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Urawa Ryou


Japanese Name: Urawa Ryou
Name Meaning: Skilled Bay Harmony
Meaning Explanation: ura=bay/inlet, wa=harmony/Japanese style, ryou=good/skilled/pleasing
English Name: Greg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
School: Transferred to Juuban Jr. High (Crossroads) for a short time and was in one of Ami's classes
Anime Episode: Japanese Episode 27, English Episode 23 and Japanese Episode 41, English Episode 37
History: Urawa appeared in two Anime Episodes in the first Season. He did not appear in the Manga.
    Urawa had the ability to predict the future. In the beginning of Episode 27 (English 23) Urawa saves Ami from getting hit with a beam at a construction site. When Ami arrived at school she learned that she was not in first place for test scores. The new transfer student Urawa Ryou was one point ahead of her with a perfect 900. Later, Urawa was up on the school's roof looking at a photo of Ami and recalling how she had told him to relax during his first test when he was nervous. Usagi saw him. Urawa said hat he only wanted to reach Ami's scores and when Usagi pointed out that he had beat her, he said it was just luck and that Ami was smarter. Usagi decided to help Urawa out and they later met at a coffee shop where Usagi gave Urawa a picture of Ami eating a hamburger.
    On his way home from the shop, Zoicite appeared. However, Urawa informed him that he had been able to see the future since he was little and knew all about the youma that was inside of him. He also said that he would rather die than turn into it. Urawa was the carrier of the Yellow Nijizuishou (Rainbow Crystal). Zoicite atempted to remove his crystal but was interupted by Sailormoon and Sailormercury. Sailormercury left with Urawa and Ziocite disapeared.
    Sailormercury and Urawa went to a nearby park. Urawa had a premonition that Sailormercury would be attacked by a Youma. Sailormercury discovere the photo of herself in Urawa's pocket. When Urawa woke up, he called her "Mizuno-san" and told her he could foretell the future. He told her to kill him if he turned into a youma. Sailormercury told Urawa that he can make his own future. Then, Zoicite appeared and this time he succeded in turning Urawa into the youma Bunbo. However, the youma attacked Zoicite. In response, Zoicite made him even stronger and he began chasing Sailormercury. At first Sailormoon's wand wouldn't heal him, as he was too strong, but after several attacks by the Senshi, he was weakened and Sailormoon was able to heal him. Urawa then had to transfer schools again, due to his father's work. At the train station, Urawa gave back the picture of Ami and Ami gave him one that she liked better (in which she was smiling rather than eating a hamburger).
    In Japanese Episode 41 (English 37), the nijizuishou carries were being captured once again. Urawa called Ami and told him that he would be next and that she should go and protect Rei's grandfather. On the street, Endymion (Darien) stopped Urawa. In order to escape capture, Urawa yelled out for help and said that Endymion was a "murderer." Sailormercury and Sailorjupiter saw Urawa running off and went to help him. Sailorjupiter faced off with Endymion in an alley while Sailormercury and Urawa ran off to hide in an amusement park. (Urawa said it was his dream to go to an amusement park with Ami) Endymion appeared and Mercury tried to stop him using her attack, but he still captured Urawa in the Kurozuishou (Black Crystal). Sailormercury was able to take the Kurozuishou and free all six of the carriers who had been captured. Later, Ami and Urawa were at the amusement park again, riding in the ferris wheel.