Sailor Dream: Jupiters Thunder Dragon Sailor Dream: Jupiters Thunder Dragon Sailor Dream: Jupiters Thunder Dragon Sailor Dream: Jupiters Thunder Dragon Sailor Dream: Jupiters Thunder Dragon Sailor Dream: Jupiters Thunder Dragon Sailor Dream: Jupiters Thunder Dragon Sailor Dream: Jupiters Thunder Dragon
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Name Guide :: Supporting Characters

Please Note:
*The Japanese (Original version) names are listed in the traditional Japanese fashion, family name then given name.
*N/A stands for non-applicable or not relevant to that version.
*For many of the English dub names (particulary for the CWI dub) official spellings have not been released. Eventhough DiC has released products with character names, many of their products are contradictory. Therefore, the English dub spellings have been spelt in the most common way and every effort has been made for them to be correct.
*The Mixx English manga often changes spellings or even names throughout the manga volumes (sometimes even on the same page). I have tried to include each of their variations. Also, Mixx itself has released the Manga under several names. (Mixx, Chix Comix, Smile, TokyoPop) Here it will simply be referred to by the parent company, Mixx.

Negaverse N/A Dark Kingdom Dark Kingdom Dark Kingdom
Negaforce N/A Queen Metallia
Queen Metaria Queen Metaria
Queen Beryl N/A Queen Beryl Queen Beryl Queen Beryl
Jedite N/A Jadeite Jadeite Jadeite
N/A Nephrite Nephrite Nephrite
Zoycite N/A Zoicite Zoicite Zoicite
Malachite N/A Kunzite Kunzite Kunzite
Darien N/A Endymion Endymion Endymion
Doom Tree
Tree of Life
N/A N/A Makaiju N/A
Alan Granger
N/A N/A Al
Ginga Seijuurou
Anne Granger
Ann Granger
N/A N/A An (En)
Ginga Natsumi
Nega Moon Family
Dark Moon Family
N/A The Black Moon
The Black Moon Clan The Black Moon Clan
Doom Phantom
N/A Wiseman
Death Phantom
Death Fantom
Death Fantom
Prince Diamond N/A Prince Diamond Prince Demando Prince Demando
Sapphire N/A Sapphire Safiru Ao no Safiru
Rubeus N/A Rubeus Rubeus Kurenai no Rubeus
Emerald N/A Emerald Esmeraude Midori no Esmeraude
Dark/Nega Moon Sisters
Four Sisters
N/A Four Sisters of Deception Ayakashi No Yon Shimai Ayakashi No Yon Shimai
Catzi N/A Catzi Kooan Kooan
Bertie N/A Bertie Beruche Beruche
Avery N/A Avery Calaveras Calaveras
Prizma N/A Prizma Petz Petz
Wicked Lady N/A Black Lady Black Lady Black Lady
N/A Bureau of Bad Behavior Death Busters The Death Busters The Death Busters
N/A Pharaoh 90 Master Pharaoh 90 Pharaoh 90 Pharaoh 90
N/A Mistress 9
Sovereign of Silence
Mistress 9 Mistress 9
Messiah of Silence
Mistress 9
N/A Dr. Tomo Professor Soichi Tomoe Professor Tomoe Professor Tomoe Soichi
N/A Kaoli Knight
Kaori Night Kaolinite
Kuromine Kaori
N/A Bureau of Bad Behavior Witches 5 Witches 5 Witches 5
N/A Eugeal Eudial
Yuko Arimura
Eudial Eudial
Arimura Yuuko
N/A Mimet Mimete
Mimi Hanyu
Mimete Mimete
Hanyuu Mimi
N/A Telulu Tellu
Lulu Teruno
Tellu Tellu
Teruno Ruru
N/A Virule Viluy
Yui Bido
Viluy Viluy
Vido Yui
N/A Ciprin Cyprine Cyprine Cyprine
N/A Peteral Petite Roll Ptilol Ptilol
N/A Dark Moon Circus Dead Moon Circus Dead Moon Circus Dead Moon Circus
N/A Queen Nehellenia Nephrenia
Queen Nehellenia Queen Nehellenia
N/A Zirconia Zirconia Zirconia Zirconia
N/A Zircon Zircon Zircon Zircon
N/A Amazon Trio AmazonTrio Amazon Trio Amazon Trio
N/A Hawk's Eye Hawk-Eye Hawk's Eye Hawk's Eye
N/A Tiger's Eye Tiger-Eye Tiger's Eye Tiger's Eye
N/A Fish Eye Fish-Eye Fish Eye Fish Eye
N/A Amazoness Quartet Amazoness Quartet Amazones Quartetto Amazones Quartetto
N/A SeleSele CereCere
Sailor Celis
CereCere CereCere
Sailor Ceres
N/A VesuVesu VesVes
Sailor Vesta
VesVes VesVes
Sailor Vesta
N/A ParaPara PallaPalla
Sailor Palis
Sailor Palus
PallaPalla PallaPalla
Sailor Pallas
N/A JunJun JunJun
Sailor Juno
JunJun JunJun
Sailor Juno
N/A N/A Shadow Galactica Shadow Galactica Shadow Galactica
N/A N/A Chaos Chaos Chaos
N/A N/A Sailor Galaxia Sailor Galaxia Sailor Galaxia
N/A N/A Sailor Animates
Sailor AnimaMates Sailor AnimaMates
N/A N/A Sailor Aluminum Siren Sailor Aluminum Seiren
Aya Reiko
Sailor Aluminum Seiren
N/A N/A Sailor Iron Mouse Sailor Iron Mouse
Nezu Chuuko
Sailor Iron Mouse
N/A N/A Sailor Red Crow Sailor Lead Crow
Karasuma Akane
Sailor Lead Crow
N/A N/A Sailor Tein Nyanko
Kitty Bell
Sailor Tin Nyanko Sailor Tin Nyanko
Suzu Nyanko
N/A N/A Star Sailor Lethe N/A Sailor Lethe
N/A N/A Star Sailor Mnemosyne N/A Sailor Mnemosyne
N/A N/A Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon N/A Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon
N/A N/A Sailor Chi N/A Sailor Chi
N/A N/A Sailor Phi N/A Sailor Phi