospital. Usagi aids her by acting as a decoy and leading the fans away. Later, Usagi and Minako share cake on a Ferris Wheel. Also, in Act 12, Minako transforms into Sailor V instantly as she is running. At the end of the Act, Sailor V reveals herself to be Princess Sailor Venus. She then uses an energy beam to mortaly wound Zoisite.
Act 17: In act 17, Minako is walking through her hotel room. She suddenly falls onto the couch as though she is dizzy. She later goes to the Saint Juban Church and prays at the alter. Minako and Rei help the priest with a dog. Minako outdoes Rei by buying more food for the dog than Rei does. When a youma attacks the priest, Minako transforms into Princess Sailorvenus in front of Sailormars. At the end of the episode, Venus yells at Mars for allowing the youma to escape.
Act 18: At the start of Act 18, Minako is riding in a taxi. The buildings start to grow fuzzy before her eyes and she puts a hand to her head, as though she is dizzy. Minako once again outdoes Rei by drawing a large poster of the dog. When the four senshi are being attacked by Jadeite and Nephrite, Sailorvenus appears and helps them out. Venus and Mars chase the youma to another part of the church. Working together, they defeat it. Sailorvenus uses her "Venus Love-Me Chain" attack.
Act 20: At the start of Act 20, Nephrite has captured Princess Sailorvenus. He takes her crown, planing to please Beryl by obtaining the ginzuishou. Venus, however, is not defeated that easily. She points her hands at Nephrite, and the crown disappears from his hands, leaving a burn mark. She then pulls out an orange purse, which she opens to reveal several fake crowns.

Type:Name:Episode Introduced:
TransformationVenus Power, Make-upAct 17
AttackVenus BeamAct 12
AttackVenus Love-me ChainAct 18

Crescent Moon Cutter
Sailor V's Crescent Moon item Japanese Name: みかづき カッター
Romaji Name: Mikaduki Kattaa
Translated Name: Crescent Moon Cutter
Purpose: Attack tool
Description: Sailor V holds it while she attacks. Princess Sailor Venus also throws it.
First Used: Act 1

Silver Bracelet
Sailorvenus' Silver Bracelet Mercury's Silver Bracelet Japanese Name: 銀のブレスレット
Romaji Name: Gin no Buresuretto
Translated Name: Silver Bracelet
Description: Minako wears this in human form. When she becomes Sailorvenus the bracelet turns into the Jewelry Star Bracelet.
First Used: Act -

Jewelry Star Bracelet
Venus' Jewelry Star Bracelet Japanese Name: ジュエリスターブレスレット
Romaji Name: Jueri Sutaa Buresuretto
Translated Name: Jewelry Star Bracelet
Purpose: Transformation tool
Description: Minako uses this bracelet to transform into Sailorvenus. It is worn on Sailorvenus's left wrist. The center jewel is orange in color, while the surrounding material is pink with white trim.
First Used: Act 12

Fake Tiara
Princess Venus' Tiara Japanese Name: にせもの の ティアラ
Romaji Name: Nisemono no Tiara
Translated Name: Fake Tiara
Description: Princess Sailor Venus wears this tiara. The crystal in the middle is a decoy ginzuishou (Silver Crystal).
First Used: Act 12

Venus' Earrings Japanese Name: イヤリング
Romaji Name: Iyaringu
Translated Name: Earrings
Description: Earrings that Sailorvenus wears.
First Used:Act -

Sailorvenus' Belt Sailorvenus' Belt Japanese Name: チェーン
Romaji Name: Cheen
Translated Name: Chain
Purpose: Attack tool
Description: Sailorvenus uses her belt in her "Venus Love-me Chain" attack.
First Used: Act 12

Tiara Box
Sailorvenus' Tiara Box Name: Tiara Box
Purpose: Storage
Description: Sailorvenus uses this box to keep her tiara in.
First Used: Act 20

Teletia S
Sailorvenus' Teletia S Japanese Name: テレティアS
Romaji Name: Teretia S
Translated Name: TeletiaS (Cellphone)
Purpose: Communication/Disguise tool
Description: This phone can be used to disguise oneself as anyone by taking the person's picture. It can also be used as a regular cellphone.
First Used: Act -

Karaoke Crown Passport
Sailorvenus' Passport Japanese Name: カラオケ・クラオン・パスポート
Romaji Name: Karaoke Kuraon Pasapooto
Translated Name: Karaoke Crown Passport
Description: Luna provides a passport to each of the senshi which is used to enter Karaoke Crown.
First Used: Act 44

Sailor Star Tambourine
Sailorvenus' Tambourine Japanese Name: セーラースタータンバリン
Romaji Name: Seeraa Sutaa Tanbarin
Translated Name: Sailor Star Tambourine
Description: Venus uses her Sailor Star Tambourine with the other senshi to attack.
First Used: Act 26

Sailorvenus' Sword Japanese Name: けん
Romaji Name: Ken
Translated Name: Sword
Purpose: Attack tool
Description: This sword was originally created from Sailorvenus' Sailor Star Tambourine by Sailormars in Act 49. It is first used by Sailorvenus in the Special Act.
First Used: Act 49/Special Act

Thanks to Martian_Bob for the Teletia, Sword, Passport, and Tiara Box images