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Princess Kakyuu

Anime, Princess Kakyuu

Japanese Name: 火球皇女 (かきゅうプリンセス)
Japanese Name:Princess Kakyuu (Kakyuu Purinsesu)
Name Translation: Princess Fireball
Name Explanation: 火=ka=fire, 球=kyuu=ball, 皇女=koujo (has specified reading of "purinsesu")=imperial princess
Mixx Name: Kakyu
Senshi Name: セーラー火球 (Manga only)
Senshi Name: Sailor Kakyuu (Manga only)
Birthday: Unknown
Colors: Red, peach
Age: Unknown, appears approx. 20 years old
Hair: Red
Eyes: Redish-Orange
Lives: The Kingdom of Tankei, on Kinkmokusei, the planet/star Kinmoku (The word Kinkmokusei can also mean a Fragrent Olive Tree [Osmanthus fragrans variation aurantiacus] (when written with different characters) & Tankei is also another name for the fragrant olive tree.*).
Full Title: First Order Imperial Princess Kakyuu of the Tankei Kingdom of the planet Kinmoku
Scent: Olives [Olive Flowers]
Flower: Olive Flower
Symbol: Olive Flower
Clothes: Kakyuu wears a long off the shoulder red silk dress. The sleaves and skirt are made of a transparent material. The collar of the dress is black, and off the shoulder. The sleaves start out puffy and a dark red, then change to a transparent peachy color, with black cuffs. The mid part of the dress is blue, white and a peachy red color. Kakyuu has on puffy red shorts under her long red transparent skirt. The shoes are black and red, and resemble elf shoes because of the curled toe. Kakyuu wears a black hat, covered with olive flowers. Her chocker is blue, with ribbons hanging down.
Hair Style: Kakyuu wears her long red hair in two looped pony tails, similar to CereCere's.

*Special Thanks to Ian Andreas Miller for the Kinmokusei info and corrections!

Manga, Princess Kakyuu

Note: All attacks and transformations are only found in the Manga

Starlights Royal Straight Flush
Kinmoku Fusion Tempest

Kinmoku Star Power, Make-Up!!

Princess Kakyuu is the Sailorlights' Princess. She comes from Kinkmokusei, or the planet Kinkmoku. She is very elegant, and gentle. She was forced to leave her home when it was destroyed during battle with Chaos and Galaxia. She lost her entire Kingdom, her lover, and alomst all her people. The only ones besides her that are known to have servived were the Sailor Starlights.

        Kakyuu had to escape her home planet, Kinkmoku, when it was destroyed by Galaxia. Kakyuu traveled to Earth in search of The Light of Hope, which was the only thing that could stop Galaxia.
        The Sailor Starlights, Kakyuu's gaurdians followed her to Earth, but could not locate her, so they formed a band called The Three Lights, in which the sang, hoping she would hear them. But Kakyuu could not make contact with them right away, because she feared Galaxia would find out she was on Earth searching for the Light of Hope. While on Earth Kakyuu hid in an incense burner, which Chibi Chibi carried around. Kakyuu is released from the incense burner when she saves Sailormoon from being drawn into a black hole that was created by Sailor Lead Crow. Kakyuu is later killed when Galaxia takes her star seed.
        In Episode 200 Princess Kakyuu appears again, after the final battle when her Star Seed has been freed. She and the Starlights leave to rebuild their Kingdom.

        Kakyuu left her planet and headed to Earth to find a way to defeat Galaxia and Chaos. She was seperated from her gaurdians the Starlights, and took refuge in an incense burner that was protected by Chibi Chibi, so her wounds could heal. (both physical and mental [she had watched her Kingdom destroyed in front of her eyes]).
        In the Manga Kakyuu can also transform into a senshi. Sailor Kakyuu. Kakyuu is killed after Sailor Chi attacked her (taking revenge for her sister Phi's death). This is the last time Kakyuu is shown in the Manga. She is never shown as being rebourn, but it can be assumed that she was since everyone was rebourn in the end.

Princess Kakyuu's Incense Burner