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Sailor Mars

Hino Rei (Raye) and Sailor Mars Hino Rei (Raye) and Sailor Mars
First Senshi Name: セーラーマーズ
First Senshi Name: Sailormars
Second Senshi Name: スーパーセーラーマーズ
Second Senshi Name: Super Sailormars
Japanese Name: 火野レイ (ひのれい)
Japanese Name: Hino Rei [Family - Given Name]
Japanese Name Translation: Civilian Fire Soul, Soul of Fire
Translation Explanation: 火=hi=fire, 野=no=Civilian Life (Kanji character, but sounds like the "no" that means "of"), レイ=rei=spirit/soul
Japanese Nicknames: Rei-chan
English DiC Dub Name: Raye Hino
English CWI Dub Name: Raye Hino
Mixx Name: Raye Hino (once Rei in SuperS Act 3)
Birthday: April 17
Astrological Sign: Aries
Planet: Mars
Planet Info: Fourth planet from the sun. It is red in color and has two moons, Phobos & Deimos.
Mythology: In Roman mythology, Mars (Ares in Greek) was the god of war. In Greek mythology, Ares was accompanied by Deimos (Fear) and Phobos (Fright, Rout).
Castle: Phobos-Deimos Castle (Manga)
Castle Origin: Phobos and Deimos are the two moons of the planet Mars.
Name Day: Tuesday(1)
Element: Fire
Colors: Red and Black
Gemstone: Ruby
Favorite Food: Blowfish (Fugu)
Least Favorite Food: Canned Asparagus
Favorite Subject: Ancient Literature
Worst Subject: Modern Social Studies
Favorite Flower: Casablancas, they look like white lilies (Manga)
Age: 14 (Season 1) (2)
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5'3" (estimate)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purplish-black
Hobbies: Fortune Telling, manga, archery, skiing
Strengths: Meditation, Supernatural
Fears & Weaknesses: Bad Temper, TV
Family: Lives with Ojii-san [Grampa Hino] (Grandfather on Mother's side), Mother died from weak heart (English Manga) and Father is a politician.
Lives: in a shrine called Hikawa Jinja on Sendai Hill (Cherry Hill in English Version)
School: T-A Private Girls School (Brookdale Private School in English version))
Class: Year 2 (8th grade, Season 1)
Goals: Singer/song writter, Shinto Priestess, to marry rich.
Talent: Fortune Telling
Other: Rei (Raye) has two pet crows named Phobos and Deimos (Phobos and Deimos are the names of the planet Mars' moons)
Favorite Animal: Panda

1 From Latin Martis (Mars' Day) (Spanish Martes, French Mardi). In Japanese, Tuesday is 火曜日 ("Kayoubi") or Fire Day.
2 13-14 in Season 1, 16 in Season 5.
Transformations and Powers:

TypeAnimeMangaDubMixx MangaSeason
Trans-formationMars Power Make-upMars Power Make-upMars PowerMars Power Make-upSeason 1, ep.10; Vol.1-3
Trans-formationMars Star Power Make-upMars Star Power Make-upMars Star PowerMars Star power Make-upR & S, Season 2.5 & 3 ep.63; Vol.4-11
Trans-formationMars Crystal Power Make-upMars Crystal Power Make-upMars Crystal PowerMars Crystal Power Make-upS & Stars, Season 4 & 5 ep.152; Vol.12-36
Trans-formationN/AMars Planet Power Make-upN/AMars Planet Power Make-upManga Only, Vol. 7-24
AttackAkuryou Taisan*Akuryou TaisanEvil Spirits BegoneAkuryu TaisanSeason 1 ep.10; Vol.1-3
AttackFire SoulN/AMars Fire IgniteN/ASeason 1, ep.10
AttackFire Soul BirdN/AMars Firebird StrikeN/ASMR, Season 2.0, ep.54
AttackBurning MandalaBurning MandalaMars Celestial Fire SurroundBurning MandalaR & S, Season 2.5 & 3, ep.63; Vol.4-11
AttackMars Flame SniperMars Flame SniperMars Flame ShooterMars Flame SniperSuper S, Season 4 ep.152; Vol.12-36
AttackN/AMars Snake FireN/AMars Snake FireManga Only Vol.8-25
* The whole saying is: "Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen. Akuryou taisan!!" "Akuryou Taisan" means Evil Spirits Disperse>
Note: "ep." stands for episode. All episodes are listed by the Japanese number. "R" stands for "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R" (Season 2). The "2.5" indicates the second half of the second season. "S" stands for "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S" (Season 3). "Super S" stands for "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S" (Season 4). "Stars" stands for "Sailor Stars" (Season 5). The Manga Volumes are written out volume number - act number.