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Sailor Uranus

Sailoruranus Sailoruranus

Senshi Name: セーラーウラヌス
Senshi Name: Sailor Uranus
Japanese Name: 天王はるか (てんおう・はるか)
Japanese Name: Tenoh Haruka [Family - Given Name] *
Japanese Name Translation: Distant Heavens Ruler, Remote Sky Ruler
Translation Explanation: 天=ten=Heaven/Sky, 王=oh/ou=Ruler/King, はるか=haruka=far-away/distant/remote
English Name: Amara Tenou (1)
Birthday: January 27
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Planet: Uranus
Planet Info: Uranus is the 7th planet from the sun and it has 4 rings and 18 moons. A few of the moons are: Titania, Oberon, Ariel, & Miranda.
Mythology: In Greek mythology, Uranus was the god of the heavens and husband of Gaea (Earth).
Castle: Miranda Castle (manga)
Castle Origin: Miranda is one of the moons of the planet Uranus
Element: Earth & Wind
Colors: Gold and Navy Blue
Gemstone: Amber
Favorite Food: Salad
Least Favorite Food: fermented soy beans (Natto)
Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Worst Subject: Modern Japanese
Age: 16
Blood Type: B
Height: 5'8" (estimate)
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Hobbies: Driving, track and field, playing the piano
Strengths: Car racing, determined
Fears & Weaknesses: Confessions, and skirts
Lives: Apartment # 1127 (Manga)
School: Mugen Gauken
Class: Tenth Grade
Goals: To be a World class race car driver
Other: She drives a car, a motorcycle, and a helicopter. Her Talisman is the Space Sword. Many people belive she is a man, but she is not. In the manga it said she had the strengths of both a man and a woman.

* Some people write her last name as "Tenou", "Ten'ou" or "Tenno". However in Manga Vol. 9, Takeuchi Naoko spells it "Tenoh" in Romaji (Roman) letters, and in Japanese Episode #92, English #85, Haruka's racing uniform spells out "Tenoh" in Romaji letters.
1 Haruka's official dub name is Amara, past English names for her were: Corrin (from the Irwin articulated dolls) Alexandra (from the Irwin 6" dolls) and Alex Haruka (from Mixx in Smile Vol 1. Issue 6, however, it was corrected in later reprintings). She was called Hakura Tenou in the English release of the SuperS Movie

Transformations and Powers:

TypeAnimeMangaDubMixx MangaSeason
Trans-formationUranus Planet Power Make-upUranus Planet Power Make-upUranus Star Power*Uranus Planet Power Make-upS Season 3, ep.106; Vol.8-27
Trans-formationN/AUranus Crystal Power Make-upN/AUranus Crystal Power Make-upManga Only, Vol.14-39
AttackWorld ShakingWorld ShakingUranus World Shaking**World ShakingS Season 3 ep.92; Vol.8-26
AttackSpace Sword BlasterSpace Sword BlasterSpace Sword BlasterSpace Sword BlasterSuper S Movie; Vol.9-32
AttackN/ASpace TurbulenceN/ASpace TurbulenceManga Only, Vol.16-43
AttackN/AGalactica Space TurbulenceN/AGalactica Space TurbulenceManga Only, Vol.18-50

* In the Sailor Moon S English Movie, she used "Uranus Planet Power" and in some English episodes.
** Has also used just "World Shaking"
Note: "ep." stands for episode. All episodes are listed by the Japanese number. "R" stands for "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R" (Season 2). The "2.5" indicates the second half of the second season. "S" stands for "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S" (Season 3). "Super S" stands for "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S" (Season 4). "Stars" stands for "Sailor Stars" (Season 5). The Manga Volumes are written out volume number - act number.