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Sailor Cosmos

Color Manga, Cosmos and Sailor Chibi-Chibi

Name: セーラーコスモス
Name: Sailor Cosmos

Quick Summary
        Chibi Chibi is really Sailor Cosmos. Sailor Cosmos came from the future to guide Sailormoon on the right path. She took the form of Chibi Chibi to do this. Sailor Cosmos is what Eternal Sailor Moon would have become if she did not destroy Chaos and follow her destiny.

        Sailor Cosmos' mission was to return to the past and guide Eternal Sailor Moon onto the correct path and destroy Chaos.

In Depth
        Sailor Cosmos is first shown in Vol. 18, Stars 9, Act 51, and first identified in Vol. 18, Stars 10, Act 52. It was reveled that Chibi Chibi is really Sailor Cosmos.

        Sailor Cosmos is the possible future form of Sailormoon. She is what Sailormoon would have become if Sailormoon had not sacrificed her life to destroy Galaxia. When asked by Sailor Ceres if she is Sailormoon's ultimate future form, she replies that she is only a coward who ran away from the battle and that she is no match for Eternal Sailormoon's final courage and strength.
        Some dispute as to who Sailor Cosmos really is, saying that she is Sailor Moon's pure and ultimate form, but she her self has denied that. (since she could not win the war against Chaos in her time, she is obliously not ultimate) Others suggest that she is no way related to Sailor Moon, but an entirely different person. I believe after reading the Manga, that she came from one of the possible futures, where the wars continued, because Chaos had not been destroyed. She is the Sailormoon of that possible future, what Eternal Sailormoon would have become if she had not destroyed Chaos. Here is a passage, taken from Alex Glover's translations of the Sailor Stars Manga, Vol. 18, Stars 10, Act 52, when Sailor Cosmos recalls her past:

"From an overwhelming future, where I lost the war to Sailor Chaos, I gave up everything and ran away. Repeated massacres, a long, painful war... The enemy that appeared, the strong, enormous Sailor Chaos... With the way of fighting we had used, we didn't stand a chance. Even if we defeated it, even if we returned the peace of before, the damage taken, the price we paid, would be too much. Too far-reaching. We couldn't do it. I don't know anymore, why there are wars. What is right. What should I do? When I'm lost, when I'm hurt, I remember. The war here. Back then at the Cauldron. If I had eliminated it, would the pain, would the war have ended? After regretting it so many times, I came here. To make it right this time."

        From what I understand from the above paragraph, Sailor Cosmos is talking about regreting the fact that she hadn't destroyed the Cauldron when she had he chance and if she had the war might have ended. She goes onto explain how she came back to the past in the form of ChibiChibi to lead herself onto the right path. The Cauldron could not be destroyed, but she did persuad Eternal Sailormoon to try to destroy Chaos (She manages to make Chaos become so small inside the Cauldron that it could not be found). With the power of Eternal Sailormoon, Cosmos heads back to her own time, in the future, to re-join the battle. You can see what I'm talking about in the following quote taken once again from the Manga translations of Alex Glover, Vol. 18, Stars 10, Act 52:

"The me of here [Usagi], too, was all alone. Always suffering. So I was always by her side, to support her. I was going to make her choose the right path this time.... But I knew. The chosen path was not a mistake. Nobody can destroy the place where stars are born. Because of this place, we can continue living. Time and time again, we can start over. I won't run away anymore. I'll go ahead to the future. Because I was blessed with great power by Eternal Sailormoon. All the courage and strength to stand alone, the courage and strength to accept everything! I had forgotten it. The matchless strength!"

        Sailor Cosmos also tells the Quartetto that Eternal Sailormoon is the true Sailor Cosmos and that she (Cosmos) cannot become the true Sailor Cosmos until she has the courage and strength to stand alone. This is because the identity of Sailor Cosmos is like a thing you earn, something inside of you. Sailor Cosmos said she isn't the true Sailor Cosmos, becuase in her time she ran away from her destiny and the battle, when she should have fought.

        Some people have argued that Sailor Cosmos couldn't be Sailormoon's future self, because Sailormoon sacrificed herself to the Cauldron; therefore if Sailormoon was dead then her future self would be dead also, but you have to remember, no matter how many times Sailormoon dies, she is always reincarnated. Sailor Cosmos even told the Quartetto that Eternal Sailormoon had been reborn by the Lambda power. (Which was formed when the Star Seeds came together).

Sailor Cosmos in the Anime?
        Sailor Cosmos is never mentioned in the Anime, it is in the Manga that she appears. But, if you have see the Stars series you may remember the part I talked about in ChibiChibi's profile. Its the part in which Chibi Chibi gives Sailormoon strength and power. After the pink ripples gathered and sent out a blast of energy, a shadowy figure appeared in front of Sailormoon. Although this figure was not identified any further then being Sailor Galaxia's Star Seed, you can make out the outline of it.

Mysterious Shadowy Figure

        This picture is a little blurry, but you can still get the point. The figure is female, and tall. She has two odango on her head in heart shapes, with long ponytails coming out. She appears to be wearing a Sailor uniform, has wings and you can clearly see the outline of her cape. Now, although, as I said before, she is not clearly identified, and is sort of a blurry shadow, she does remind one of Sailor Cosmos, who has two long heart shaped odango, a cape, and in some pictures wings. Although she is never named as Cosmos in the Anime, she does look remarkably similar. It is supposed to be the "grown up" form of Chibi Chibi. In the end it is a matter of opinion.

Quick Facts

* Sailor Cosmos is the true form of Chibi Chibi
* Sailor Cosmos is from the future
* Sailor Cosmos appears in the Stars Series

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