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Sailor Pluto

Sailorpluto Sailorpluto

Senshi Name: セーラープルート
Senshi Name: Sailorpluto
Japanese Name: 冥王せつな (めいおうせつな)
Japanese Name: Meioh Setsuna [Family - Given Name] *
Japanese Name Translation: Instant Dark Ruler, Moment Dark Ruler
Translation Explanation: 冥=Mei=dark, 王=oh/ou=Ruler/King, せつな=setsuna=moment/instant
Japanese Nickname: Puu (プー)
English Dub Name: Trista Meio(1)
Birthday: October 29
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Planet: Pluto
Planet Info: Pluto is the 9th planet (although sometimes its orbit pulls it in closer to the sun than Neptune) from the sun and its moon is name Charon (named after the Greek boatman in the underworld).
Mythology: In Roman mythology Pluto was the god of the dead and ruler of the underworld and was also known as the giver of wealth. His Greek counterpart was Hades whose palace had many gates and was located in a shadowy and dark place.
Periodic Element: Plutonium, symbol "Pu", atomic number 94, is used in nuclear reactors and weapons.
Castle: Charon Castle (Manga)
Castle Origin: Charon is the moon of the planet Pluto
Element: Space-Time
Colors: Dark Red and Black
Gemstone: Garnet
Favorite Food: Green tea
Least Favorite Food: Eggplant
Favorite Subject: Physics
Worst Subject: Music
Age: Unknown, but appears 18-19 although she has lived for a long time (2)
Blood Type: A
Height: 5'6" (estimate)
Hair: Green
Eyes: Redish-brown
Hobbies: Shopping, watching over Chibi-Usa (Rini), Sewing
Strengths: Sewing, Offering Guidance to Others
Fears & Weaknesses: Cockroaches
Lives: Jikuu no Tobira (Door of Space-Time), Gate of Time (English dub), Apartment # 1209 (Manga)
Goals: To be a Designer (Fashion Designer in English Version)
Other: Sailor Pluto Guards the Door of Space-Time and Can travel through it. Her Talisman is the Garnet Orb. She also carries the Garnet Rod that looks like a big key. She communicated with Cihbi-usa through the Luna-P ball.

* Some people write her last name as "Meiou" or "Meio". However in Manga Vol. 9, Takeuchi Naoko spells it "Meioh" in Romaji (Roman) letters.
1 Setsuna does have an official dub name now, but common ones that were used before are: Celia (from the articulated dolls), and Susan (from the 6" dolls.) She was called Setsuna Meio in the English release of the SuperS Movie.
2 As Sailor Pluto she does not physically age in the Time Warp.

Transformations and Powers:

TypeAnimeMangaDubMixx MangaSeason
Trans-formationPluto Planet Power Make-upPluto Planet Power Make-upPluto Planet PowerPluto Planet Power Make-upS Season 3, ep.111; Vol.14-39
Trans-formationN/APluto Crystal Power Make-upN/APluto Crystal Power Make-upManga Only, Vol.14-39
AttackDead ScreamDead ScreamPluto Deadly ScreamDead ScreamS Season 3 ep.112; Vol.5-18
AttackN/AJikan yo Tomare*N/ATime StopManga Only, Vol.7-23
AttackN/ADark Dome CloseN/ADark Dome CloseManga Only, Vol.10-33
AttackN/AChronos TypoonN/AChronos TypoonManga Only, Vol.9-31
AttackN/AGarnet BallN/AGarnet BallManga Only, Vol.9-32

* Time Stop
Note: "ep." stands for episode. All episodes are listed by the Japanese number. "R" stands for "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R" (Season 2). The "2.5" indicates the second half of the second season. "S" stands for "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S" (Season 3). "Super S" stands for "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S" (Season 4). "Stars" stands for "Sailor Stars" (Season 5). The Manga Volumes are written out volume number - act number.