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Sailor Venus

Sailorvenus Sailorvenus

Alternate Senshi Name: セーラーV
Alternate Senshi Name: Sailor V
First Senshi Name: セーラーヴィーナス
First Senshi Name: Sailorvenus
Second Senshi Name: スーパーセーラーヴィーナス
Second Senshi Name: Super Sailorvenus
Japanese Name: 愛野美奈子
Japanese Name: Aino Minako [Family - Given Name]
Japanese Name Translation: Favorite/Love Civilian Beauty [who is] Questionably a Child, Love of a Beauty [who is] Questionably a Child
Translation Explanation: 愛=ai=love/favorite, 野=no=Civilian Life (Kanji character, but sounds like the "no" that means "of"), 美=mi=beauty, 奈=na=what?, 子=ko=child
DiC Dub Name: Mina
CWI Dub Name: Mina Aino
Mixx Name: Mina Aino (Once Minako is SuperS Act 3)
Birthday: October 22
Astrological Sign: Libra
Planet: Venus
Planet Info: Second planet from the sun and also the brightest one viewed from Earth.
Mythology: In Roman Mythology, Venus was the goddess of gardens and fields, but was later associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who was the goddess of love. In Roman mythology, she was also known as Venus Victrix, the bringer of victory. She was married to Vulcan, god of metalwork, but also had several lovers, including Mars (Ares) and Adonis.
Castle: Magellan Castle (Manga)
Castle Origin: The Magellan space probe provided the first detailed map of the surface of the planet Venus
Name Day: Friday (1)
Element: Love
Colors: Orange and Yellow
Gemstone: Topaz
Favorite Food: Stuffed Dumplings(Gyouza), Ramen Noodles, & Curry
Least Favorite Food: Shiitake Mushrooms
Favorite Subject: Gym
Worst Subject: all others
Age: 14 (Season 1) (2)
Blood Type: B
Height: 5'0" (estimate)
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Hobbies: Acting, Shopping, Having Idols, Playing Volleyball
Strengths: Relaxing, Idolizing People
Fears & Weaknesses: The Police, Her Mother(3)
Family: Only child, Lives with Mom and Dad in the City
Lives: Tokyo, Japan. [In the Anime she was said to have originally lived in England, however in the Manga (Code Name wa Sailor V) she always lived in Japan.]
School: Shibakouen (Grass Valley JR. High in English Version)
Class: manga: 1-B (from Codename Sailor V Manga, Grade 7, class B) anime: Year 2 (grade 8, in Season 1).
Goals: To be a Star
Other: The reason Minako wears a red ribbon in her hair is in Code Name wa Sailor V, Vol.1 a boy told her it would look nice and would be lady like.
Special: Minako was the first character created by Takeuchi Naoko in the "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon" Series. She originally debuted in the manga series Code Name wa: Sailor V where she was the main character. This series was set one year before the Sailor Moon series.

1From Latin Veneris (Venus' Day) (Spanish Viernes, French Vendredi). In Japanese Saturday is 金曜日 ("Kinyoubi").
2 13-14 in Season 1, 16 in Season 5.
3 In the manga Minako referred to her mother as a hag

Transformations and Powers:

TypeAnimeMangaDubMixx MangaSeason
Trans-formationVenus Power Make-upVenus Power Make-upVenus PowerVenus Power Make-upSeason 1, ep.36; Vol.3-10
Trans-formationVenus Star Power Make-upVenus Star Power Make-upVenus Star Power (1)Venus Star power Make-upR & S, Season 2.5 & 3 ep.65; Vol.4-16
Trans-formationVenus Crystal Power Make-upVenus Crystal Power Make-upVenus Crystal PowerVenus Crystal Power Make-upS & Stars, Season 4 & 5 ep.154; Vol.14-39
Trans-formationN/AVenus Planet Power Make-upN/AVenus Planet Power Make-upManga Only, Vol. 7-24
Trans-formationN/AMoon Power TransformN/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.1-1
Trans-formationN/AMikazuki Power TransformN/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.1-2
AttackCrescent BeamCrescent BeamVenus Crescent Beam SmashCrescent BeamSeason 1 ep.33; (SV)Book.1-1
AttackCrescent Beam ShowerN/AVenus Meteor ShowerN/AR Season 2.0, ep.52
AttackVenus Love-me ChainN/AVenus Love Chain Encircle (2)Venus Love-me ChainR Season 2.5, ep.65; Vol.3-11
AttackVenus Love and Beauty ShockVenus Love and Beauty ShockVenus Love and Beauty ShockVenus Love and Beauty ShockSuper S Season 4 ep.154; Vol.14-39
AttackLove Me Moon Chain (3)N/A-N/AS Season 3 ep.102
AttackN/ARolling Heart VibrationN/ARolling Heart VibrationManga Only Vol.3-11
AttackN/AVenus Wink Chain SwordN/AVenus Wink Chain SwordManga Only Vol.7-24
AttackN/AVenus Love and Galactica ShockN/AVenus Love and Galactica ShockManga Only Vol.18-50
AttackN/ACrescent BoomerangN/ACrescent BoomerangManga Only Vol.13-Exam3, (SV)Book.1-3
AttackN/AMoon PowerN/AMoon PowerManga Only Vol.-
AttackN/ASailor V KickN/ASailor V KickManga Only Vol.3-11, (SV)Book.1-2
AttackN/AVenus Power Crescent Shower of LoveN/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.1-4
AttackN/ASailor V ChopN/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.1-6
AttackN/AV-chan Shiki Momidashi Sailor V Chop (4)N/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.2-9
AttackN/ARolling Screw Sailor V PunchN/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.2-7
AttackN/ACrescent Super BeamN/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.2-8
AttackN/ACrescent Slender BeamN/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.2-9
AttackN/AVenus Sulfur SmokeN/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.3-11
AttackN/AVenus Iron Muscle PunchN/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.3-11
AttackN/AV-chan utsu katana seppuku no kei (5)N/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.3-11
AttackN/ADiphenhydramine Combo (6)N/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.3-13
AttackN/AVenus Jirushi katorisenkou taihuu (7)N/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.3-13
AttackN/AVenus Hyakuoku Point Rock 'n' Rouge(8)N/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.3-14
AttackN/AVenus Megaton Shower of LoveN/AN/AManga Only,(SV)Book.3-15

(1) She also used "Venus Crystal Power!!" in the Sailor Moon S series, before she 'powered up'.
(2) Also used "Venus Love Chain Harness!!" in the English version
(3) Venus used this while imitating Sailor Moon
(4) V-chan Style Rubbing V-chop
(5) V-chan Katana Strike Punishment of Seppuku (
(6) Diphenhydramine is a drug used for motion sickness.
(7) Venus Stamp/Brand Anti-mosquito Incense Typhoon.
(8) Venus Ten Billion Point Rock 'n' Rouge
Note: The (SV)Book. stands for "Code Name wa: Sailor V" Manga, which is made up of three books, which each have volumes. "ep." stands for episode. All episodes are listed by the Japanese number. "R" stands for "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R" (Season 2). The "2.5" indicates the second half of the second season. "S" stands for "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S" (Season 3). "Super S" stands for "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Super S" (Season 4). "Stars" stands for "Sailor Stars" (Season 5). The Manga Volumes are written out volume number - act number.